Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I can say this one fing...I am glad I am not a furry long-haired kitty like Toro. Imagine having to have a haircut! I would not enjoy that at all! Posted by Picasa

Final Cut

This is me on a very bad hair day...

This is what he looks like sometimes from a very bad angle. His fur is just too long for an equitorial climate.

On a good well-brushed day...

Almost always he looks like this as I brush him every night and day (when he comes to seek me out). He knows the signal is one brush tap on the floor in front of me. :)

On an average crumpled day...

Sometimes in the morning, before he arranges himself or finishes grooming, his fur would look like this. He has had some very crumpled days (and so have I) :)

On a new day...all neat and tidy...trimmed not shaved :)

I have asked the groomer to give him an all round 1/2 inch hairdo with a closely-trimmed rear. He looks nice like this, cool and comfortable. It took the grooemr 1.5 hours to complete this. Toro scratched him 4 times when the groomer brushed his stomach area. I told the grooer that he doesn't like anyone to brush him there and cats are sensitive there anyway. I reminded him NOT to cut off Toro's whiskers when he is trimming the ruff.

Toro sat good-naturedly throughout (except for the 4 times when he scratched the groomer). He was very interested in all that was happening to him and sometimes looked at the groomer's face as though asking him his business :)

After all that hair cut off, I can see that Toro is not a thin cat but he is not a fat cat either. I think he just needs to maintain his weight.

I can't get any pics of his face because he refused to look at me the whole time. Maybe tomorrow. All in all, I am quite pleased with the cut. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I wonder what will happen at the groomer tomorrow. I hope san remembers to tell them not to shave me as I like some fur on myself. She told me it would just be alittle shorter as the days are hot. Hmmmm...I will have to watch san closely. Posted by Picasa

Vigilance is the key

Toro showing me I can depend on him to save us...

Toro decided, after my post on what a great inspector he was, to get on the computer table and sit on his favourite perch. After showing me his various poses of vigilance, he decided to take a nap like the rest of the amigos..hahaha Posted by Picasa

What can a cat do?

Sleep is the only answer on quiet Tuesday afternoon...

I am glad to say that there were no firecrackers last night. Last year, the amigos were quite frightened when firecrackers went off intermittently. We had a very quiet morning on the 2nd day of CNY. This is quite strange as usually we would get children racing along the corridor on CNY days.

All he boys, except Toro are sleeping. Toro is walking all over the house, inspecting it in minute detail. He would sometimes sit at his usual place, come to see me at the computer or sit near the grills to get the breeze:). He is a very busy kitty.

Okay get it over with please

Tanaka resting on the cat perch and letting me take his picture with good humour...He is a good subject and would always stay still when I take his picture (when he can)...

His right eye is smaller than his left :)

Ok enough of that! You are so rude this morning san... Posted by Picasa

Of Friends and Enemies

The 2 adversaries plotting strategies...

This goes on everyday in the amigos house. Grandma has to avert hisses and snarls everyday and she has resorted to closing the door on Tanaka everytime Ms Akira is in her room. This is not the best solution and it would be better to retrain Tanaka to ignore ms Akira but it takes consistent re-training and since work does not permit me to retrain them consistently, we have to resort to this.

Sometimes when Tanaka is asleep we open the door so Ms Akira can get a full view of the house from her perch. She likes this alot as she gets to see the house from on top of her safe place. Although these days, this safe place has been used by Tanaka more than once when she was in the kitchen resting on the fridge.

She does not protest to his scent on her mat though and so I guess she allows him to sit there when she does not use it:) Posted by Picasa


Bujang sitting on the cat seat that was meant for him...finally....

Last night I saw Bujang sitting in this cat seat. When I had it made last year, I thought of him and his ever-growing girth and thought that he would be more comfortable if I can get a bigger seat for him. There is nothing here that I can actually buy that would allow him comfort since the rest of the seats were small, fir only for someone like Ms Akira or Megat.

He slept in the seat for the whole night too so I know he was not afrid of it anymore as I had found a way to place the seat so it would not shake too much. Bujang is a scaredy-cat at heart :)

Silly san and her Tuesday tale

Don't listen to san this morning. She is furry crazy and she posted a silly story about us..hrumph......

Cousin R says that Tanaka's eyes are not of the same size and indeed she is right. His right eye is smaller than his left :) It does not seem obvious in this pic but in some others it shows clearly. I have to see which ones first and post it here.Posted by Picasa

A Very Short Tale

Once a great hunter decided to hunt for his tribe..."What's that?" he said. "Come here Totoro, my 2nd-in-command. Tell me what you see."

And then there were 2 hunters, looking at winged meat on 2 legs. "They're what is called pigeons. I had heard that they are good to eat...if we can only catch them." The 2nd-in-command liked nothing better than to sit and dream of soft breezes and was not all that eager to be jumping across winds to catch flying birds. "We could fall into the great abyss," he thought.

Out of nowhere a third hunter appeared like a great spirit. He was gold and his fur shimmered in the sun(of san's camera). He too stared at the feathered creatures but he knew they would never be able to get them. The feathered birds were like dreams on clouds and they would never be able to cross the great abyss. He knew because err...he was wise beyond his years...

So he told his furred brothers, "Bruffers, let me give you some advice. I am the great sun spirit (see my golden fur) and I was sent here to tell you that if we catch them, we will never be able to dream these wonderful dreams again when we look across the great abyss. Surely you would like to see the feathered creatures rather than those monster things on wheels that never seem to go anywhere..." His bruffers agreed as they knew he was a great spirit (since he told them) and it would be better to believe great spirits. Who knows what may happen if they decided to push him into the abyss. (They are very wise bruffers too ) Posted by Picasa

and so the pigeon-hunters spent their time...

just looking wistfully at the lovely fat pigeons...

that were hanging out on someone's parapet...

and thinking about juicy pigeon pies that they will never have...c'est la vie..

The End Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello and goodnight

Toro wishing me good morning on CNY day...

I took this pic of Toro this morning when he was looking at a bright CNY morning. Then I remembered he has an appointment with the groomer this Wednesday. He looks really nice in this picture but I think since the days are getting hotter, it would be better for him to have shorter hair, less floofy :) I am only glad he has taken a shine to me brushing his hair everyday for him. I dread to think of the tangles that his fur might get up to if he refuses to allow me to do this. But he is very patient with me and loves to get his head brushed :)

Its too scary

Toro spent the whole afternoon being scared of all the noise from our neighbours CNY guests. The laughter and loud voices were not what the amigos were used to as we live in a quiet floor. The boys spent the day with their ears glued to the door.
Then at about 6, there was a loud crash of cymbals and loud gongs from downstairs. Toro was so scared that he ran all about the house looking for aplace to hide. It was unfortunate that I had locked up tanka in my bedroom as he was eager to help me clear the store room and grandma's room was shut to allow Ms Akira some rest. So he ran all the way to the kitchen and hid behind the dryer. After some time, I had to go rescue him and he scooted out and promptly ran to hide in my bedroom.
By this time, it was time for dinner but none of them (except the intrepid Tanaka and Ms Akira) had the energy to eat. I think they were all rattled from the noise. I had to put Megat in the computer room with his food and he spent the time there in the dark. Bujang ate after some persuasion but Toro refused to eat anything. I was not too anxious as I know he would ask for food when he was hungry (which he did at about 8).
All the boys are now safe in their sleeping quarters and only Ms Akira is out running about the house. I think there might be afew firecrackers tonight but nothing so scary as the cymbals and as they are all in their safe places, I think everyone will be alright :) Posted by Picasa

Toesty Monday

Hmmm...this is not san's usual post..we have never had toesty monday before...

I wonder why san is taking pikshurs offur my toes...

Its too much of a mystery...

I hope she has finished with my toes...they're all pink in colour...maybe I can get some sleep now...

for #1, Tama-chan and tom :)) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goodnight Sunday


I just had email from someone who wanted to adopt Tanaka. I had posted his adoption on 17th Dec 2007. Tanaka would be quite flabbergasted if he knew this. Anyway there is not much chance that I would give him up for adoption anyway but it is still strange to get such mail now.

Happy Chinese New Year

This year we do not have pineapple cookies cos san furrgotted. So she was furry embarrassed to say new year wishes. I told her I would say it fur all offur us cos I am a good kitty and can say these fings well.
san says the year offur the oxen is good but we must all try to work hard fur our money. I dunno what she means cos we dun work and we dunno what it is. We only play and eat and sleep wif san and grandma but we hope this year would be good fur all of us kitties and kitty moms and dads and other moms and dads too.

One of these days...

Tanaka: One offur these days, I will get you...
Ms Akira: Yah Right...
Toro: Will you two stop it?
san: You said it toro! But I don't think it will happen any time soon :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday Outside

Did you hear the news?

No, its not about me looking thin this morning...ahem...

No, its not about Bujang needing me to be wif him all the time outside...

Its about Megat!!! He actually came near the door and took a peek outside. WAH! san was furry surprised and we are furry happy that Megat made it all this way :)) Posted by Picasa

Our New Toy - the Dragonfly

Its here!

Close-up of the comes in 5 colours but my favourite is otange. It does look pretty realistic...

What the whole toy looks like...the wire allows it maximum flexibility and movement...

Even the wings are a blur in flight....

I have been trying to get this toy for ages. The boys love it as much as they love Da Bird. It has pretty realistic wings that move in a blur with every wire movement. Its really cool. I use it to play with Ms akira at night and she loves catching it in mid-air as well as in nooks and corners and she would race all over the house. This gives her a much-needed break to exercise too. :)