Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walking outside

Bujang likes going downstairs to walk on the grass and chase pigeons. He always stops short of catching them
 He walks up to them nonchalantly...
 and he likes to watch them fly off. The pigeons oblige all the time :)
Tanaka does not like walking on grass. Nor does he like wide open spaces. The corridor is his favourite and whenever I show him the purple harness, he would race to the door and wait. Then after he has the harness on, he waits for me to put him outside for his walk :)
Totoro dislikes being outside and the last time that I had tried with him (last month), he tried to get into the house desperately. Although he told Fern (the aniamal communicator) that he would like to walk with me by his side, I think it will take some time yet.
Ultimately san...why don't you just bring me out everyday? I can take it!!

The only kitty who does not know how to use the harness is Megat. Ms Akira has her own colourful harness but she is an indoor cat at heart and does not walk outside at all.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday at the vet

 Tanaka thinking about taking a walk outside of the vet's...he decided against it!
Asleep at home after his vet visit...

I decided to take Tanaka to the vet for a check-up. He has stopped peeing in front of my closet but decided last week, to pee at the side! So I thought before I do anything else, I should see if there is anything physically wrong with him. Who knows? He might have stones in his bladder or his urethra  or even an inflamed bladder! Of course he also pees in his litter as well so it is a puzzling situation all round.

Thankfully, his bladder was not swollen and it was empty when we did the x-ray. The vet gave him some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory just in case. We were also advised not to use ordinary soap but instead to get one that uses enzymes as that has no ammonia in it. We also got a Felliway diffuser to spray on the places that he had peed on. I hope the pheromones work for the little guy. 

I have to monitor his habits for about 2 weeks. Let's hope its good news by then :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

Today is the last day of Ramadan! Tomorrow is Hari Raya. There will be many guests. But as its only once a year that my house will be full of people, I do not mind so much. I think I will just chill out in san's bedroom. THAT is usually the safest place for all of us. We want to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya  and eat up on those goodies...but not too much :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


 In any position,
 I am relaxed ... on Friday....
HUH? What do you mean we will have guests? When? Why? Oh dear...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cats in hiding

 In hiding? No san. We are just chillin'
 Bujang is chllin' and still taking care offur our house... Bujang looks like a lil fish san..haha
 This is me chillin'. Actually I just like bags. They're fun to get in and out from...
 Megat is chillin' here cos its dark and away from effuryone. He needs lotsa rest.
I fink my bruffer Toro is hid...I mean chillin' cos he does not like noise and repairmen...
san only knew where he was when she saw his little feet sticking out from behind the mirror..hahaha
I fink I we are furry good at hidi...I mean chillin!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Cat's Work is NEVER Done!

As the hunter that I am and because san said I need to help her take care of the house, I keep my ears and eyes open all the time. You don't know who might be walking past our house. I also keep an eye on the plants - as a bonus :)
I am serious at my job, Even when I am inside the house and in my own hammock, I still try to keep an eye and both ears out for introoders! I am a serious mancat with an impawtant job.
except when I'm napping..shhhhh....

Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Because

I am just adventurous...not naughty.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Usual Suspects on Saturday

Toro is doing very well after the first day of the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. He is urinating easily and there is no longer blood in the urine. We are all pleased. He is now taking the Kidney Activator and Azodyl 2 times a day as well. He is also behaving well with Ms Akira and does not chase her like before. But he is so driven with looking at her that he would not allow her out of his sight. This of course made her very nervous. We (Fern and myself) are trying to  get him to relax a bit so Ms Akira would not be so scared. Tomorrow though Toro will get a shave as it is very hot here and he gets bothered by all that fur.
Megat is also behaving well with the Reiki. He is much calmer and has not scared Toro for some time now. He sometimes forgets of course and I have to remind him. He is getting on at 16 and sometimes miss landing on the table, where his water bowl is. But we put the table closer to the couch so these episodes are less frequent. He has other places where he could drink water (we have 2 water fountains on the floor) but he likes drinking on the table and so we have kept it there as well.
Our adventurer Tanaka has been walking and of course eating the leaves off grandma's plants. I am trying to get him interested in walking downstairs where it is more interesting than the corridor but it may not come to anything as he is still afraid of walking on grass but he eats grass quite enthusiastically :) He has stopped peeing infront of the closet and behaved very well with Ms Akira, not looking at her or disturbing her at all. Of course he gets food rewards and walkies for behaving well. As he could not longer chase Megat or Ms Akira, he has been trying to make friends with Toro :) and I think the going is good although slow. The both of them have been spotted sitting close together at the door several times, without Toro slapping him and Toro and he have been chasing each other for fun. I am so pleased with this new adventure he is having :).
Bujang is now calmer and more relaxed. I brought him downstairs 2 mornings in a row as we had 2 days off last week. After the morning walk, he did not ask for evening walks and eats his dinner quite happily. Then he spends most the day asleep and does not make demands to be outside with Ms Akira at night! I do not know if its the result of the morning walks but its a pity I can't walk him in the mornings at weekdays!
The clomicalm is not working as well with Ms Akira with her fur as her hind feet are just as bare as before. What is good is that she has not bitten through her skin. She is very relaxed at night and would lie in the middle of the living room which she had not done before. She is also undergoing Reiki and I think we may continue to do this for a few more months to se eif she gets calmer.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Toro and the vet

 What? I dun wan to go!

Yesterday I came home to some very distressing news that Toro had blood in his urine and he was going in and out of his litter. It was already 4 o'clock and I was afraid I may not get an appointment for him. True to my fears, his vet Dr L was booked but fortunately Dr Lee was able to see him at 5.30pm. I bundled him straight into the carrier and we went straight to the hospital. This would be the 4th time that he has this problem. I was afraid that he would be hospitalised to flush his system of whatever ails him or he would need to have the catheter in again or worse, he would have to undergo major surgery! I actually called Fern in the taxi as he was wailing and yelling and asked her to tell him that we would try to make him feel better. 

We saw Dr Lee at 4.30 and she said that if his bladder was swollen she would need to put the catheter. Oh dear!! If not, we could go home with antibiotics and something to make his urethra less irirtated. Then she went to see about the xray and blood test. Toro was very calm and sat quietly. Dr Lee told him he was a very good boy and he behaved very well.

By this time, Fern came in to speak with him as she was at the vet with her  dogs. I was grateful for the help and support as well :) Dr Lee finally came in with his xrays and I was glad to know that his bladder is small and so there was no need for the catheter. WHEW! So she said pending the blood test, we would be good to go. His blood test was also a case for joy :)

This is the best test that he has gotten ever since he was diagnosed with renal failure! Dr Lee told us to keep the thrice a week sub q as it was working very well. (sorry Toro).
ALl this fuss!

We were given marbocyl, serrazyme and one microlax enema because he was backed up! Poor thing Totoro! But at least I got to bring him home and after the enema, he was quite relaxed. I need to monitor him for his urine. I hope the pills will help.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I hear it but I don't believe it...

I don't think they like me here. I know they said they love me BUT I don't believe it!

This is our final instalment of our experience with the animal whisperer Fern. When she spoke to Megat, she said that he was not as open as the rest. He was a real skeptic and quite suspicious of everyone. :( I asked Fern to ask him about his life before he lived in the carpark. He said he used to live in a house but there was a scary man who tried to beat him with a long pole. The man lived in the house as well and so he tried to hide. I think that was when he began to live in the dark carpark and had to fend for himself. He had a hard life there as he was skinny and sick ad many people were afraid of him. He was also dirty from the oil and dirt. I only knew he was in the carpark when I heard loud wailings and saw a small black cat in the evenings when I used to feed Minah and FatBoy( both now deceased).

It took me many months to gain his trust and one day, he decided to follow me home. I sent him to the vet where he had 3 canines extracted, his ears tipped and his blood test taken. He had FIV and  a bad temper. During these 5 years, he had survived kidney failure, liver issues and lymphoma. :) I suppose he needed to be a tough cat to survive everything.
Megat at 16 years enjoying the breeze.

Fern told him that all the cats are his friends and we all love him. He should also try to give us a chance. Megat said that he will try to believe that (but he doesn't truly believe it). He said he did not like so many cats in the hous as I have to pay attention to them all. He thinks I should only pay attention to him. Fern told me that Megat is not jealous but he is possessive of me.

I told Fen that this was true as Megat would always appear when Toro or Tanaka asks for attetion and he would bulldoze his way as well. He had been slapped for that once or twice by Toro and even Bujang. I know he is afraid of Bujang as he would get off anything or any space that Bujang wants. "I respect Bujang only," he said.

During the week that Fern was here, Megat had been misbehaving and slapping all the boys around, even Bujang. He shouted and yelled at sub Q sessions. He spewed out his asthma meds and batted all ofour hands away when we tried to pet him. So I thought then that I needed to get him other types of help to reduce his stress levels.

He told Fern that he slapped the boys because they 'irritate' him. He felt like slapping them and so he did! I asked Fern to ask him why he had quarrelled with Ms Akira three years ago that made her hide and he said she just irritated him and so he jumped on her from the table (she was walking) and fought with her! Ms Akira told us that she was minding her own business and he jumped at her from the table (she showed Fern a step that led to a table as well).

So now Megat is undergoing Reiki and he is doing very well with it. He has stopped slapping Toro, he has not butted in when Toro asks for attention, he has not confronted Bujang as well. He is now a more quiet kitty. He has a few more weeks to go though with Reiki.
Megat even asked Fern if he could go out for a walk, as he heard Bujang talking about it. Fern told him that he needed to wear the harness if wants to do something like that.

Megat: I would look stupid!
Fern: That is the only way you can go out.
Megat: It looks stupid. I am not a dog!
Fern: That is the deal. Maybe you can try it out first.
Megat: I would look stupid. But ok. I will see first.

I bought him a harness and he has been trying it out 5 minutes a day. But he has yet to walk around the house with it. I think it will be for some time yet before I can even attach the leash to the harness.

But we are trying.

Just a note: Last Thursday 19/7, Fern, an animal communicator came to my house to talk to my cats. I was concerned that Ms Akira's over -grooming and Megat's aggression to the other cats were making everyone a trifle stressed. It was an eye-opening experinece and now Ms akira and Megat are undergoing Reiki to balance their systems. We have been having some good results but those updates will be later, after I have posted the animal talk of all the 5 cats :) This is our last interview.