Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Hmmm.....not yet.

Toro looking out of the window at some birds in cages in the opposite flat. There is a whole row of singing birds. The amigos sit here or at least at the cat seat in the bedroom and look out for long stretches. Of cos also to sleep....:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Year of the Water Dragon. Good luck to all.

No san - no dragons here. Its safe. No dragons are coming to eat us. Its supposedd to be good luck you say? Hmmm...lets see....

san came home yesterday and told us about the magnificent dragon she saw in Malacca. She said it came out of nowhere and flew over everyone's head. We don't believe her eventhough she has some pics to show. But it was more beleiveable when she said she took a trishaw ride to the hotel after she saw the dragon. THAT we believe as here she is with her old friend from secondary school :)

san said it was a short ride but it was fun and they didn't have to walk back to the hotel which made it all the more enjoyable.

The fearsome water dragon head..woahhhh

The flying dragon at Jongker Street. san says Jongker Street is her favourite place in Malacca.
Ok. It does look magnificent. I give you that san.
It does look like it was flying. You can hardly see the cables from here.
But as I know there are no dragons outside my door, I think a good night's sleep is in order.
Good night everyone.

(PS I am glad san is home. Cousin r took care of us very well but san takes care of us the bestest. At leasts she thinks so. We know so but we don't tell her this. Some things we only tell other catses)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thotful Thursday

Hmm...san is going away for Chinese New Year. I know this as she has her luggage out in the living room. I plan to go with her. I need a plan...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Because

Even_here? Is there no privacy?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tanaka's How-To #07

Its THAT time again. san told me that I should be able to do this by myself but I told her that I have to figure out the sequence properly and therefore I need a secretary...and one with thumbs who is able to spell ( know san, you are not furry good yet and need the practice...practise your spelling!)

The How-To today is about HOW a cat can help the human to put the sub-Q fluids in order and count them. My two bruffers need sub-Q effury week - 3 times fur Toro and now twice for Megat and so san would have to put the bags in the right bins! Hmmmm....

When san brings the bags home - 10 sodium chloride 0.9 for Toro and 5 Hartmaan's Solution for Megat, the human cashiers would put them in several bags. I try t help san sort them out. I look them over furry carefully and then I give san the tally. Like so...

Here I am sitting next to san and telling her what are in the bags and what she should do with them. This takes some time as san also has IV tubes that she needs to count and I need to verify.
Last Saturday, my sidekick Totoro was not about. He does not like being near the bags as he is afraid that san would pick him up and give him the injeksion! So Big Bruffer Bujang decided he would help me. I was furry glad as this is a BIG job!
Then I asked Bujang if all was in order and if he counted the bags properly. Bujang said I was furry good in my counting and effurything was fine. So san was able to keep effurything quickly. But we were so tired after counting and counting. I told Bujang he could get some rest.

Phew! No more!
Because I did my job well, I can sleep without a care. I was careful enough already and need to keep my brains cool! I fink I deserved it.

On another note, we are furry gald to receive this award yesterday. san was furry tardy and so I gave her strict instructions to make sure this is done.

We would like to thank the furry kind cats from Cats from WildCat Woods for forwarding us this lovely award. Liebster means favourite or beloved in German and we are furry happy to get this. We have to link back to the blog that gave this to us (yes san did this) and then give the award to 5 more blogs.

Dear catses from Wildcat Woods, san would be glad to do this but she finks efurryone in her list already has the award. So she is going to invite effuryone who loves anyone to get the award from here, even if they have just visited us once as love should be shared no matter how often or not often effuryone visits :)

Fanks you mightily for thinking offur us here :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Run Free Mera

We will always think of you as the quiet kitty who lived life on your own terms. Run free Mera. There will be no more bad teeth, sore gums or even hurt hearts.

Mera left us to run free last Sunday 15 Jan at 12.20 am- quietly sitting with cat_aunty. We will miss him.

PS Cat_aunty said that it was sepsis and toxic shock.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oops on Saturday!

Bujang and I were minding our own business when I suddenly felt a sudden whoosh close to my ear. I looked up and saw a crow from the corner of my eye! Then I followed his flight and saw him alighting on one of the branches of this tree.

I saw him twisting a small branch and letting it fall right next to us WOAH!!!
This branch fell right next to Bujang, who continued to be unconcerned. He just looked up a little and continued munching on grass. I looked up at the crow and saw why it ws trying to chase us off!

There were 2 nests on the top branches of the tree and 2 crows! I guess it was doing its best to keep them safe!
So I persuaded Bujang to walk and of course he preferred to lay on some crunching dry leaves in the drain!! Ms Akira should have warned us about this yesterday :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Always keep an eye out fur trouble. It comes in ...
orange FURRRRR!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why is your cat so big?

Neighbour: Where you buy your cat? He very big..hahahaha (very loudly) Bujang: !!!!!
Neighbour: Very big, very big. (They stopped outside our house and talked about Bujang)
Bujang: !!!!! (and runs away to hide in the room, looking shocked and unsure about the sudden explosion of noise)

This is a frequent question I get, whether on our walks or at the vet :) Possibly Bujang is now such a big cat when compared to other local cats because I gave him quite a lot of vitamins and nuitrition when he was a few weeks old. Then I was too anxious and I gave him as much help as I could. None of my other cats are as big and muscular as Bujang.

I have no basis for comparison as I only see community cats, who are of course smaller due to poor diet and sporadic care, if any. But Dr K told me that Totoro is a 'big' cat, even with his fur all shorn. In term sof size however it would be Bujang (giant), Totoro in terms of girth but Tanaka if in term sof length :), then Ms Akira and of cos Megat :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working Wednesday

This evening I helped san to make sure her papers were not flying about. She had to grade many papers and so I sat on them fur her.
The I decided she needed to rest. I sat on most of the papers fur a whole hour. So san rested :) I fink I did furry well.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tanaka Tuesday

We got our New Year present from san some days ago. It was a Woohoo! present. We got it the day after Toro went to hospital so san said it must be a reward fur all offur us. (We are thankful this present was sent to us and not sent back to fortypaws. san would have to write the post a furry ferocious letter then).

We were all furry excited! san opened it a little and let us sniff it!
I was not furry patient and tried to see what was inside!
Hmmm...what is this? Effurybuddy was curious...

A ham-mick! Finally we got ours!

My bruffer Bujang was the first one to get up on it. He was furry brave

The he decided to take a nap on it! I just waited fur a bit. I have to wait my time cos Bujang can be furry fierce!

Finally it was my turn. We really like our ham-mick! We sleep on it effuryday. san says she will keep the 2nd one safe and that we have to learn to take turns. Thank goodness my bruffer Toro does not like it furry much and Megat is afraid offur it. It seems my sisfur Akira just does not like the smell on it! Hahaha. More time fur me.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Oh the Toroble!

This Sunday Toro was his usual self - looking out the window and feeling the soft breeze that came with the rain. Last Tuesday, he was not so calm. He had a some trouble peeing. At about 1240 am so he walked in and out of his (clean) litter for about 2 hours. I noticed he had a lot of trouble trying to pee and called the hospital immediately. after talking some time, I was assured that it was not an emergency (since he was eating and could finally pee a few drops) but it was urgent that I bring him to the clinic.

The next day I called the clinic but was advised by Dr T that I bring him straight to the hospital in case he was indeed blocked and I would have to hospitalize him. I did this and Dr K said that because it was his 3rd time in, I would have to allow for an operation so they can widen his urethra!! We spoke at length about his condition, his kidney stones, his behaviour the night before and Dr K an x-ray is called for as his bladder did not seem swollen. Then he had an ultra sound to check for the trouble by Dr Sabine!

Finally after what seemed like a long time, we found that one of his kidney stones had migrated through his urethra and was now in his bladder! His whole left urethra was irritated and inflamed and this made him want to pee all the time and therefore he strained quite a bit, with no pee. His bladder was empty of pee as well. Dr Sabine said his uroliths were still there so I guess the acidifier was not working at all and he does have oxalate crystals! She was quite relieved that the stone did not block the opening of his bladder and so were we all.

He was given one week's worth of antibiotics and 2 weeks worth of anti-inflammatory pills. He was also given an injection to help him with his irritated urethra. Finally when we got home, he immediately went to the litter and I saw this.
I was never so pleased to see cat pee before !:)
he is now feeling ok and peeing quite well. Dr K also recommended dou miao for fibre so he would not be constipated. I was not to give him any more pro-kaolin as that makes for constipation. I give him pro-kaolin as he used to vomit frequently and Dr H said all the meds could have irritated his stomach lining!
Sleepy Sunday with grandma

We are very glad that our friend Hat is feeling better with cat_aunty, after his harrowing experience with a swollen paw. The vet said, after they had cleaned and xray the paw that it was because of a rubberband! They estimated that the rubber band had been tied around his paw for 2 days!
The swollen paw after medication...

We suspect mischief and cat_aunty and uncle had warned the neighbours to watch out for this around the neighbourhood. It was lucky that Hat knew where to find help and that there were many people who had helped him. He is now recuperating to the disgust of Empress Spencer :)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Ms Akira on Saturday

Ms Akira cuddling up :)
Quiet Saturdays with my cat Ms Akira is always special...

This morning I thought I would see how the new diet is working. I bought her Royal Canin Sensitivity and she has been eating it for about 3 weeks now.
Its working rather well as her fur is growing on the previous bald spots. The pink sections are where her bald spots were before. She used to lick all her fur off it! Then she had tiny scabs where she had bitten through her skin.
These sections now have fur. They used to be quite bald.
I am quite pleased about this and I am sure Ms Akira is quite relieved. She likes the new kibble and would finish all of it by evening.
I am very encouraged at this new fur growth and also am relieved that I do not have to give her the anti-depression pills. I hope more fur grows soon. Maybe she not stressed out living in her room. It may only be she is allergic to the food I had given her before. *fingers crossed*