Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Downstairs

This evening I went for a walk downstairs and ate grass. Yum!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Because

Hi Bujang. I am out but I really want to go back in...help me please...

Our evening routine these past few weeks is the same. At 9.30 pm sharp, Ms Akira would meow for me to open the door and then I would get her into her harness. Sometimes she would willingly walk up to the gate and we would make our way outside of the house. These days however, once she is out of the house, she would just take a few steps infront to the potted plants and then make a sharp about turn. Then she would just sit infront of the gate until I open the gate. 

"I do not feel like it," is the refrain she gives me...only after we had gone through all the steps though, never before :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday...

I hope. Yesterday A went to the osteopath. Dr L told me that now her right ear is a little inflamed and this might contribute to her not wanting to walk out at night (she has not walked out for close to 2 weeks). But she seemed heavier as well. I was surprised as she looks much thinner. It may be because she is now eating no grain kibble. I have not found any kibble that is no grain and does not have chicken in it. (That she will eat). Her wet food is now only fish protein as she would not eat any other protein (unless its chicken).

When will Dr L see me san? Akira waiting for Dr L. We were 30 minutes for our appt.

Home from the Biopolis. Her next appt is in June as Dr L wanted to check on her ears and her left leg which is still a little stiff.

No I dun think I can make that appointment.

I have other things to do. At least the affected areas are not as red as before and some new hair is growing as her forays into the living room had relaxed her somewhat.
If only these two boys would be relaxed as well when they see her

Tanaka the Terrible and Megat , his partner in crime.

Megat had jumped up at her and clung to the door of her night cage screaming blue murder last night. Then he put one of his paws through her care while at the same time hanging onto it with his other one like Indiana Jones. I was in the kitchen so I didn't manage to stop it before it began. Once I made him release his paws I put him on his cage where he coughed because of all that exertion ! Thank goodness no one for hurt physically.

It will be snowing in Singapore before that happens san but you know we have to work at it and keep hoping :) I will help you.
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Friday, April 26, 2013


 Is it already?
That is gooooood news....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Because

Yup. Just because now I can get out in the afternoons I have decided I will just stay on my room. Yes , grooming is still the order if the day:(

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Finally the painters have moved to another set of buildings and the grass is now open for all. Bujang, although pleased was a little wary of the sudden open space. But he managed to walk about anyway.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Say Tuesday

Megat has weekly reiki sessions with Fern and has become a more relaxed kitty. I attribute it to a less stressful life as he has the bedrrom to himself for much of the day, Tanaka is also not ambushing him at all cost and he naps much of the time in peace and quiet. I noticed lately that he is more proactive and would tell Tanaka off when he suspects Tanaka is going to be naughty. Before all these sessions he would just have moved away quickly when Tanaka tries to push him around. Of course he is also taking homeopathy for stress and calmness. apart from his asthma, for which he is taking sabutamol, and his sang hwang lingzhi, he has a twice weekly SubQ as well. Lately he has kept quiet and still even for that!

Last night, he had his weekly Reiki with Fern and I thought I would reporduce his update.

From Fern

Hi J. Megat was ok though he said he's tired and felt more drowsy. Other than that he's ok. He said,"what can i say, i'm old". I said no you r not that old, still handsome, clever, n healthy. He said 'don't flatter me." I asked him not to attack A or get too near her. He said "i know but it's tempting n what she did in my room?" I then explained to him the arrangment. he said ok,ok. He was pleasant. He asked me how i was doing too.

Megat is getting more sassy. Ms Akira did go into the bedroom to drink from the water fountain. She saw that I was there with Megat and so she sauntered in and drank. I actually had to hold Megat as he got up and wanted to get to her. He just watched her and then when she left, he yawned widely and had a nap.

The bedroom door would only be opened when I am home to supervise the interaction. Now Akira is out in the afternoon and late morning to walk about as I think this would lessen her stress level. Tanaka is now in the computer room if Akira is outside. Lately however, she has not ventured outside in the afternoons at all and sleeps in her own room even with the babay gates opened. I wonder why.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

Wait a minute ...

Let me get myself together ...

Ok I'm ready for Sunday ...

Girls! I don't understand them!

I tell you what bruffer. They are for watching out for and err... ok maybe just looking at...

PS: our weather today is rainy and san says it might rain the whole day. So we plan just some more sleeping...like Akira

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Sit-in

Yes I quite enjoyed having the run of the house on the afternoons and I am much more relaxed. As I get to sleep outside and can walk about whenever I want I also do not groom continuously which means my limbs get some rest. I know san is pleased as the sores on the skin on my leg is healing as well.

Is Tanaka stressed? San says a little but he is getting into the hang of things as he gets a reward every time he is put on the room and gets a walk when he gets out.

Friday, April 19, 2013


It's finally the weekend. san was relieved to get some rest finally after grading all her papers as her students will be sitting for exams next week. When she came home she was very glad to see that Akira was hanging out outside and everyone else relaxing. Good weekend everyone.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Community Cats Sunday

We now take care of 3 cats (one white female, one tabby female and one black with white feet male) and our some time guest a diluted ginger who had an operation for two broken back ankles. The ginger was 'adopted' after his operation but his family was still letting him out of the house :(. He was hurt by stray dogs and 2 caregivers found him hurt and bloody in a drain near here. We are still looking for an alternative home for him.

The other cats though are fine and healthy The white female, Putih,2 is the oldest being about 7 years old and the black male, Jeffrey Boy, is about 5. The youngest, Baby is about 3 although she is also the fattest and the most sassy. The black and tabby are fast friends and wait for each other before they eat.

At dinner I was glad to find them all waiting for dinner :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Sit-In

From this view Ms Akira looks like she is taking it easy but we are trying something else to see if its stress that is making her over groom. Tanaka is now on the computer room and she is outside. We are putting Megat in the bedroom which is where he stays everyday by choice so that is not a hardship for him. So at least for a large part of today Ms Akira would be able to hang out outside.

She is over grooming more areas of her fur as well.

Friday, April 12, 2013


It's the weekend. Have a great time everybody and stop to smell the flowers. I am doing just that... and of cos just hanging out outside with San

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rest and Relax

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon outside. The naughty boys were rounded up. It was a good quiet day that I spent with san and grandma.
However I worry that she has continued to overgroom after the vet took her off the Ovarid for psychogenic alopecia and now she is licking what fur had grown during that period and she is not stopping. So now more of her abdomen is bald. I really do not know what can be done as she is not depressed, she gets out more now than before and she gets homeopathic meds as well. I had tried to put her back on clomicalm (in her food) but to no avail as she can smell it. She gets very stressed if I give her the clomicalm  in a mixture of honey and water in a syringe. Any ideas anyone?

However, Bujang has no such problem :)
 I spent the late afternoon outside. I just felt like sitting with the bicycles. I really love them.
Then I pretended to look at some insects as I know san wanted me to walk home. I didn't feel like it. It was a good pretend game as san played it as well :)