Monday, January 05, 2009

No thanks san...

Megat on my bed and telling me he does not want the eprex this evening.

"NO san," he seemed to say.

But I got him anyway and we did the eprex in less than a minute. He got a treat and everyone was happy :))
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Anonymous said...

Megat don't be sad exprex is only once or twice a week. I'm diabetic & get 2 insulin jabs a day. As i am kidney-cat as well, i have Sub-Q twice a week too. So cheer up, Jerri ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry San, this is out of context.
May i have yr advice on Waltham Renal cat food. Hobbes has been on Prescription k/d (only kidney diet food then) since 2003 but for last 2 mths, he has been throwing out now & then. I have changed new bags from k/d distributor. Creat & BUN are within normal range when tested December 08.
I just got 2 bags of Waltham Renal from clinic as WR has been out of stock & will mix in gradually with k/d. Any advice about Waltham Renal? Many thanks.

san said...

The only dry food that megat has been on is Waltham's Renal. He is doing very well on it and he likes eating it (although if given Orijen , he would eat that). He has not vomitted any out and his numbers are what they are because he is on Waltham Renal mostly and I give him only 1 teaspoon of natural balance wet food at dinner.He does not like it if I put any water on the waltham Renal though and would not eat any when its wet. It works very well for megat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks San for prompt response. I can now proceed with gradual addition of WRenal with confidence. Occasional vomitting may be due to hairball, not sure. As creat & BUN are ok, not too worried. Nite ;)