Friday, December 29, 2006

Zoom in Shaolin Megat

His face looks better these days. His right eye is a little runny and I have to wipe it everyday after dinner. He sometimes drools a little. I suspect its because there are gaps in his teeth. His nose has no fur yet poor kitty! But I must admit he is looking more handsome these days. Dr Su says the ear was tipped too deeply. She advised that when I bring a cat to the vet the next time for ear-tipping, I should request that the vet tips the ears at the very end as there are blood vessels in the ears. I had brought Megat to another vet for neutering though and did not think of this.

His fur looks more luxuriant and darker. It has grown quite alot and is much softer. It is also cleaner as I have to clean his fur with warm salt water after dinner everyday. He is used to this routine and would not bolt from me.

The lighter spots are where he had lost his fur before. The spots are his skin under the grown fur. The lighter flecks on his fur are lice!!! I check the other kitties for lice everyday too. Dr Su said that that the other kitties may get the lice as every time Megat scratches, it might waft in the air :( So she said since I had let him out after 3 days, I should just allow him to walk about to strengthen his muscles. I saw the louse under the microsope too. ARGHHHH!!! But then when Bujang and Toro had fur mites, I also saw them under the microscope. Double ARGHHH!! I would just have to let it run and use Revolution religiously. Dr Su says I would not get cat lice..hahaha. I think she saw I was panic-striken when I was in the office before.


cat_aunty said...

LICE!!!!! Can Revolution/ Frontline treat lice? Oh dear....I thought they all should be dead by the first application?

About the ear tipping, some vets are more heavy-handed vs others. Like Hat, almost half of his ear was chopped off. The vet which I went to later, just snipped a little bit.

cat_aunty said...

Eh Shaolin Megat, you know all the Shaolin monks are botak leh....

san said...

The vet said 3 applications to be on the safe side. better safe than lice-ridden lah right?

Half his ear chooped off? That is like mutilation.