Saturday, September 30, 2006

Window to the world

It is a small world but nonetheless a world for Ms Akira to contemplate. She actually meowed at me at the cat tree nearest the window. I guess she wanted me to open the grills and panes so she could look out. I did just that and Ms Akira spent the time looking at the world from the safety of her house. She made no move to get out but rather stayed behind the ledge and just looked out calmly :) Toro was sprawling at the door frame and Bujang seated on the table. Everyone was quite contented this morning.

World Animal Day

Saturday morning finds the amigos in good mellow health. I opened the windows and doors so we could all enjoy the breeze and relax. The amigos decided to rrange themselves at their favourite places to enjoy the morning. The only one who seemed interested to sit nearest the open window was Ms Akira who was quite content to just look out of the window rather than get out through it. :)

Peace and goodwill in World Animal Day. I had thought of going to the AVA exhibition but today is also the day that my cousin will bring home the 2 brother and sister kittens that he had adopted from M. So we will be celebrating World Animal Day on home ground. :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rest and Relax

The amigos were resting outside of the house this afternoon as it was too hot to go downstairs. I found that I had 5 leashes and so all of them could just hang out by themselves and take a short walk ouside. Toro had Bujang had the distance of 2 leashes each and Akira had one. Of course Ms Akira was not pleased as she could not walk as much as the other 2 and she decided after 10 minutes to stay in the house. I realised that Toro was getting a little braver and did not run home desperately every time a neighbour walked past the house. He would go into the house hurriedly but was quite willing to go out again to hang out with Bujang after a few minutes.

Toro and Bujang exploring the same space without killing each other.

Bujang found something quite interesting on the wall. On closer inspection, I found it to be only peeling paint!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Screaming banshee

I fed all the kitties in good time. Screaming Banshee as usual screamed me down, demanding dinner. The old aunty said that this is the one main cause why people do not like him - he is very noisy and insistent. I also notice that much more of his fur is falling out and he has a few healed sores on his skin. Maybe he has been fighting although if this was the case, the cleaners would have told the aunty.

I asked the aunty to help me catch him so I can send him to the vet to check on his condition as well as neuter him as he does not like me at all although he likes the food I bring him :) I think once she gets over her fear that he is a 'dirty' cat and I can find some place to board him while he is recuperating, then it will be done.

I am surprised she thinks of her cat as a 'dirty' cat though. Maybe because he hangs out in the carpark and he does look quite worn. I think I would look worn too if I have to live in a carpark and run for my life all the time from cars :)

I have yet to get a picture of Screaming Banshee because he moves very fast and does not like the camera. so I have put up a picture of Bujang comtemplating life :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday blahs

I always feel a trifle guilty when it comes to Mondays. It's the first day of the week after the weekend and I always feel so tired on Monday and have no energy to bring Bujang down to the park. Today of course is the 2nd day of Ramadan and I felt kind of blah! I decided a walk along the corridor was the only thing I had energy to do. Akira had short interrupted walk as she saw my neighbour and scrambled to get into the house. The boys had a better time of it. Ms Akira of course is right now sleeping on my lap as I blog so I guess it turned out well as she now spends some time with me with the boys sleeping in the living room.

A good begining to Monday

What's with Toro eh? Show-off!

Toro showing his great joy at actually getting out of the house for some exploring. He twisted left...

and he twisted right...wowee~~~

He crept slowly towards areas unknown. This is where all strangers come out of the lift-thing. He still stalks about in his walking jacket. The poor dear still does not realise that he can walk normally and still be safe. I really must think up a new way to convince him it's perfectly okay to walk.

Phew!! What smell is that?

Toro was taking careful sniffs at the neighbours' slippers. I know he knows exactly where they've been. If only cats could talk..hahaha

Intrepid Explorer Bujang I

Not satisfied with exploring the neighbour's old bicycle, Bujang decided he wanted to do more- actually to go explore one level down. I wanted to stop him from going down but I thought I should at least let him go down just once so that he can see what's going on. In the 4th picture at the bottom right, Bujang was contemplating the wisdom of going into suspicious places but he gave me one look of confidence so we both risked it.


Here Bujang looked very uncertian of his surroundings. He walked very slowly and carefully as though he was afraid something would pop out of this jungle and hurt him. Even I was a little uncertain and it suddenly struck me as being very reckless as no one in this floor knows us and they might not like cats along the level. So I quickly bundled Bujang up stairs again where the light shines through and I know no one thinks my cats are a nuisance. Actually I think not all my neighbours know I have cats as they are quiet and only go out on a leash with me.

Last word of the day from Toro

Ya. You don't really have to go far to have a good time exploring. You just have to know what to look for, like Bujang and I do. I think we can leave Ms Akira out of this equation cos she is a scaredy-cat..hee

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday morning up with a lark

All good things come to those who wait.

Toro is looking considerably smaller than Bujang here. Toro is still trying to be Top Cat but Bujang has kept a firm hold on that ambition. Bujang has taken to wrestling him down instead. I think Bujang is quick to learn from others. As I got him when he was 6 weeks and he was an alone-cat for about 7 months of his life, he didn't have the chance to learn from others. Now of course he learns quite well from Akira and Toro.

Btw, the two kitties actually had an altercation with a bird that was outside the window. They screamed and scratched the mesh at a bird that was restng on the ledge. Needless to say, the winner took flight.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Don't kid me!

WHAT?? Tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan? What you mean? You're fasting? NO FOOD!! I can't fast. I'm a cat. Cats are not people! We don't fast. C_A_T means feed us.

New homes for kittens

Today I received very good news that my cousin will adopt a pair of 5 month-old kittens from M, my friend from whom I got Toro. Actually she was asking me to find a home for a 1 month-old kitten but then she had these pair to find homes for also. So I am glad they decided to get the older pair of brother and sister. The brother is a tuxedo and looks like Bujang minus the chin-spot and the sister has white and brown markings.

We will get the kittens next Saturday. I think I will give them the amigos bed which they hardly ever use and its just left under my bed. Pet stuff is very expensive so I think its best to give away good stuff that will be useful to others. The amgos prefer to sleep on the floor and on my bed and so won't miss it.

I can't find the 2 kittens belonging to the tortoiseshell at work. I can't even find the mother. So I guess she is a very good andefficient mother who knows her duty and has taught her kittens well.
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Saturday morning

The trio sat around looking cool and lazy, feeling the morning sun and taking in the breeze. Even ms Akira did not protest when Toro joined them for some R&R. Of course this idyllic state of things lasted an iota of a second before new things caught their eyes and they are onec again on the move. :)

Friday, September 22, 2006


Hmmm....out at last....

I came home at 1.30 pm today. HURRAH!! So since it was very hot out, I decided to let the amigos go out for some R & R along the corridor. I stayed close by as they were all in their jackets and leashes as its dangerous to leave them alone in them.

The amigos took it all in their stride and we spent a very pleasant 45 minutes outside with the breeze.

Some peace and quiet at last. I hope Tunabelly stays away from me.

Akira was still nervous and decided to stay with me to look at Hans Silvester's Book - Cats in Love.

They all came in when the neighbour came home. Toro raced into the house and decided to watch Animal Planet with Grandma and I had to coax Bujang to come inside as I had to do some work and could not keep an eye on him.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Little Calico (LC) and Bujang

On our way home we met Little calico. She meowed quite prettily and came running to meet the carrier. Bujang, safe and sound in his carrier did not start or even react badly when she came to sniff at him through the grills. HE merely raised his paw a little asthough to warn her to keep away. Of course Little calico showed no fear and started to sniff the carrier and to rub her face and scent on the sides.

I did not say hello as I was afrid she would insist that I stay and I had brought nothing with me to feed her as tday is Thursday and not my cat feeding day at all. But I have taken to feeding her in the morning before I go to work.

I met the old feeder yesterday and she told me she would begin work next month. I was rather worried as she met me last Tuesady and told me she would be at work today. I told her that I might not be able to feed the cats religiously on these days. When I met her yesterday, she said she would be able to go to work next month and she would get her friend to take care of cat-feeding duty also. It seems that he friend has 7 cats in the house and the cats sometimes fight. Her friend has got some serious scratches as she tried to separate them. WOAH! I told her to tell her friends not to separate fighting cats with bare hands but with water. OUCH!

Finally....a walk in the park

Bujang walking slowly to his favourite ixora. This was the first walk in the park in the whole week. Understandibly he took a little time to get his engines roaring but once done, he made sure that his favourite bushes were where they always were. :)


Bujang spent the day out in various guises and made several attempts to be invisible. He crouched behind bushes and peered through the leaves. I think he had quite enough of kids on bicycles and children yelling "Look- cat...soooo c-u-t-e". Too much for his macho alpha personality.

Ahhh...the smell of ...

...sweet ixora~~~~~


I have 2 garderners in the house as seen in these pictures :) Toro the thorough one where everything must be investigated and sniffed at and Bujang, the plant- lover and ixora fanatic. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Calm after the storm

Today all of us spent our time indoors. I thought after the flurry of yesterday, everyone can use some time just hanging out doing nothing. Ms Akira decided to spend her time reading a book with me at the computer while I was waiting for blogger to make an apperance.

Bujang thinks he's a little kitten and decided to make a grand appearance. These days, he spends a bit of time sitting on the computer table when Akira and I are at the computer. I think he likes our company and the warmth from the table lamp.

For once Toro minded his own business and decided that there was nothing as interesting as napping. :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Welcome Note

Welcome one and all to our adventures for today. We must say that our 45 minutes along the corridor today was indeed marvellous and fabulous, fantastic even. (san, can you type quickly please so we can tell our story)

Firstly, we welcomed san home and made a great fuss over her. We know that if we act forlorn and cute, she would let us out...and she did. We had so much fun today. We think san said "It was a day of firsts." We agree wholeheartedly so let us tell you or rather we will alllow san to tell you our story. We call these entries - Three on an adventure. Uhum..let's begin then...

Mdm A uncovers a secret

Ms Akira aka Mdm A looking around nervously to see if she has been spotted.

She has discovered something, something not even I had seen. She is a very curious little detective is Mdm A.

What? Can it be true? Is that a s...h...o...e? What is happening here?

Let me get closer. I could be imagining things! But no...its really a red sneaker. I wonder why only one sneaker was wedged here? What crazy games can these humans be playing now?

Mdm A taking a good sniff. PHEW! What gives? Afraid that she would falter and faint from the experience, she quickly made her way home and to rest with her smelling salts.

Let's get on with life then

Bujang learnt quickly from Ms Akira and decided to make his feelings known by trying to slash at the leash. He was really impatient for his turn. Usually he would wait quite placidly for his turn to go out but I guess he wanted to tell me that it was time some one else gets a chance.

Toro makes up his mind

After waiting for Akira to come home and watching the melodrama of Bujang trying to dismember the leash, Toro finally got to go out to explore the neighbourhood. He lost no time and sped away from the house towards the stairs. He is getting more used to his jacket and although he did stalk a bit, he did it very quickly. He made no protest when I put his jacket on him and so I guess he knows the rule - jacket = walks. :)

Today we are going down

Toro decided that today was the day to cross bounderies. He had several choices to make - to do the usual and sniff plants, to go up the stairs or to go down the stairs to areas unknown. He weighed his options carefully and took some experimental sniffs along the railings to make his decision. Finally after a great long roll on the ground, he made up his mind. DOWN the stairs it is. This collage tells the story of his very gradual descent - one step at a time. But he got there- finally. :)

And once more - downward

Toro looking into the unknown once again and he had a decidon to make - again. He sat down thinking about his options. As usual, I waited for him to make up his mind.

Let's just kill this bug!

Toro went all the way down and turned right. He heard a dog barking and wanted to go home. The only trouble is, THIS was not our home. It was my downstairs neighbour's house - directly under mine. The orientation was the same, only the floor was different. My poor cat was confused and so I carried him home myself. He was very quiet in my arms and we reached home safely. Bujnag was waiting for his turn to go out and so I put him in his red jacket and off we went.

Circle of Light

Bujang meditating in the middle of the stairs. He was quite mesmerised by the sun rays and had decided to go up the stairs to meet them. He sat for a bit here as did I. I waited for him to make up his mind where he wanted to go. Finally he did go all the way up and then turned around and went down the stairs to see the neighbour's junk, but not before he made this rather good choice for himself. The next few pictures are just of him going upstairs. I am quite proud of Bujang as this was the first time in all his 2 years that he decided to explore the unknown.

Bujang walking towards the light :)

4) Finally Bujang reached the light. He stood there, in the middle of the stairs for about 10 seconds. I had filmed him going up the stairs but the hp kind of shook and the video was shot. Nevertheless this is quite a good pic of his ascent :)

3) One more step...just one more.

2) Bujang deliberated on what he wanted to do. I just waited for him to make up his mind.

1) Bujang actually had to make a choice - down the stairs to meet the neighbour's junk or to go up - to meet the light :)