Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Akira 0.1 (10) and Bujang 1.0 (5) Acupuncture Protocol

This is now what our sessions are like if these 2 are together. Akira is always concerned about Bujang and would try to stay as close to him as possible. Even when he yells loudly and turns about wildly in his carrier, she remains cool and calm. As she thinks the sessions 'are not too bad' for herself, I hope she can convince Bujang that it will be the same for him in the long run. 

Bujang continues to be upset at the acupuncture sessions. Dr O and I thought it wiser if he uses the towel to prevent Bujang from lunging at him during the needle-in session. It has worked somewhat, but the doctor must always be aware of where Bujang's head is as, like  a snake, he can lunge out from under the towel to take a bite. But this has not happened yet and yesterday Dr O thought he was a 'good boy' as eventhough he was turning about and growling the doc managed to put in all the necessary needles. 
He has about 7 needles (only 6 shown here) and these are for his back and kidney. He told Fern that he 'could tolerate' his back pain and didn't like being disturbed. But he is already 12 years old and I don't think I like the idea of him even having to tolerate back pain if I can make it less painful or even help him get rid of it. It's a good thing Dr O is used to cats and knows how to avoid getting bitten and he allows Bujang time to rest and relax in between the needles. Bujang likes the heat and would move about to get as much heat as possible on his back. It's just the beginning and the ending that is fraught with danger. 

At home I see him running about with Tanaka but he no longer jumps up on things as much as before. It may be his back pain is affecting him and he cannot jump up as much but at least he is running about although for shorter periods of time. 
Akira continues to do well and there is new fur slowly growing on the outside of her limbs and even at the back of her ears. Dr O noticed that she had very little fur on the back of her ears on the first day we started these treatments. I think it's because she scratches them really hard. She has however bitten through her skin once or twice again. Nevertheless her fur has grown much softer. The doc said its the effects TCM and acupuncture. He said sometimes the colour of the animal would also get brighter. That seems like a good thing but I am content if she stops biting through her skin. The fur is still very short and fragile though and I hope she doesn't lick them off any time soon. 
                                       A: I will try san but I don't promise. 
We will end out post for the last day of 2014 with wishes of light and joy to everyone for 2015. Happy New Year. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Mood

     No. My name is NOT Missy Bossy    Boots! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This week we would like to give thanks for the many days that we have with san and she with us as she didn't have to go to work for about seven weeks since it's the end of year school vacation. We know that next week would be the last few days that she has to spend so much time with us so we give thanks for this. We also give thanks for our annual checkups as eventhough we didn't have excellent blood tests we know san will do everything to help us. After all 2nd stage CKD is not bad. Only Ms Akira had the all clear and for that we are very thankful. Okay, san says we should be thankful that we could even get annual checkups because some kitties and people don't even get any the whole year round. 
I want to talk about my acupuncture sessions. I do not like them. I don't understand why my sister does not mind getting poked by needles. The only thing I liked about it was the heat. I know that I needed to get alternative care (san says so - alternative care. SHEESH) for my back and kidneys. I am about 12 years old, the vet said. san says she can't pill me or make me eat my medicines by hand and so she thought of acupuncture and TCM. I do not like the new mixture but do not mind the kidney one.  Even though I have to do this and I don't like it, I am still thankful that I am able to get help. I also want to than Adrian, my osteopath for helping me still as I did scratch him two treatments ago. Sorry Adrian. 
Okay the next segment of this post will be by Popps. 
I want to give thanks for having a house and people who love me. I love all my toys, especially my squeaky mouse and play with it all day. But san has decided that I needed to rest as well and in the afternoon, she makes me go back to the kitchen to rest if she doesn't see me resting in grandma's bedroom. She told me that if I do not rest, I get cranky and would slap all the other kitties and pick a fight. I told her it was just for fun but she said that I had to discipline myself as well. I like my new bed in which I sometimes sit in front of the door and I am grateful that nowadays san puts it in the kitchen at night for me to sleep in. You can see me sleeping in it in the family picture. I am still not used to sharing my things and I did have many skirmishes with the rest of my family but san said its a learning experience for all of us. I am glad I have a family and told Fern that so my family would know. 

With this note we wish everyone a good Sunday and know that we love all our visitors and give thanks for each and every one. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Easy

It haz been some time that I have been here. I fink san was too much concerned about offur kitties like the one she calls Popps but I call The White Pesky Gurl (TWPG). TWPG haz been making me feel angry and scared most offur the time. san told me I have to be nicer and not try to get in her way. But this is my haus too and I like getting in the way. I am not liking her much I can tell you.  san is always yelling, 'Tanaka don't do that' and 'TANAKA!!'. Life is not much fun any more. Even though it is Saturday Easy today I fink my Saturday would not be so. I wonder how much longer it will be like this. 
TWPG even has a new toy mouse for Christmas! I didn't get any!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Bujang 1.0 (3) and Akira 0.1 (9) Acupuncture Protocol

This morning we tried putting both kitties in the same carrier. It didn't work very well as Bujang was too big to share the space. He did allow Dr O to put the needles on his head. These needles are to calm him. The doc was able to put one needle on his back before he growled a warning. He sat with Akira who was very calm for a little bit then he decided to get into his own. So it took us about the same time for the rest of the needles. 

This time when it was time to remove the needles, the doc out a towel on half of the carrier so that he would not be able to bite although he was just as fast as before. 

As he would not eat his full scoop of the TCM the doc decided to give him one for only his kidneys as the kidneys are the most important consideration for this time. So later I will put one scoop of his kidney TCM and 1/4 of his previous meds to see if he would eat this mixture. 

We shall see :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. San bought us some presents as well but she said tomorrow will be time enough. We want to thank all of you who have been so kind  to us and visited us with laughter and good advice.  Be the Light always. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Akira 0.1 (8) and Bujang 1.0 (2) Acupuncture Protocol

Akira was as usual a champion with the needles. This afternoon she comforted Bujang who was very upset at his acupuncture session. He yelled and hissed at Dr O several times and the doc called him 'Little Tiger'. 
                           It's ok Bujang. I am here. It's not to bad if you relax a bit. 
He allowed the doctor 2 needles on his head and only these few to begin with. Dr O allowed Bujang to rest for a bit between needles. It took him almost 15 minutes to complete the rows. It was only when the doctor pierced the part of his back that he felt the most pain that he growled. It may also be that he felt trapped in the carrier. We wanted him to feel safe and thought that if it was done in his carrier he would be more comfortable but not so. He hissed and yelled and turned round and round. 
After 15 minutes the doc managed to get all the needles in the right positions and left Bujang under the lamp. He enjoyed this part a lot and turned round and round so that his back could feel the heat. After the next 15 minutes, the doc and I took turns distracting him so we could remove the needles. This coming Friday he would have his 3rd session and we would try to put both Akira and  Bujang in the hard carrier to see if he will allow the doc to put the needles in without hissing. The doc said that if one is calm, the other one would also be calm. We shall see what happens or even if he would allow Akira to be in the same carrier.

Akira was calm throughout and she stayed close to him, sometimes sniffing at him through the mesh. I hope she was telling him to relax and that he would feel better afterwards. Since he had eaten his TCM for his kidneys very well, the doc gave him the full dose with TCM for his kidneys, liver and spleen.  This combination is also supposed to make him feel less stress. 
Bujang resting at home after his acupuncture session.

Update: He did not like his new mixture. I think because it has multiple herbs and the smell is different. We will try until Friday. If not we will have to go back to just the kidney mixture.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Mood

                               Just Breathe
(I am going to the osteopath today and I don't like it)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Easy PEASY Sunday

We are lucky to have had a good week even with all our annual checkups. 3 of our 4 kitties have some problems with the kidneys but at least we are not going to have to take pills for it. There is just a change of diet to Walthams Renal which we all love (except Popps). Akira and Bujang will be going to the acupuncturist for over grooming and back problems as well. 

Akira is doing well with her TCM and now she would take the paste calmly. She sits still when I wrap her in a towel and takes her paste with good grace. Her fur is growing back again slowly and she has not bitten through her skin for the three weeks that she has had acupuncture. Bujang takes his TCM (for his kidneys) in his food happily. Both of them will see Adrian tomorrow and we will know more about their situations.

Popps is getting used to having toys and her own stuff and she has relaxed somewhat in her need to growl at the boys.  Tanaka however is getting over his fear of Popps and is now trying to bully her but with little success. I have decided to leave the two of them to negotiate their space unless there is a bloodcurdling scream.

All in all we are thankful our family is safe and happy and we wish the same happiness for all. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Checkups and Acupuncture for Bujang (long post)

When san told me it was my turn to go to the vet I thought she was kidding. But when she didn't give me any food for a long long long time, I knew she was serious. When we went out to the vet's it was raining. San told me that the rain should not stop us from going. Hmmmm there would only be bad things from here on. 

The vet looked at my teeth, stole my blood and actually bundled me in a towel. I told them loudly 'NO WAY YOU TERRIBLE PEOPLE ARE TAKING MY NAILS!' But they did anyway. I fought and yelled and tried to scratch everyone. San said this was the worse I had ever been where my nails were concerned! Then san said that I had been having back pain and that may also be the reason I had yelled so much as the vet helper had to put me in a towel as I was a big kitty and could hurt them (I would not hurt them as I am gentle but I was in pain). So the vet touched my back to check and at one point I hissed at him and warned him to stop it. San did not want any painkillers for me as I would not take it ( and I know she is afraid of my teeth). Since I was also going to the osteopath, she said she would get Adrian to help me as well as he has been very good at helping my back pain before. 

The blood test was not as good as before. The vet told san quietly that I had kidney problems (CRE 2.4 but BUN was not so bad at 21) I was glad when san just told the vet that she would take care of that and it would be ok. 

But as I said before I thought there would be dark clouds and so there were. It rained very heavily and we couldn't find a taxi to take us home. San and I were stranded. But san thought that since we were stranded, she could send me for acupuncture for the pain in my back. WHAT!!!! I DON'T WANT NEEDLES LIKE AKIRA!! But she did it anyway!
She told Dr O that I had pain in my back and showed him where the pain was worse. Dr O saw  my blood test and discussed some stuff with san about my kidneys. I knew something was up and I didn't like it. He made me walk about and said that the pain was worse on my left and I walked with my back lower than the rest of my body. He said back pain was easier to take care of than kidneys. San as usual said we would be there to see it through. (Notice that she didn't ask me for my opinion). Dr O did say that he thought I had very beautiful eyes which were round and very bright. I was glad he noticed that at least. 
He poked the needles in my back very quickly. I was not too concerned until he put one right on the spot and I hissed at him to leave me alone. Dr O told san that one of the points for the back would also take care of the kidneys. I knew that I should not bite him (yet) but it was over very quickly. I didn't have those electrodes like Akira but only the warm light. I liked that a lot. I was there for half an hour. 
Here I was just sitting with san with the light on my back. It was over very quickly. 

Dr O then gave san some TCM for my kidneys and advised her to put it in my food. She had to warm the food first and mix a little of the powder in it. I am glad to say that as of this morning I had eaten all my food with the powder in it. 

That was what had happened yesterday. In the afternoon my sister Akira had her acupuncture session as well and we went home together in a van that san had called as no taxi would take our call. It was the Pet Mobile. We were able to be home safe and sound and very dry. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Popps on Wednesday

Popps going crazypants
You can watch it  here as well. You can see her joy in playing with her cube. No one else is allowed anywhere near it anymore.
 This happened only yesterday where she was so tired she had to get out and rest
No one can take her ball away from her. She keeps it close.

Popps loves the cube as it allows her to play in private but in public at the same time. She loves batting the ball and would chase it about. Before I would have to retrieve it for her but now, she races after it and manouvers the cube over the ball. Sometimes she just stays in the cube as she can be in the middle of the room and still hidden from view :)

Fern: "Popps is very happy. She said finally she got everything and feels loved and wanted." I also asked Fern why she meows when she is in the kitchen. I don't close the kitchen door anymore and she can walk about the house as she wants. "She said she wanted someone to be with her in there." She has put on some weight though.

PS: Grandma is having some difficulty with her name so we now call her Popps.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Akira 0.1 Acupuncture Protocol (6)

This morning we came in early for our appointment. Akira was a little more nervous than usual and sat close and wide- eyed. We heard a dog in the next room who was very unhappy with needles. 
This time she had just the 4 electrodes but the process is easier and much the same as before. I noticed that she had not pulled the new fur off yet which is encouraging. 
'I wonder how long I have to do this for san?'
We don't know how long the process will take but looking at how much she has improved mentally, I think we will stick with this for the long haul. We are going to see Adrian next week and we will see what he says about her stress levels as well. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Mood

                                     Joy in a sunpuddle

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week it was nice that I got to bring the boys downstairs as some days it was much too hot and other days it rained. It's strange weather for December. Tanaka is getting used to walking downstairs and enjoys it very much. I would have to persuade him that it was ok to get out of the carrier and later on that it was ok to get back in so that we could go home. We met several people who asked me where I had bought him from. No one actually asked me how I had trained him to walk with the harness though. Someone actually talked to me about the difficulties of having older cats and we spoke about the importance of vets and how expensive vets are. 

The girls are doing very well. Akira does not complain too much of being carted about to go to the acupuncturist. She does not make a fuss about getting into the carrier as well. Our appointments have been short and very pleasant so she does not mind them so much. She has had 5 sessions with Dr O already and I think there would be a few more until next year as well. She had asked for more time outside and more importantly there were no new bites on her limbs. There is some new growth of fur as she does not worry her limbs as obsessively as before. It was good to see the new fur but I will have to wait and see if she would allow it to grow or suddenly decides to pull on them again. She takes her meds like the trooper that she is, calmly, as I give her the paste using my fingers rather than force her mouth open with the syringe and she quite enjoys the warmth of the sea salt bath. 
       I think I am doing very well san
Our kitty Poppy or Popps loves the red cube. No one is allowed to sit in it if she wants it. She races into the cube, twirls around batting the ribbon, streaks out into the kitchen and steaks back in again. I dare say she loves it just as much as sitting in front of the door! 
I am glad she is getting the hang of playing but she does better playing by herself. She has a feathered you in the cube as well.  She has the run of the house the whole day until bedtime at 8 pm. But she sometimes chooses to sit by herself in the kitchen and of cos grandma's bedroom where it is quiet. 
     Popps sleeping on the bed in quiet afternoons. 

Bujang is a good brother and leaves the bed when she wants it. 
Grandma's bed used to be his favourite afternoon napping spot before. He is a gentleman and knows what Popps needs to feel safe at home. 

This is 'my bed'. No pretender is going to have it. I plan to nap here all day today. It's going to be Easy Napping on Sunday day for me 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Akira 0.1 Acupuncture Protocol (5)

This morning she decided that she wanted to cuddle close during her acupuncture session. She was bright-eyed and alert throughout. 

We spent the whole 30 minutes like this. We had 2 lamps and no electrodes this morning. 
For 2 days in a row, she had eaten all of her meds without fuss. So this morning I told Dr O that I would give her the meds later. Dr O showed me a bunny who loves the TCM and would always wait for more. THAT is a super bunny. 
I decided to give her the mixture directly from my finger, without the syringe.  Now that I know the consistency, it's easier to give it to her more in one pass so it took us at most 4-5 minutes with no waste. Before it would take us 10 minutes with a lot of the mixture ending up on the matteress or on her fur. 
After the meds I would give her bare parts a wipe down with sea salt and warm water, as advised by her osteopath Adrian. 
I am very glad to see no new bites or broken skin and I can see some new growth of fur, very short and fragile. Before, her leg would be as bare as her tummy. But it's early days yet. She is still grooming as enthusiastically as before almost always immediately after her meds or wipe-down, no doubt to calm herself as well. But we notice that she grooms the underside of her fore paws most intensely these days than her other parts. 

Friday, December 12, 2014


today our picture is a more artistic one as san is feeling nostalgic. we hope you like our tgif picture as we hope to spend our friday peacefully. it looks like a postcard people buy on holiday or at least postcards that san buys when she goes on holiday as she thinks that a cat in a picture gives the feeling of calm and peace and love. of cos other animals as well but san grew up with cats and chickens. since we have no chickens san says I will have to do. 
But I told san it would be nice to have my picture as is. So she decided on this one. Popps did not like the new box that san bought for her so we thought we would teach her that it is a good comfortable box and excellent for sleeping in as well. 
Thank goodness san decided take my advice. Have a good TGIF everyone. Here's to the weekend. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Boys Outside

San brought the both of us downstairs this morning as we had not been downstairs for about two weeks. We had fun. 
I tried to stalk a pigeon but san spoiled my fun and warned the pigeon to move away! 
But at least I got to smell the grass although I didn't manage to eat much of it as the Town Council had trimmed the grass yesterday. 
                                                      My best selfie. 
This is the best place to sit. I can hide here and still watch what goes on. The people were kind enough to go around us. It was also furry breezy and so san did not  mind allowing me a longer time downstairs. 
                    I sat here fur some time. It was nice as the breeze was cool. 
 I spent a lot offur time doing this but I told san it was impawtant to know my surroundings. I must always know where I am going. 
In home news I was pleased that Popps did not look like Rocky Balboa  this morning. Ms Akira however, decided to sit in her room. 
          I spent a long time sitting with san yesterday. It was time to rest.