Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Mood

Today we thought it would be nice to hear what he has to say to Fern about his behaviour. 

Rezki: He gave me a lot of curiosity and a lot of energy level that he loves to be all over the place. When I asked him not to attack Bujang or frighten Tanaka and do not go too near to the girls, he said that's really boring. He said he wanna play and run around, but he didn't know why they all were very quiet and they have no activity! I explained to him that they just wanted to relax and have some rest. However, I praised him that he's was a very good boy that when Grandma called, he went to be near her. He said grandma is kind, he likes her (energy feeling very warm from your mum to Rezki).  

Rezki said when he's excited and in a playful mode, he also meows. He didn't understand why people don't like meowing. I told him like what you suggested about licking lips or yawning when he gets stressed or uncertain, he said he didn't know about that. So I asked him to practice doing it.
       Rez with grandma


Margot said...

Such a cute kitty!

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

Oh Rezki. I know you just want to play. You have the loveliest big eyes!

Kari said...

Rezki, we're so glad you talked to Fern. Your heart is so full of joy having a home, safety, food and people to love you that you just want to play and play. You are such a beautiful boy and those beautiful , luminous eyes never fail to captivate us.
Mum here. I strongly believe in bond of energy . I have seen it once before between my late mother and late cat Jett. It's not just lliking each other or friendship, but something more. I can't describe it well at all but it was special years for them both.