Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bujang and the red ants

How long does it take to upload a 26.Mb file on blogger? Too long!

Blogger tells me that I can only upload a max of 100 MB. The first file was just 64. Mb and there were problems. The 2nd file was 36 Mb and the problems were still there. Finally a 26 MB file and it took 24 hours but felt like 3 days!! Of cos the resolution was also compromised and he looked like he was walking in the rain. Its a pity you can't even see the line of angry red ants. I must find out what is wrong that I can't upload a 64 Mb file!! After all that is way smaller than 100 MB.

This was Bujang last Friday. He is taking his evening walks very seriously and is behaving like a cat on a mission. Here he was busily walking until he met an obstacle..a line of red ants. He carefully avoided them but I was not so lucky and a few bit me! OUCH! I was wondering how he figured out these were not friendly and then I remembered that everytime he wanted to put a paw on them, I would stop him and we would take another route. Then when he was very much younger he got bitten by one in the paw! Experience counts for a lot :)


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

i've not tried tis before but whenever i put up a video from Youtube, its rather good. maybe u wanna consider tat?

xiaobai said...

hi san, you may want to try uploading your videos onto google video before embeding it onto your blog. it's quite fast (:

Wei said...

Poor San, got bitten... u ok? swollen or not?

Very smart boy Bujang, u shld just follow him next time k hehehee