Monday, January 30, 2006

Cat-Aunty's wisdom

I brought Bujang for his one hour walk about 6.30 pm this evening. He was quite pleased with the walk and grass and the fact that he could stalk just about any moving thing in the grass. He even sat under a bougainvillea bush just to watch people passing by. He can see them but they were all too oblivious of him under the bush. :)) I got bitten by a few mossies and had to encourage him to go home. When his highness finally deigned to go, I got him in the carrier and quickly pushed him away from the park and the mossies. We met the old lady who feeds the community cats around the area. She saw Bujang and asked me if he was one of the community cats. I told her that I had picked him up from school. She warned me earnestly never to throw out my cat as so many cats die from accidents. Even though I assured her that THAT was not something I would do, she was quite upset and told me people had thrown out their cats before and she had seen many die. :(( We then chatted about the cats at the void deck and she told me that the calico cat was very fierce and had never allowed her to touch her. So she didn't believe me when I said the calico has a sweet nature and she is always trying to get me to scratch her chin and chat. I wonder why the cat has 2 different personalities. Maybe its because I chat and talk with her every time I see her on my way home from work or after my evening walks with Bujang or possibly the wet food I give her . :)) Bujang and Akira are already asleep after trying to kill each other over a blanket. The rascals.!

Monday morning turns

The cats got bored on Monday morning and as I was on public holiday rest, I thought I should take them for a short walk around the block. So all trouped in the stroller and I proceeded to push them slowly, albeit with loud protestations from the scaredy-cat Akira. She hid in the back, hidden from everyone's view while Bujang quite nonchalantly lounged in front, the better to see the sights. A few parents were pushing their own kids in their prams and were quite surprised that there were cats in mine. :) But we went on without incident and I thought we could stop near a field of grass, watch the birds and feel the breeze. It was quite a restful 15 minute stop until they saw and heard some birds chriping, then Bujang tried to get out. Oh-oh! The net around the carrier was very strong but I thought it was not good to frustrate the cats that way and so we made our slow way back. When we reached home, the two explorers were vey eager to get out and I gave them some treats for being so brave. It was a good 30 minute expedition for all of us.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

CNY cheer and all a good night

After I fed my cats 1/2 a can of Tuna and smoked fish, I thought I should go see whether the cats downstairs were safe from CNY cheer like fireworks, too enthusiastic children and litter. I am glad to say that all was well except they were looking very hungry - their voices were very loud and complaining. :( I think the 'cat lady' was busy with her own CNY cheer so I went up again and got some catfood - wet as well as dry, and gave them some. They were very chatty as they ate and actually head- butted me some. So we sat and chatted and they ate quietly instead of looking right and left as though afraid someone would hurt them. I fed the calico, the tiger tabby (who is bigger than Bujang!) and a black cat. We sat for a bit to take in the night air and later I cleared up the place and threw the paper plates and said goodbye. They meowed a little and proceeded to clean themselves up. I guess everyone was quite full and would stay put and be safe for the night. When I came home, my two cats greeted me at the door and followed me to the bath. I wore my new red pjs (as its CNY) and they both stared at me in shock. Too dressy I guess. :))

A Bird in hand err..paw is better than 1000 oranges

Yup. I decided to listen to Bujang and took out his fav toy - Da Bird. He immediately went into predator mode. This is an amazing toy. It looks so much like a bird in the air and the wand is pliable. Many people tell me their cats refuse to play and they just leave their indoor cats alone. My cats lie in wait for me to come home and would lead me to the toy cupoboard where they will wait expectantly. I think they have trained me very well - the rascals. :)
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Its the Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year is here again. 2 oranges for good luck and good health. It's a pity my cats don't like oranges. They only sniffed at them and looked at me as though asking "Arrree you an idiot?" but only in a good way. But they stayed close to me and would glance at the oranges sometimes but I know of course they would never eat them , nor would I allow them to eat oranges. :) It is only as a matter of form.

I tried to look for calico community cat today but didn't see her. I thought her feeder may have CNY and would have no time to feed her. She is very affectionate - the cat I mean, not the feeder. The feeder had asked me if I wanted to bring the calico up but I already have 2 cats and they may not like it. Anyway this calico sometimes would not eat but prefers chatting and being scratched under her chin. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday naps

Today my 2 cats are perfect angels. They have not been rampaging and tearing my house apart. Each asleep in their own private corners. Akira in the cubby hole in the computer room, sometimes up on the top of my bookcase and sometimes on my lap and up to my chest as I am at the computer. The lengths some cats go to for a good snooze is amazing. Bujang is peacefully napping on the cat sofa, in his snuggies and just sprawling in the middle of the living room floor. I think it's just saturday cat naps. I have bought them some new stuff to eat , not the nutro complete care kibble but something totally different. Bujang took one sniff at it and he went back to sleep. Akira..well..she is not as finicky and has eaten a few pieces of it. But I guess she is also not as enthusiastic. Well the more slim they will get then.

Time for walkies

When it's time for walkies, we cats will be first in. It's taking a long time for san to find our jackets. Maybe we should just snooze for a bit. If only I can find some space in this joint. Akira is getting fatter than I am..hmmm....
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Got it!

What is that they say about a bird in hand?
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The sinking feeling

Bujang in his favourite washbasin - king of his castle. :) Posted by Picasa

Reigning Cats

Today I saw a documentary- Reigning Cats in San Francisco. It was quite an eye opener on show cats - with and without pedigree. Beautiful cats with perfect coats in pretty cages- sleeping, playing, preening. Just being cats. It was a wonderful sight to see.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another Cat!!!

Are you kidding me? Can you afford all of us? another Cat? Look into my eyesszzzzz...there can be only 2..only 2 ....zzzzz Posted by Picasa

The Singapore Sale

This evening I went to the pet store to buy cat food as usual. My cats now eat Tika. I try to buy sardines instead of tuna. Its from Thailand and I hope it's good for them. The terrible two refuse to eat anything else. But at least they are still eating dry Nutro Complete Care so it's quite a balanced diet. As balanced as I can make it that is. Ahh what I wanted to say is that I saw the adjoining store selling a really beautiful silver British shorthaired cat. It was sitting all alone in that big glass cage watched by a very enthusiastic family who was eager to buy it. The card on the cage said - SALE - $980.00. I do not know what surprised me most - that the little cat should cost so much or that you can buy animals on sale. The family already had a very beautiful persian cat and they wanted to get a companion for it. When I left the store, the family was still bargaining for a more appropriate price. I know the shorthair would have a lovely home though.

One of the assistants at the store asked me if I wanted another cat. I said if I wanted one, it would be a good-looking siamese cat with well-defined points. She said she could get one for me as there were many strays around her friend's flat . I wonder if 3 cats in a flat would be too many. I'm sure Bujang and Akira-the-Hun would have something to say about that. :) looks safe enough!

Another picture of the stroller ensemble without the base. My cats inspected the carrier for minute defects, bit all parts of the metal frame, scratched the canvas and also jumped over it. I'm glad it passed the rigorous inspection.
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Stroller Away~~

Finally I have a pic of the stroller that had virtually saved my life and saved my cats from a life of perpetual indoor-ness. It's very much like a baby's pram except you can detach the carrier from the base. It's big enough for me to put both Bujang + 6 kg and Akira + 3.75 kg together. We had gone for one walk - all the 3 of us but I have brought Bujang in this more than once of course. As I am fearful that someone would run off with this lovely stroller, I have put the usual plastic carrier on the base. Once I reach the park, I will just place the carrier on the ground and bring the base with me. Yup! It's foldable. It's a little difficult though but I am getting the hang of it. I figured if I have peace of mind + elbows that hurt less and my cat can still walk with his walking jacket and leash, nothing is too much for me. :)) You may think i am paranoid but I read in Vegancat's blog that he had his carrier taken away once, although he did get it back after much hassle. Yikes! I am not all that brave to confront a thief. I think I will only have this ensemble when I am just bringing both of them for a walk around the park, not for real walk+leash.
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A more svelte me. Don't you agree?

GRRRRrrrrr... don't you agree? I am all of 14 months and I think I am quite handsome in a full-figured kind of way. Yup. I am big-boned. I am glad you agree. Grrrrr... Posted by Picasa

Cut to the present

Yup! This is a much better picture of me and Tigger. She is much much more shy than I am :) Posted by Picasa

Akira and her favourite toy

I remember the days of my youth in the SPCA. I wonder what happened to all the other kittens. Posted by Picasa

A Lady must always look her best.

There is nothing like soft focus to soften all the ruff edges. This is Akira at her favourite activity. You can't be too clean I think. :) A well-groomed cat is a happy cat. Cleanliness is a habit that must be formed when young...even if she is only 10 months old.
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Eh! What else is there to eat?

There is nothing like company when you're trying to eat! Akira the eternal optimist with Bujang. Posted by Picasa

I'll eat anything now!

Yeah! This is what happens when you make your cat go on diet and he rebels. This favourite toy is good to play with (that's why Bujang is so much thinner now) and I guess also good enough to eat :)
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My cats and why I love them

1. They do not stress me out
2. They are soft and furry and smell of mango (okie I use mango scented wipes)
3. I look forward to conversing with them everyday
4. They wait for me at the door and greet me loudly when they hear my keys in the lock
5. They will sit with me when I am sick in bed
6. They are just cats and usually mind their own business
7. Well, they sometimes make me mind their business especially during the weekends when they insist that I get up at 6.00 am just because they can.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Still Hungry

Bujang is now looking like a hungry cat on the prowl. His eyes look more round than ever. Black and white with orange eyes staring at me in the dark. But at least he is more eager to play and he will actually jump up to catch a feather on a wand. I think he prefers jumping to actually catching the feather. Ok time to play. :))

Sunday, January 22, 2006

To bed! to bed! To bed!

Bujang at 7 months. Way too tired to care and dreaming of gardens.

BUJANG at 6 weeks...weighs hardly anything!

Well. Look at Bujang when I first got him. 6 weeks rescued from drowning in a drain. He could fit in my palm and used to bite his way through all his milk bottles. I remember the vet asking me if I wanted to keep him. I was not decided yet as to what I should do but she took one look at my face and my cat and said "Yup. I think you will keep him. Feed him well then on nutro, solid gold, iams etc." And now he is all of 6 kg at 14 months! and of course now has refused to eat anything else but what HE wants to! He is now 5.6 kg and always hungry ..poor thing. But better a diet than liver failure. I have yet to post his new pictures but I will.