Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trouble-free Tuesday

Yes san. I am afraid I need to investigate effurything...

No exceptions will be made fur anyone...
Megat looks on quite unperturbed by all this activity...

Ok I am satisfied fur now. I will take my leave thank you...

Megat is now the one who sleeps on my lap at the computer these days as Ms Akira has become Queen of the Kitchen. He has quite comfortably taken over her place here as though he has always been here :) This is the vacuum effect taking place :)

Siamese orphan kitty

Siamese kitty looking at the fuzzy camera...

Its very small still...
This is a kitty that the cleaners had 'rescued' from work. I was quite miffed when one of them called me about the kitten as I do not see any reason why they should take the kitten from the drain. I told them that it was probably the mother cat (Bujang's mother is the suspect) had hidden the kitten here so that she could find something to eat or in the process of removing her kittens to another safe house! But we could not put the kitten back as it was very hungry and we didn't know where the mother was or of she would come back for her kitten since almost every cleaner had handled it. I told them that on no account should they remove any kitten they found unless it was in real danger. I told them since none of them could bring the kitten home to take care of it and since they had taken it away from the mother, the kitten would surely die so no one was winning this battle, and the victim would be the little kitten.
Since I already have Tanaka, there was no way I could bring it home. It was quite fortunate that one of my friend's brother had told me that if the mother cat gives birth to siamese (there were rumours that there were Siamese kittens in the school) then he would not mind taking care of it. But it transpired that the brother was not in singapore and she could not take the kitten home for the weekend. It was also the kitten's good fortune that we had someone else who was willing to foster it for the weekend. I think Fortne was smiling at the little kitten.
So now the kitten is safely in the foster's house but she did not know how to introduce her cat to the kitten. Her cat was very jealous and kept trying to hurt the little thing. However, she has since fallen in love with the kitten and was willing to adopt it for real. So this afternoon I had to give her some advice on what she could do to ease the little kitten into the family. I hope all will be well as the family loves the kitten very much and has bought it toys to play with already. I hope this would be the furrever home for Bujang's little sibling :)
The siamese kitten now has a furrever home with my friend and her brother. This is very good news as I know it would be looked after very well with vet care as well as good food. It would also have a good quality life as they have a little garden that the kitten can play in once it is big enough. They have another cat MooMoo, Bujang's younger brother and who looks just like Bujang. MooMoo is a cat that is more territorial and much more dominant. However I am confident that with the proper introductions they can tolerate each other. It is also quite satisfying as MooMoo and the little siamese kitty has the same mother.
I am at present trying to ask the guards if they know ehere the siamese mother hangs out and at what time she would be given food by the neighbours. Once I get the info, it should be easy to call V to catch the pair for sterilisation.

Eh Minah! What are you doing outside my door?

This morning at about 6.05, I heard Toro snarling at something. He hardly ever snarls at anyone although he would growl in his most fearsome way at shadows on the walls. I then heard the door being shut and grandma hurrying in telling me,"Eh Minah ada kat luar." (Eh Minah is outside) HUH!!!
What I saw outside my house was unbelieveable! There Minah was, sitting quietly outside my door, looking up at me. I watched her from my window just to be sure and I saw her green eyes looking at me calmly. She was unperturbed. I was horrified! Grandma hurridly told me that she heard Toro growling and snarling at something and then she saw Minah outside.
We debated what to do. I told grandma I couldn't possibly feed her outside as this would encourage her to come back again. (I had not read dawn's previous blog for nothing!) Grandma speculated that someone might have brought her up to th floor. I told grandma that that would not be possible at all. It could just be that Minah was taking a walk up all the 12 floors of the block and just stumbled on our door because our door was open and she heard and smelled the amigos! I think the last explanation would be the most plausible one although it did not comfort me at all.
I dressed quickly and got a tin of tuna and chicken as this was her favourite and thought about having to entice her to come with me. How to do it? How to do it? Aiyoh! How to do it? I peeked out the window again and there she was- large as life. Aieee! How to do it? I put on my shoes and just as silently, Minah was not there anymore. I walked the length of my corridor and she had disappeared. I quickly took the lift downstairs and could not find her. I guess she must be making her way silently through all the levels of the block!
Then I remembered one of my neighbours telling me that once she saw a calico cat sitting outside my door in the morning. I did not believe her then but now there is nothing else for it. Minah is patrolling our corridors :) I hope she made it safely downstairs.
During all the commotion, each and every amigo actually crowded around the doorway (even Ms Akira) waiting with bated breath for the end of the saga. Toro was upset that the front door was closed to him but the rest were just puzzled. It was quite a morning!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Green Green grass....

Bujang looks at the grass with suspicion...

Are you sure you can eat that Bujang? Be careful okie.

Errrr...I think it should be okie. It smells like the green things...

Bujang giving it his best shot...


Comparison of my home grown grass and the 4-day old wheat grass...

Alas. I must report that my trial of grass growing was not all that successful. I think the grass grew okay but I suspect it had more water that was good for it. It grew spindly and a few of the tips were brown because of the water- from rain and grandma's enthusiastic efforts.
I thought I would give it to Bujang anyway. Poor Bujang was excited to eat it but the container was too lightweight and as he pulled at the grass, it also swung with the force of it. Then when he tried to eat the grass again, I decided to keep the conatiner still. Poor Bujang had also inadvertently pulled out the grass by the roots and soil. And still he didn't manage to eat any grass at all.
Seeing that he was losing interest and getting increasinly puzzled I gave him some of his 4-day old wheat grass. He was quite happy after that although he still sniffed at the home grown grass with some puzzlement.
I decided I would make a second attempt at growing this elusive grass. Btw aunty-p, when Coco eats the grass, doesn't it come out in clumps too?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


A pic of Chinchilla Persian.
This is NOT M's cat that she wants to rehome.

My friend M (the one who had rescued Toro before I adopted him) told me that she had just rescued a Chinchilla persian from the street. M is also a caregiver and so she freqently has to find homes for the cats that she rescues. She said when she found the cat, it was matted and thin. She has since taken care of it and is looking for someone who can take care of it. No one has come forward to claim her. GRRRR! The kitty is female with an even temperament and with a loving personality.

I told M that I am not able to take care of this kitty as I already have Rocket. I would if I could as I have always wanted to have a persian kitty but I don't think its wise of me to do something like that. So I smiled at M and told her sadly that I can't take the kitty in. :(

Then when I got home, I saw all my kitties sleeping on lazy Sunday. It warms my heart. So I hope someone would have a good home for this little kitty too.

Sleepy Sunday

Let us out san...please...please...

Tanaka looking for opportunities for fun...

Toro and Tanaka - the T&T combination

Got it!

Toro was a little bothered by Tanaka's fervour and they both got into a bit of rough housing just after dinner. I would not allow much rough housing after dinner as ultimately one or both of them might throw up, sometimes quite spectacularly. Tanaka had done this once or twice when he was a little younger. I knew Toro would appreciate some down time so I had to sequester Tanaka for abit. He was quiet and took it in his stride. So once again peace in the amigo house.


Ms Akira taking a break from the kitchen. There is nothing like grandma's bed to rest in.

The grass is always greener

in other people's houses (read aunty_p's house). My cat grass is looking rather sad. This is the good side so you can imagine what the other side looks like. But I will persevere. At least Bujang would get to eat some home grown grass, no matter how sad it looks :)

Slow sunday

Ms Akira underwater on sleepy sunday...
Ms Akira had climbed onto the counter and decided to inspect it last Friday. Of course some things went tumbling and CRASH! there was a splintering of cups and saucers. I cleaned up after her and we had to throw grandma's old rug (the one on which she slept on her gotcha day) cos there would be glass in it. So I took this even older one out. Grandma was happy and so was Ms Akira who quite enjoyed sitting in the water :)

Boys just watching the outside...ho hum...

No worries. I is here to help you.

I is a good scout! Who goes there?

No one will get into my house. Not on my watch!

Bujang was very helpful in keeping strangers out of the amigo house. He was on high alert all the time. Even now he is still watching the door as per second pic. He takes his duty seriously.

san's sunday helpers

Tanaka showing me the right way to change pillow cases - pull the string san, the STRING!

Inspector Bujang made a thorough inspection of our work...

By the way, there is dust on the cupoboard top..tsk!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Dogster? No thank you san. Can you tell them I am a cat?

Rocket has been invited to join Dogster :) by Rascal. I was quite surprised but went to Rascal's page anyway. There were more than 1500 cats and dogs in that group. I had to decline on Rocket's behalf as I don't think I can keep up with the responsibilities that come with being Rocket's personal assistant there. There are journals to write and 1500 beans to meet. Its too much for one bean for sure :)

More rocket shenanigans!

What else can I do today. Hmm..what's that?

Hmmm...hmmm..doesn't smell good. It hurts my nose!

I'm outta here!

Rocket and his tent

The usual chaos in the amigo house...Rocket is always in the thick of it...


Battle for Cubby Hole Fort

Bujang decided to rest in the cubby hole, away from traffic...

However the Rocket saw this and decided to fight a battle for Cubby Hole Fort!

Oh No! A fight!

Its mine Bujang! Get out!

Take this! and this! and this!

Got it!

This should be good.

A battle well-fought is a cat well-pleased :)

Twas a battle well-fought, twas quite a hurly-burly. But I am glad I stayed out of it.

Meditation on red cushion...

Quiet times

After the furore of watching the pigeon and hanging out with the boys, I decided to take time off to relax... a cat needs some quiet time too..

Sitting quietly on grandma's sofa...

Sleeping near san at her computer...
Bujang may not be a lap cat, but he always finds time to sit with me wherever I am. He would usually sit quietly and take a nap for as long as I am at the computer, or reading or watching TV.

In Conclusion

san..I don't think we will ever get the pigeon!

Won't you come in Mr Pigeon?

Mr Pigeon giving the boys the eye...

The boys watching Mr Pigeon's every move...

Rocket wanting a greater part in the action... or inaction as the case may be...

Pigeon pie sounds nice...if only we can get him...