Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hmmm..I wonder

Blogger is a little shaky today. San has to post the same thing two or three times before it gets published. I wonder what is happening today in bloggerland. Maybe they are not eating enough tuna and mackeral. I wonder if San will let me have some tuna treats today before dinner. If I meow sweetly at her she will surely do it. Oh yeah!
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Oh no! Not again

Bujang getting tired with the foibles of Sidekick T and Mdm A. He just wants to take a break.
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Sidekick T and Mdm A: The Konfrontasi

Sidekick T and Mdm A are fighting for their turf. Mdm A thinks that it is hers as she is in it but not so Sidekick T. He will fight to the death for his right. The green carrier was the first thing he knew when he came to stay. He spent his first night there and the second and third. "It is a matter of principle," Sidekick T tells Mdm A.

"I want it back."

Mdm A was prepared to fight and Sidekick T bravely jumped on top of the fragile carrier. He walked gingerly, only to realise that things may not be as easy as they look the first time. After a few very shaky starts, Sidekick T realises his folly. There is no way he was going to dislodge Mdm A. That is why she was sitting calmly in there watching him make a fool of himself. As though realising this, Sidekick T jumps off the carrier with as much dignity as he could muster.

Good for you Sidekick T. Live and fight another day! :))
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My town

This is how PR looks like in the mornings. It's clean and green and not a piece of litter in sight. There were placards galore on the lamp posts screaming at us to vote saturday next. I am quite lucky to live in such a clean and green place I tell you. I used to live in M, a very old town, clean but not as brightly green as this place. I really like it here. The pets all look happy, whether cat or dog and the community cats are fat, thanks to the host of care-givers. I sounds like a placard-carrying lobbyist but I truly like My Town :)))
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All that's green

doesn't a park make. At least that is Bujang's idea. This park is right in front of our flat. On sunday mornings it will be quite empty like this except for a guy who runs about with his dog. They play catch but this sunday the dog is not there. I think it looks too well -kept and clean for Bujang's taste and the ixora doesn't grow in a clump. It's also very flat which makes it uninteresting for me. In the evenings, there will be hordes of people playing football. I worry about us getting hit. So now we do not go there but to the little park behind the flats.
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Lord of All he surveys

On our first walk in a month, Bujang decided that he would sit and survey the territory before moving to his favourite spots. Here, he had decided to take his own good time and look around just in case. But there were no other cats in the vicinity and no dogs either. Everyone was either home or at a rally I guess. Bujang has no interest in rallying so he just lolls about here under the canopy of a palm.
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No you can't make me

Bujang knows it's time to go home from the park. We would usually take the same route and when he reaches the steps, that's when he has to get into his carrier. But as usual, he does not want to go home even with the real threat of rain. (I felt raindrops on my arm). He sits on the ground, all 6.4 kg of him and refuses to budge. So I would have to carry him with both hands and make him get into the carrier. After some persuasion, he usually gets in and we would stroll home to the quick stares of the residents. A cat in a carrier on a stroller. What else can happen in an hdb estate!
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Who Goes There?

We have not been to the park for some time because of the rainy days and threat of rain. Yesterday I decided that we take the risk anyway. Bujang went inside his carrier quite willingly, with a quick step and sit. I think he knows we are going for a walk as I had him in his walkiing jacket and he had to step up onto the stroller. As we had not been to the park in quite a while, he spent a lot of time starting and stopping, probably at each sound that he heard. But it was always some wild kid on a bike or the sound of a football that got lose from a foot. This park is the territory of a white and black community cat with green eyes. He is a very handsome cat too. I sometimes see him spraying the shrubs usually after he has seen Bujang walking about. Next time I will try to get a pic.
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Green green grass

Bujang loves the taste of green juicy grass as much as he likes ixor. After the rains, the grass grows tall and fat. Bujang takes a real bite.
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Flower Power

Bujang's love for ixora can be seen here. After contemplating the best way of getting as close as possible to the sweet-smelling flowers, he decided to take the plunge :))
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All Quiet on the Homefront

Toro takes pride of place in this pic as when he sleeps everyone gets to rest at the same time. Here Toro is taking a long break from his night patrols of the bedroom parameter. He's really out cold. The other two are taking cover just in case he wakes up and decides they are enemies of the state.
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A case of familiarity

Bujang is now so used to the camera that he doesn't care about it anymore. It now remains for me to be better at picture snapping or at least faster. :) I was so slow here that Bujang decided to tell me off as politely as he could - by falling asleep. :)
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Nap time

The 3 faces of Akira napping under the computer lights

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What's happening here?

A family that plays together, eats togther. There is something good on the wall... Posted by Picasa

A family sticks togther especially...

when there is a bug on the wall. It is just sitting there, doing nothing. let's just get him...yeah!

A steely stare from the top cat....

A very close inspection from the prima donna of the house...hmmm

An equally intense scrutiny from the hot newcomer.... nothing seems to work. Oh well..back to the drawing board. :)
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Afternoon delight

Today we had guests in the house. 1 adult and 2 kids. But Bujang couldn't care less. Nothing will take him away from his favourite perch or his afternoon snoozee..zz...
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Those were the days

I thought it would be nice to show the great difference the good life has made to Bujang. The kitten pics I took of him when I first got him - at 6 weeks. We found him in a drain, getting drowned by rain with 3 other kittens. They were all from the same litter. Bujang was the only one that we rescued who had bitten everyone. He scratched and bit and clawed and screamed with all his might. The other three were placid and quiet and they piled on top of him before he would be quiet. I think they wanted to calm him down. The others took all the quiet ones and I took him home. I thought there was lesser chance of anyone making me give him up. The other three kittens went home with some teenagers and I believe they too have grown quite fat. :)
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Tunnel Vision

The rascals are playing with the tunnel. Akiar is trying to get at her toy in the recesses of the tunnel and Bujang is busy looking out for Toro - just in case he decides to jump on them. :0
But Toro is busy with his surprise package..:))
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The Postman rings once!

Toro gets mysterious mail in plain brown packaging today. San is just as excited as Toro and Bujang is even more curious. He is sniffing at the plastic packaging. But Toro has all his paws on his gift and doesn't want to share.'s from godma. Wheeeeeeeee~~~~~~~
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Can I eat it huh? huh?

Toro going crazy trying to see if catnip fish tastes just as good as real tuna and mackeral...Hahaha.
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We've got it!

What is this? Belongs to Toro..heehee..we've got it now...smells of the a hint of japan....hmmmm...
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Ok you guys! Gimme my stuff

Toro decides that the rascals have enough time with his new toy and takes it away for more private time. :) Thanks godma for the catnip fish. I will eat the book later :))
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Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's only a movie - Take III

Toro is relaxing with Grandma watching sunday tamil movies. The hero is singing to the hroine in the great outdoors. Toro has to close his eyes cos the outdoors is still a little scary for him.

He needs to be comforted by grandma cos the bloodshed and punches are just too much for him. Grandma soothes the little guy and tells him it's only the movies and there is nothing to be scared of.
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