Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rezki on Thursday

Rezki: This is the book for me. I am an expert at catching insects. Moths will be no problem for me. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Mood

Today we thought it would be nice to hear what he has to say to Fern about his behaviour. 

Rezki: He gave me a lot of curiosity and a lot of energy level that he loves to be all over the place. When I asked him not to attack Bujang or frighten Tanaka and do not go too near to the girls, he said that's really boring. He said he wanna play and run around, but he didn't know why they all were very quiet and they have no activity! I explained to him that they just wanted to relax and have some rest. However, I praised him that he's was a very good boy that when Grandma called, he went to be near her. He said grandma is kind, he likes her (energy feeling very warm from your mum to Rezki).  

Rezki said when he's excited and in a playful mode, he also meows. He didn't understand why people don't like meowing. I told him like what you suggested about licking lips or yawning when he gets stressed or uncertain, he said he didn't know about that. So I asked him to practice doing it.
       Rez with grandma

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Easy Peasy Sunday

They are all doing well considering that Rezki has been scaring them all (except Popps) daily. Bujang has been keeping his cool and Tanaka has decided to be as far away from Rez as possible. Akira has decided that as long as Rez did not try to come anywhere near her, she is ok with it. However Rez has been putting a lot of pressure on them and I noticed that all of them would be on high alert when he was walking about the house. There is a noticeable air of relaxation when Rez is on timeout or when he is in the kitchen, away from everyone. 

A good Sunday is when almost everyone is relazing at the same time. Popps was hanging out in the kitchen. 
        Rez is on timeout at present. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Easy

I was very happy to hear at his vet visit (we go to twice yearly visits as he is 12) that his kidneys are functionally well. His creatinine and BUN values are within the normal range. The only thing that we still have to do is the SubQ as he is still dehydrated. But all the news is good for my BOSS kitty Bujang.

The vet advised tht we keep to the same routines as he is doing well on it. Eventhough he is 7.6 kg he is not going on a diet as he is lean. The only thing that we had changed was his TCM as Dr Oh had added another herb to his regime. He takes this new herb in honey and omega 3 in the evening before dinner. He has one more that he takes in the morning with his food. We just needed to continue with his SubQ as he is still dehydrated. 
     Bujang at the window this Saturday. 
   Scrutinizing our new hanging scratcher. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Adopted _Ms Monday

We are pleased to announce that Ms Monday went to her Furrever Home yesterday. She was adopted by the same kind lady who adopted a calico rescue from us 3 years ago. Good Luck Ms Monday. There is a garden to run about in and a lot of love for you there. 
This is Twinkle, Ms Monday's sisfur. She has grown into a Diva from the little rescue kitty 3 years ago. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vet visits for the amigos

Heine welcoming the gang at the vet this morning - Poppy, Tanaka and Akira. The kidney results remained the same with only 1 point better or worse. The vet said it was neither good nor bad. But at least it was only the creatinine values that were problematic and not crea and bun (except for Rezki whose values for both are not so good). The only troubling thing was Akira's increase in calcium and she has no kidney issues at all. So she will go to the vet next week for ultra sound. 
      STOP that! My teeth are fine!
Ho hum! Please hurry up with the blood taking! If you're gonna steal my blood I thank you to be quick about it!
The vet said her teeth were not as good as the others but they do not warrant any repairs. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Just Because

             Just hanging out 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday News

Rez had his checkup yesterday as well as his first vaccination. The good news is he no longer needs SubQ. I'm sure he is relieved not to be poked with the needle every week. The not so bad news is his creatinine is still high at 2.7 but even this is better than the previous 2.8. The vet said he would be ok if he just eats kidney kibble as he is 5.04 kg and is in very good shape.  HIs BUN has gone up to 38 from the previous normal of 36. 

It has just been 2 months that he has had acupuncture and so I was not expecting a miracle. I will take 2.7 gladly. 

I have posted many entries for his adoption at FB and I am very glad that those posts have been shared many times over by the many kind friends that I have made there. I will still continue to post about him . 

I think he would need more care with Dr Oh, his acupuncturist. I am still trying to persuade Tanaka to be less anxious and to try playing with Rez so we will see about that. 

     His favourite morning pastime. 
Just hanging out watching the goings on in the house. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The lesson about space, Rez is..

No. You can't sit there Rezki. It's my turn to sit here. We take turns!
Bujang was still scandalized that Rezki was in the cat tree. But he didn't try to intimidate him. Just hissed his warning. 

Friday, June 17, 2016


            2 boys just hanging out
His would-be adopter decided not to go through with the trial stay as she said he was too old at 6 years. We were a little sad but we know it would probably take a longer time. Another person who wanted him already had 6 rescued cats. She said she would take him if he didn't mind a multi-cat situation. But we thought being the 7th kitty would not be fair to him nor the other 6 cats. So he is still here with us. 
Last night she chased Rez from the kitchen to the living room and to grandma's bedroom. She yelled a warrior yell and scared him half to death. So she got time-out and we had to rescue Rez from under the bed. She was not allowed to the kitchen for the rest of the time. 
Those 2 need help San. I just need some quiet. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My favourite things in Georgetown Penang

I am glad to be able to see The Blue Mansion for our good friends The Poupounette. It is also called the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion after the 1st Chinese Consul of Penang. There are tour guides and of course a portion of the mansion is reserved for paying guests. 
I also saw the marvelous Street Art of Georgetown (the capital of Penang). Georgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has art prices dotted around all the streets done by the artists from Penang. 
Wall mural Boy on Chair. The chair is a real one. 
        'Rope Style'. Rope Walk was named after the rope making activities on the street. This is part of the 'voices of the people' series. This is one of the 52 rod iron sculptures that dot the capital. 
As its a World Heritage City, most tourists go about in these 4-seater vehicles although there are cars and motorcycles along the very narrow streets as well. 

The following are my 3 favourite doors along the same street of our hotel. They are very different and have their own voices as well. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Easy

Bujang was quite upset when he saw me packing for my weekend in Penang. He sat with me and circled around the bag that I was bringing. I told him that I was going for a short break and would be back on Monday. But I thought it best to tell Fern as well in case he looks for me and gets upset. 

Fern:I talked to Bujang. He was quite nervous for a while when I was communicating. Thus I asked him to help Mummy look after everything in the house while Mummy's away, make sure things are ok, so that when Mummy comes back she'll be very happy and give him more treats that he likes. He became more calm and more relaxed and focused. I reassure him that Mummy comes back soon so no worries. 

Fern's recommendation:
I recommend as soon as you step back in the house, get the treats ready in your handbag and give him right away when he comes over and greets you. That's the image I sent to him while communicating.

The kitties last night were looking very well. 

Monday, June 06, 2016


                     I am 
     I would like another breakfast
             We are cats San
We don't need to fast. But we hope 
YOU have a good Ramadan. We wish everyone who is celebrating Ramadan have a good month. 
But we are cats and we would appreciate a second breakfast. 

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hopeful Sunday

We are pleased to share some hopeful news about Rezki. This morning one of the hairdressers at the place I go to said she wanted to adopt him. YAY!!!

I had asked them last week but she said she would have to ask her mother and her husband first. They both said yes as they used to have a black cat as well who died of old age. 

I am very hopeful as they did not abandoned their old cat and had brought him with them when they moved house. She lives on the 7th floor but her house has grills and she would also mesh. 

I said  Rezki can go for a month trial when I get back from a short break in Penang  and all is settled.  I hope this materializes for Rez. 

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Meanwhile Ms Monday

Ms Monday was feeling poorly and so she was transferred to another boarding situation to recuperate. She had antibiotics and meds for sneezing. Here she was trying to persuade someone to bring her home. We were very happy that the boarder told us someone was actually interested in her but as their situation was not yet stable, the boarder said they should wait a little until their own cat calms down a bit. We think she should be able to be rehomed quite quickly. However if her last place is not suitable for her, we might just board her here.