Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tanaka on Thursday

I am glad that today Tanaka was much more himself. He had a full breakfast and ate every little morsels of chicken. This afternoon,  He seemed a little tired to be sure but he chased Akira into the kitchen and he ate more of his wet food as well as his dry. He was a little warm, in the afternoon but that was because he was sitting in his cat seat near the window and therefore had had some sun. I had made an appointment with the vet for tomorrow and if he is still not eating his full meals, we will have to see the vet. I had scheduled him for an X-ray as he may have eaten some things at Hari Raya as many guests came to the house wearing bling and what not and may have dropped many things which he may have picked up and eaten. He may also be dehydrated and if so the vet will take care of the fluids.  I had given him some of Bujang's Tummy Relief flower essence so his stomach feels better and have given him more fluids using a syringe. He seemed more cheerful at night and we went for a short walk. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just Because

Yesturday I had a slight fever in the early evening but san wiped me down wif a cold towel and we stayed together in the bedroom wif the aircon on. san also darkened the room as she said I needed to rest. Later I felt better and went out into the living room to see more guests. I did not play or disturb my sisfur so san suspected that I was not well. Later my temperature was worse and my ears and paws were a little hotter. So I was on timeout and had to rest in the now cool bedroom. After that my temperature was as normal and I could play with my bruffer before we settled down to bed. san finks I had done my job as host on Hari Raya too well and had been much too active with all the guests. She said today I should rest more and have more timeouts if guests should turn up. I fink I will do as she says.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Report

The morning of Hari Raya, which was yesterday, I helped san with our new carpet that her sister brought from Kabul. San was wandring if it was going to be too warm for our guests but I showed san that it was very comfortable to lie on.
Tanaka agreed with me although I did not allow him on my carpet. he had to sit on the red rug.
My sister Akira helped san with the bedlinen. Our new quilt had white flowers and leaves. Grandma said it was very pretty and Akira agreed.
Tanaka was all ready to be a good host, and I must say he did his best. He talked to the guests and allowed them to touch him and admire him. I told him he had to eat as much grass as possible so he would have a lot of energy, which he did. He also wore his Celebration collar. san makes us wear these but only on the first day of Hari Raya and she takes them out when she cannot supervise us. Today we are wearing our old cloth collars as san is at work.
 Both of us worked very hard and we took turns to entertain the guests. But sometimes both of us had to take time-outs and the guests know that if we are not in the living room they have to leave us alone to rest. They did this very well indeed.
At the end of the day, I was very tired but I was glad we all did our part to welcome our guests. Akira is only in the bedroom pictures as she was out only in the morning before the guests appeared. I know she is afraid of noise and people so she stayed in her room and came out only at 8 pm. I am glad there would be no more frightening guests today as it is a work day here. PHEW!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week we had more indoor time than outdoors. The days were hotter than usual and so we napped more. The good thing was our air-con was working so the nights were cooler. The bottom pic showing Tanaka is an old picture that I found when I was cleaning up the photo albums. He looked as mischievous as he is now. 
Hrumphh! I must say I was not pleased with how this week has gone. San came back from work late all the time and when she came home, my sisfur Akira wanted to be out. I offur course then had to be inside her room. But the one good thing about this was san always tried to be with me for some time and we do spend time together in her room, listening to the radio, reading or just hanging out. But I really want to be in my sisfur's room less. San says all week that in that case I should stop chasing her. But I haven't been able to do that! She is too easy! (shhhhhh)
I was out along the corridor once this week. Nowadays I don't much like being out in the corridor as there is a lot of noise. After the incident with the Aircon I prefer hiding under beds as that would be much safer. I noticed that san closes grandma's door when I am out in the living room and now she has put bricks under the washing machine. But at least now she has put a thicker blanket in the bottom cage ( the cage used to belong to Megat) and I can hide under there. San is always surprised that I hide under there when I am out in the living room where she thinks I should be walking about and sitting with family. She thinks I am too much by myself already but I can't help it. Tanaka has sometimes been out with me together this week but san has to put him in his harness as he wants to chase me about. I really hate this and wonder why he does it to me. 
I have not been downstairs much this Ramadan. San has brought me out only along the corridor at night but it's too boring there. Most times I make a half-hearted attempt and would come back home in 15 minutes or so. But yesterday san brought me downstairs for two whole hours. We went out about 7 am which was very early for a walk. I had a good time walking and no one disturbed me at all. The only time was when the cleaner came to sweep some paper off the grass and to clean the drains of litter. But he saw us and wished us good morning so I knew he was not so scary and I came out of the carrier after about a minute or so. I hope to be out later tonight as I know san and Tanaka would be busy the whole of today as it is the last day of Ramadan and tomorrow is Hari Raya and the house must be ready for visitors. 
This is the collage that our friend and animal communicator Fern did for us this morning to wish us a Happy Hari Raya. We are so pleased with it and so it is here in outer blog. We also thought we would share what Bujang said. 
Fern: He was relaxed and must have just woke up and going to have his breakfast. He felt light and happy. He said everything was fine. He knew something fun and exciting is coming up. So he's getting ready for it. 

Friday, July 25, 2014


I thought today I should show you what a relaxed attitude is like it being TGIF. I was sitting wif san yesterday and we were just hanging out. I fink from tomorrow onward we would be furry busy and there would be no time to stare or nap even. Hari Raya is on Monday, the end of Ramadhan. So san would be busy cleaning up the house and I will be helping her wif the job.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cats against yellow wall

I was cleaning up some pictures and saw these and I was glad.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just Because

We read with great horror about Sierra getting catnapped at Just Cats . She is now safely back with her family. It reminded us of the time when Bujang was only about one year old (he is now 11) and I had left him outside our flat. He was tied up at the gate with his leash and I was watching him from inside the house. Then I saw a woman coming towards him, bending down and trying to release him from his leash. I immediately yelled at her "Hey, That's my cat!". She said that Bujang looked so much like her cat that she thought he was hers! I repeated that Bujang was my cat and tod her to go find her cat somewhere else. From that day, I have never let him alone outside and even if I tie him to a long leash so he could walk about by himself, I am always at the door watching!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Don't Come Back!

Last Saturday, we had to overhaul our air-conditioning unit for the whole flat. The repairmen made a lot of noise and there was much chaos in the house. The only kitty who enjoyed the whole experience was Tanaka who watched everything and everyone and who later slept through the whole ordeal of noise as he was safely in Akira's night cage. It was not such a pleasant experience for a retiring kitty like Akira and she did not eat her dinner later that night. The next day, Sunday, she asked to be out early but spent much of the day hiding under grandma's bed and under the washing machine. She meowed the whole day but refused to sit with me or anyone else. She was really upset. So I had to get Fern to tell her not to sit under the bed and that sitting under the washing machine was dangerous.

Fern: I told her what you told me and sent Reiki to her. She was screaming (in her head) saying she didn't like anything like that in her room. She said "don't come in my room again (to the workers)". So I told her the work is done and they won't come back. She was calm in the end.

And later that Sunday night, she began to walk about the house, her usual self. Yesterday she was calm and of course 'groomed' as usual but she did not go hiding under beds or the washing machine. PHEW!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

We are glad to be able to bring you new pictures eventhough I did not bring out the camera very much this week. Ms Akira has been quite relaxed as she was eager to get out of her room as soon as I get home from work. She does not even have to meow. These days she would just sit near the gate and I would let her out. She does this only with me though and would not go out if Cousin R asks her. Bujang went to the osteopath Adrian yesterday. He was very good with Adrian and allowed Adrian to manipulate his hips a little. Tanaka on the other hand had quite exciting times watching repairmen in the house but we have had to put him in the night cage so he won't try to tell them what to do. Here, he can see them and so won't be too anxious. 
This is because Tanaka is only afraid of san as he knows she would put him on timeout if she catches him trying to disturb me. But I am glad to report that he did not disturb me as much this week but I know he would chase me if he could. 
This was me resting yesterday after I got home from seeing my osteopath. It was not too bad although I don't see why I needed to go again. I told my friend Fern (our friend who is the animal communicator and who gives the amigos their weekly Reiki sessions) that I do not need to go but she said it would be good to see if my spine is still ok or it needed an adjustment. She also said I must be quiet in the taxi (which he was) and that I must allow Adrian to help me without biting or scratching him. Since I know san will make me go anyway I decided to do as she said. 

san: Adrian found that his middle spine was a little stiff again but after some manipulations and massage, it was much more relaxed. He also allowed Adrian to manipulate his hips a little but only one side at a time and not both sides at once. When Adrian tried to massage both sides at once, he took one look at his face and turned around to show what he wanted Adrian to do. He did not meow nor did he bite and scratch. This was good as I did not bring him to the vet to cut his nails. He still has sensitive paws and does not allow anyone to touch them. Adrian also tried to massage his hind legs as well which did not go as well.  He said that he had seen a lot of cats in his practice with arthritis in the legs but with massage, we should be able to help Bujang. He does not have any yet but prevention is always better. Apart from this Adrian said his energy is very strong and well-balanced :))
                   My selfie while I was waiting for Adrian.
I was quite tired yesterday after the air-con repairmen went. I spent almost 2 hours just watching them. I do not know why san did not want me to help the repairmen as it looked very exciting. I could show them their tools and tell them if they were doing the right thing. I could also watch out if one of them should fall off the building as I noticed the window to the outside was open. San told me later that the repairmen had to instal a new compressor for us and it had to be outside of our bedroom. San never opens this window for us at all and we had never seen the outside with it open. san can sometimes be such a spoil-sport but I was glad we were cooler at night though. We had spent two weeks being much too warm at bedtime. 

Friday, July 18, 2014


Here I am looking at the world and wondering if I am brave enough to venture out in it. Eventhough it is TGIF we are also sad for the people who died when their plane was shot down by rebels in the Ukraine. Maybe I will just stay in today. It might be the safer option.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thots

I am glad to be seeing you again. I thought san would not have time so I sat in front of her and insisted she took my picture. San has been busy with exams after school and countless meetings. She has been tardy in taking me out for my walks as well. I hope she means it when she said that next week would be better for walks and such but she knows I will be keeping a keen eye on her!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Mood

ps Bujang was actually uncertain of the black umbrella and was contented to sit here with me appreciating it from afar :))

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This Sunday we thought we should just have pictures that've taken today as san did not take many pictures this week. The day was hot and humid and everything just stood still.
Bujang had a very good nap on grandma's bed. We think he dreams of stars when he is here. 
Akira spent the morning in the living room and she slept here intermittently. But she did not really get a good rest as there were many things going on.
Tanaka has mastered the art of avoiding the camera. It takes nothing short of a good chin scritching to encourage him. In this picture , he decided he needed more than that :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Easy

Not for me! Isn't it time for food yet?

Friday, July 11, 2014


 I am preparing for shenanigans. I have great plans for Bujang and Akira...
 but  maybe a nap now would be better...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just Because

Our post today is rather late. San had exams and the she wanted to catch up with her sister who is here on a short visit. I told san that she has to post something today so she took my picture. Here, I was trying to persuade her that it was time for dinner. It usually works quite well. 

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday Thotz

I must say that I have taken a liking to sitting here as it gives me a good view of the outside from inside. I didn't think I would like the hammock so much last year and I didn't even give it a passing glance. Nowadays I sit here sometimes.The furniture along this wall belong to us - the grey sofa belongs to Tanaka in the day but Akira sits on it at night. san actually bought it for me last year but I sat on it only once or twice. The wicker cat seat belonged to my Rainbow Brother Totoro but now it belongs to Tanaka and the red sofa is mine. I sometimes allow the beans to sit on it but I sometimes race them for it. Once that happens, they know they should NOT sit on it at all. I have strict rules for sharing my stuff.
You can see how much I like this hammock. Here I am trying to put a claim on it as Tanaka likes sitting here as well.
Its also good for an afternoon nap...zzzz

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This had been a frantic week for us as the school term has just begun. San had to attend many meetings and that was why we didn't get to walk outside for many days and therefore we did not have many outside pictures. We spent a lot of time napping as there was little to do when san was not home. 
San and I took a selfie yesterday. This was taken in the afturnoon. I always sit wif san when she is in bed reading in the afturnoon. We have quiet chats where she tells me how much she loves me and that I could love my sisfur as well. Yesterday there were some shenanigans and my sisfur screamed. I got timeout but it was worth it. Ha!
I do not know why Tanaka likes chasing me. Yesterday when san left us alone, he came to sniff at me but I screamed at him loudly. You can see from our collage that I was the only one with many things to say. But later things calmed down as san put Tanaka on timeout. He is eight years old. Surely he is old enough to know better. But I still wonder why he is so obsessed! 
Here I was helping san to see which of her clothes were good enough to be given away to charity. She gave away many that still had price tags on them. I don't know why she bought them if she was not going to wear them! Tomorrow is Youth Day and a school holiday. Some university students are collecting clothes and books that they can sell later to benefit 2 organizations who need funding. San has been giving away a lot of her stuff last month. I  was helping cos I wanted to make certain that she gave ONLY her stuff away and not ours! She used to give carloads of our stuff away but san said they were going to shelters so I guess that was okay. But now we do not have much stuff and I do not think she should continue to give away OUR stuff. I always help her to do these things. 
Last night san and I went for a short walk along our corridor. The picture was a little hazy as san did not bring her glasses with her. Although  it was a short walk I was very pleased. The corridor is brighter at night than the daytime. It's true that Singapore looks like a jewel at night as the Council makes sure that all housing estates are brightly lit between 7 pm to 7 am every day. 
                                             Have a good Sunday everyone!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Saturday Easy

We hope you guys get to do a lot of napping as well. 

Friday, July 04, 2014


 I'm warning you Rocket Tanaka! Leave me be. Its Friday,
 TGIF! What can I do today? Whatwhatwhat?
 Already Friday? Where did the days go...
         TGIF... tgif...zzz