Friday, April 27, 2012


 Is it time to paaarty?
I am all ready. A little more stretching and we're good to go!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thotful Thursday

I like sitting here, on top of this cupboard. There is only space for one cat so whoever gets here first, gets the space. It is also close to the window so it is nice and warm. I can get here from san's headboard as well. Its just a small jump away. Lazy afernoons spent here are the best. Its also quiet as no one enters san's room in the afternoon but me :)
I get to sit here every Saturday and Sunday as the boys would be outside in the early morning. This was last Sunday's picture. san wanted to have an Easy Peasy Sunday post but she had to get a haircut and run errands to buy cat food and such. Then she went to see a movie called Mirror!Mirror! She said it was ok :)
My favourite pose is always horizontal :) Aren't my whiskers nice? san told me to pose carefully so she can have a good picture of them. She wanted to get th other side but I protested and refused to do that! Enough is enough I say.

Friday, April 20, 2012


On a TGIF day, which better kitty should be the star of the post? Obviously it can only be Tanaka, our resident Lazeabout  :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Rains

Toro looking a little ruffled as I opened the window after the rain...
Bujang had no problems with sleeping during the rain. He has taken into hiding in here to escape thunder. Grandma said, "Hmm so big and yet so frightened!" But I am glad he found a place of refuge nevertheless.
As usual, Tanaka has no problems napping through rain or shine with the help of a little friend :)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Purrayers for BH2

Ms Akira on the look-out for some goodness for BH2.

cat_aunty said BH2 was at the vet's yesterday as he vomitted blood. The vet found he did not have kidney problems but there was a lot of other troubles beginning with poor gums and suspected FIV. These are community cat troubles and we are purraying that BH2 would get a more comfortable time now that the vet had seen him and given him antibiotics. Cat_aunty will try giving him sub q but he is all teeth, eventhough he is an old cat!"DO NOT MESS WITH AN OLD WARRIOR!" seems to be the warning signal from BH2.

Good luck cat_aunty. We hope our sub q carrier advice works :) Bujang says he will send his own warrior purrs (but err..maybe you should watch out. Bujang may be adding his own claws to BH2 too :) )
BH2 (from cat_aunty's blog)

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saturday Sleep-in

The boys hanging out to catch the morning sun and breeze...
Close-up of the 2 brothers. They sometimes disagree and sometimes hang out together. This is a special times for all of us to see them hanging out so quietly together :)
Ms Akira as usual hangs out with me :)

I tried to change her kibble to one with no grain (2 different ones) but she doesn't like them. She still prefers the renal diet that they boys eat so I'll just continue with that :) since she is not allergic to that diet at all. She is now a little more laid-back although she does race about the house at night :)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday

Yes its a good Friday indeed as we have a long weekend. I sat here after san watered this new plant. san has forgotten what the name was but it seems that the plant would bring in good fortune with its sweet smelling flowers (if that ever happens but we are hopeful). For me, the good fortune is getting daily walks. san has been very good about taking me out for walks when it doesn't rain. I don't get walks during the weekend as I only like walking in the evenings and san has to go feed the downstairs kitties.
My sisfur Ms Akira was sitting here looking at Good Friday. at least i thought that was what she was doing but later I saw that she was looking at this...
the birds from across...
They sing a lot in the morning and so we always wake up to a bird choir!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Megat's Vet Review

I told you so! There was nothing wrong with me!
his test results on 5 April 2012

and so it was! Dr L was plaesed with him as well. "The coat is good and he's put on weight!" He was 3.9 at the last review but now he is 4.35! I am glad with that as he has been vomiting a few times. Dr L said he could be allergic to one of the canned food that we give him in the morning or at night. But he gets very little of that even so.

The worrying lump on the underside of his right hind leg has not changed in size or shape so Dr L said there was nothing to worry about now and I should just continue with the same regimen that we have. And so we shall.

I am a little concerned that his TP is 8.5 but Dr L said I should just give him the usual 1x sub-q. The last time he vomitted for a whole day. His TP was 7.9 and Dr T said I should give him 2x a week sub-q. I have to think about this a for a few days...hmmm...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tuesday Thots

Oh-oh what is outside our house...hmmm....
Lets's take a closer look!
Dunno what that is. I've never seen it.

I decided to hang a plant outside the window that the boys sit at, especially Tanaka. I thought it would provide them with some other interest and of course the corridor would be much more natural. I was afraid the boys would bite the leaves or bat at them but none of them had done that. Instead they would just peer at the plant and treat it like just another oddity. I think its not because they were not curious but they are not used to putting their forearms out of the window and we do not encourage our neighbours to encourage them to do that as I do not want them to figure out that they can actually do that. It does however break the monotony and when it flowers, we would get the sweet smelling scent for a a few days. I can already see the buds!
On to more good news. Ms Akira's fur has started growing slowly on top of her thighs. HURRAH!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

is sometimes inside scratching...
sometimes just looking at life peacefully...
oftentimes napping...
a sometimes if you can get it... outside in the morning...
and if you are really lucky...its inside and
outside... but it is always easy peasy...