Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last day of 2017

On this last day of 2017 I was surprised to see Ms Akira laying here with Tanaka. It was raining in the day so I guess she wanted somewhere warmer. 
Akira has come a long way to become a great protector  for Bujang and Tanaka when Rez wants to disturb them. She nearly slapped him once and this of cos is quite magnificent given that she was once a very shy, scared and helpless kitty.  I think she owed a lot of her courage to Popps who became a good role model for her, of a courageous kitty who takes everything in her stride. 
Popps is brave and kind and wanted to be Akira’s friend but Akira was too terrified of her once. Now of cos she spends her time minding her own business and resting from the ‘very hard life’ outside. She is a champion kitty who takes her medicines like a trooper. 
Our new family member Rezki has his formal Gotcha Day today- 2 years in the house but he still finds family a puzzle. But he is learning fast and only wants to be accepted. 
He is also a great joker and makes us laugh.

Bujang is our wise kitty who takes care of us all. He is calm and steady and generous. He has great faith that Rezki will ‘grow out’ of his craziness into a calmer kitty. He loves his grandma and could always put her in a good mood. 

On this last day it just leaves us to wish everyone a blessed new year. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

To the vet we go...

My numbers are better this time. My weight has remained the same although san says I seem much heavier than usual. She is always telling tales. My Amyl and Lipase has gone down from June and so san is happy. The vet can still hear  my heart murmur but he says I am doing well and need only to go for my repeat echocardiogram next year. 

As you can see, my face is acting up again but the ice that san puts on my face every morning has been helpful. San has spoken to the vet about it and the vet has nothing new to recommend. So san has asked a Friend who is very knowledgeble for advice. So next week I will be eating and drinking out of glass instead of porcelain as she thinks it might be contact dermatitis. So she has bought some colloidal Silver for me as well as L-glutamine for my gut. My probiotics will come a little later as it’s out of stock. The vet did say that just eating raw fish is not good for any cat so san has bout me some cat multivits. One good thing was my numbers have gone lower and my creatinine is stable at 2.6. Also san is thinking of having giving me SubQ fluids as I am a little dehydrated but maybe not daily. I have also put on some weight at around 4.6 kg. 

I went for mine this morning. San was very nervous as the vet was checking my abdomen very firmly. San told him that I have not been eating well. I have lost 200g and is now 4.3 kg. My blood test came out very well and it’s only my creatinine that is the problem. But I am still stage 2. However my TP was 8.7 (the highest being 8.9) so the vet recommends (after san questioned him about it) that I get 250 ml twice a day. But san said that was too much for a cat who is only about 9 pounds or so. The vet then lowered it to 150 twice a week, like my brother Bujang. However Bujang is 10+ lbs and can take that. So finally san is giving me 50 ml three time a week. I had my first one just now, at home and it wasn’t too bad. So san will continue with this as mine is only dehydration which may be the reason why I am not eating well. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday Busyness

Bujang was out early and did some sniffing and ate some grass. 

He walked  for a bit before hurrying to take the lift home. When Fern asked him why he went into the lift all those other times, he said that there was nothing else to see so he went home :))

Popps wanted to go out riding (she told Fern) so as soon as Bujang got inside we were out. Tanaka was with her this morning. 

We visited the small shop and I left them outside as the shop has a no-pet policy. But I could see them from the security camera. 

Akira was home guarding the Yeow!!! Catnip banana. When Popps came home she slept close, perhaps to get the banana but she gave up halfway and went to sleep at her fav perch. Rez was asleep in his room so missed Saturday morning busyness. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day Out Saturday...for some

Today we managed to get 3 cats outside. Here Tanaka and Popps were at the big park. Since both of them did not fancy walking on grass, they both had a ride in the pram. Popps had a lot to complain about but later relaxed. Tanaka was all eyes and ears. We managed about an hour outside which was good. 

Bujang always looks forward to our Saturday walks. He was all ready when I woke up and therefore I had breakfast on the run. These days however, the walks are short as he had discovered ...

that lifts were fun as well. I suspect these days he wants to go down just so he can take the lift up. He told Fern that ‘he wanted to go home by himself’. Of course I had to bring his paraphernalia home myself. 

Rez did not get to go outside at all as it was too hot to be out. But I got him the new Jackson Galaxy Air Drop. It has a retractable lure although I had a hard time with it (my arms are not long enough to press the button to retract the lure). But he had a fine time and I think he enjoyed himself biting  through the plastic feather. 

Akira of cos did not think all that physical execute to be in any way attractive and spent time sitting with me. 
All in all everyone had a nice time today. 

Friday, December 15, 2017


Even though it is Friday I think san should do something about these cable ties. They can take my eye out. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gotcha Day Purresent

My Gotcha Day is 31 December but san bought me  this lovely and soft blanket. I really like it and yesterday I spent the whole rainy day on it. My 2 bruffers have theirs and this is mine. I am the only one who sits here (although I sometimes sit on Tanaka’s blanket). 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Just Because

Kari asked us if Tanaka’s legs lack strength because of his sedentary lifestyle or age. I think some of it is because he is more sedentary. He used to be on the go all the time. He is 10 and still very active. Adrian thinks that he had never had  to run away from others and so he had used his muscles in a different way - to stalk and prowl. But now suddenly with Rez he has to always be on the lookout and always has to run at sometimes no notice at all and so his muscles are finding it a little difficult to adjust. So he has stiffness and his muscles are ‘jumping’ because of non-use. I had to feel his muscles and they seemed to palpitate. Adrian said it was because of the great amount of stress the muscles are under. But in the long run, they will be better as his muscles would have figured how to move in response to a predator-type stimulus. 

Also when I play with him I have to make sure he does no somersaults on a hard surface so we play more on the bed where he twists and turns and jumps but he will always land on a soft surface to minimalise injury to his joints. We had played like this for a long time as he had stressed his hind legs and hurt them from jumping onto hard surfaces before. 

Nowadays because Rez is always out and about, he sits here, way up from harm. 
Therefore Adrian advised that I make sure Tanaka has some respite from Rezki everyday where he can relax and his body will not always be tight and in fear. I have to put an ice pack on both his hind leg muscle joints so his muscles will ‘open’ up and relax. 
I think he appreciated the very hard massage that Adrian had to give him last Friday as he had presented Adrian with his hind legs to massage and he stayed still and allowed Adrian  to do the necessary manipulations. In a month he has to go back again for osteopathy and Adrian will see if his muscles are less stressed. 

Friday, December 08, 2017


Rezki decided  the best place that would show off his good looks was here- in the rec chair. He was right. 

Tonight he decided to sit with me as all the other kitties were resting. 

He also decided that watching tv with me was okay as well. I had to stop him from going into the bedroom to disturb Tanaka as Adrian said Tanaka’s legs were very stressed today at his appointment. He had to massage both the hind legs and it was not the usual stiffness that Tanaka has had before. So Adrian thinks it’s probably due to Tanaka having to always run away from Rez and his muscles as not used to the movement. He advised that I should not allow Rez to run after  Tanaka a lot and it should always be under supervision until Tanaka’s muscles learn the new movements. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sunday Sleep-in

Both Tanaka and The Chairman decided that Sunday was for sleeping-in and didn’t feel like moving out of bed at all. Silly kitty!