Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Quiet

I just discovered FotoFlexer and did this one for Bujang. Its for free and you can do almost anything with it. I got this frame from a blogger Gunhild & Svenning Hjemmeside. They have very FAT cats called Minus and Felix. So to fill in my time (not kill it) at work while I wait for more, I thought I would fiddle around with FotoFlexer :))

The amigos are getting used to not having grandma in the house and have remained relatively quiet. Toro likes sleeping on grandma's couch, against grandma's cushions :) Bujang is growling and yelling less and less although he does make the necessary trip to grandma's room everyday just in case she is there. I had explained to everyone that grandma is recuperating but I guess they needed to be told everyday.

Grandma misses Bujang most of all and asks after him everyday. He is BOSS after all and she knows he misses her even if he looks like a giant who can take care of himself :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sad Sunday

Eventhough our Sunday here is quiet, it is nevertheless a sad one. Grandma is still in rehab hospital and san tells us she would be there for many many naps yet. Our friend Yuu Chan went to rainbow bridge yesterday because of Leukemia and we share the sadness of his family. After all we are all Chans here in this house. It is certainly a day of sadness all round.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Better

We are glad to report that our pretty kitty is now on the mend. The scabs have fallen off and she looks just as good as before except for the little spot on her nose. I am glad that she no more hangs out at the dumpster and spends her time near her feeding space. People would usually juts give her a liitle pat on her head when they pass by. She tolerates this show of affection quite well.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Because

Is That So?


These days, eversince grandma went to hospital, Toro has been spending more time just lazing about on the couch, frequently talking naps close to me. So almost every evening,I would be circled by 3 kitties, Toro on the couch, Bujang on _his_red couch and Megat on the table :)

I think they all missed having grandma to hang out with. Tanaka seems to be the only one who is quite independent and he would rather just stay by himself with his favourite toy, high up on the top of the cages.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And to all...

a good night...zzzz

All Clear for Toro

Toro sitting pretty for his usual dose of pills...
His test results ...

I brought Toro to the vet today for his overdue review. He was supposed to go last week but we had an emergency at home and so it got delayed. I had made an appointment for this Saturday but decided to go today as I was nervous when he was not playing last night. He sat on the couch and did not even harass Bujang when it was time for bed. Then he just sat quietly in bed. This was very unusual for a self-declared boss of the amigo house.

I was more than relieved when his test came out positive and all his numbers are within the normal indicators, especially his creatinine and BUN. Hurrah for Totoro and us! However, his red blood cells are low as evidenced also by his pale gums and so he has to do the eprex route again and we will have to go back in 2 weeks. Also Dr L said that we can reduce his subq sessions to twice a week, from every alternate day. It was a matter of looking for the right combination. I'm sure Toro would be pleased.

But for now, I am thankful that he is ok.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Promise

I wonder what Sunday will bring? I hope only tuna and naps though...

Easy Peasy Sunday

In our house, Sunday is always slow and quiet. Its the way we like it :) Ms Akira is not in our picture as she likes hanging out by herself in her private quarters.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vigilance is key

I am looking out fur grandma. I hope she is doing well and when she comes home, she will know I have been on guard all the time!

The Elusive Ms

This morning Ms Akira and I spent some quiet time together after I finished housework and before I do school work or go to see grandma. She has been much neglected as grandma is in rehab hospital for therapy. usually she would spend her days with grandma sitting quietly together watching TV :)

The amigos have all been trying to get used to not having grandma with them. the only one who still goes around the house looking for grandma is Bujang. He spends his afternoon either sitting on grandma's couch or grandma's bed. I have placed grandma's blanket out for him so I hope this helps him a little. :)

Grandma is doing very well and has taken the move from CGH to SACH quite well. The inpatients are all very cheery and she sees people with fractures like hers moving about. So I hope that encourages her to do well. Today will be her first day of therapy.

Totoro at home

These days Totoro has become much more affectionate with all of us. I think its because both Cousin R and I have to give him his pills everyday- Cousin R when I am not able to give him his pills one hour before or after his food :) So all that cuddling means he cuddles with us voluntarily much more now which makes both of us very happy :)

Its amazing what a cat cuddle can make you feel.

I will be going to get him his review next week as things have been quite hectic here this week. I hope everything is ok with the little guy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Max

Max in 2005 - a strong cat in his prime...
Max in 2010 -looking like the grand old man that he is now...
Max going for a whole 45-walk, not walk and sitting about (like Bujang), BUT walk only...WOW

Cat_aunty says Max takes to leash walking like a natural and he has been attracting a lot of positive attention in the neighbourhood. He has been excising his escape-artist skills of late so cat_aunty decided that he should go for afternoon walks so none of them would get bitten by mosquitoes!

Of cos he freaks out the other cats! Hahaha. Good ole Max :)

Time Out

We are on time out fur a bit for this blog. Grandma had a fall last Sunday and is now in the big V_E_T hospital, like Toro. So san has to visit her effuryday and cannot blog. I dun have the password to blog fur us...yet. Grandma had an operation on Tuesday as she had a hairline fracture of her femur. san says fur me to spell effurything pro_per-ly. So we all miss grandma, especially my bruffer Bujang, who has been looking fur her effuryday. But I am a strong boy and can take it. I know she will be back next month as she has to go for rehab. I dunno what rehab is but san says its important so grandma can learn how to use her leg again.

san says she may blog sometimes when one offur us has somefing to say. So I need to think carefully about what I want her to write about me. Hmmmm....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Night Sunday

Ikea advert _ WOW

I cant even get Bujang to agree to cut his nails!


Easy Peasy Sunday

san. can we go out this morning? I fink no one is coming today...

Excuse Us

I told san she needs to blog soon or else people would think we are furry lazy! But to tell you the truf san could not find her camera during Hari Raya. It was only yesterday that she finally found it. It was on top of our cages. She had put it there when she changed our curtains for Raya and forgot to take it down. Sorry effuryone.

Sunday walks

Bujang was very glad to be out walking this morning and so was I. We had no more guests and so could spend the morning just hanging out.
The pigeons were out in full force...
So was Bujang. He stalked and walked out and ate grass. Then he sat about under the sun. It was just another Sunday :)


Tanaka was very tired after the day was over. He fell asleep right afterwards :)

Our Hari Raya 2010

Our new collars came a few days before Hari Raya... so the amigos all had their Hari Raya collars on Friday morning before our guests came by...
A nice emerald one for Megat, who spent the day just sitting about...
Toro had a brilliant sapphire to match his eyes and fur. He was very good and was quite relaxed for the whole day. He did not greet any guest but he was calm and did not run about in the room nor did he hide out like last year.
Ms Akira inspected the bathroom closely just in case any guest wanted to use it.
Bujang was not very sociable but spent the day in our room, watching out for any guest who might stray.
But the one who actually did all the work was actually Mr Sociable Tanaka who greeted all our guests politely. He purred his way into their good graces and took photographs with the guests. He was the perfect kitty to have in any situation :)

Our New Scratch Boxes

I got some new boxes for the amigos for Hari Raya as our old ones were much used and bitten...
Tanaka decided that for such an important operation, he needed to keep a very close eye on me...
The old ones well-decorated by Bujang and sometimes Akira...
Bujang inspecting our new boxes...
Thank goodness our boxes passed inspection :)

Just Because

Minah on the Friday morning of Hari Raya...

Community Cat on Hari Raya

Putih before her accident...
On Hari Raya weekend..
She is looking much better. Her sores have dried up and we just have the scabs now. of cos they have marred her looks some. She was a no show a few times at dinner but we have M, who could be counted on to look out for her. She is just a lovable as ever but I look forward to the time when she gets her old looks back. I am not hung up on looks but I think the way a community cat looks would sometimes determine how the residents treat them and because she is such cutie that many people are fond of her in the first place and so she would always be much 'safer' than some some others not as pretty.
Minah is looking just as 'steady'. She comes running and is quite bossy about how soon her food gets into her bowl :)
TK comes at the slightest ring of our keys...He is now a very handsome kitty...
PD came down to eat some dinner, just half a can. He has nor come down for dinner ever since he came back from R's. His temperament is calm and he is now quite afraid of TK. However things are not going on so well where he is as his size is very intimidating and M's neighbour's 3 senior cats get very nervous when he rushes into the house. The neghbour told M that she hopes M would find another solution for PD as her cats sometimes pee because of fear and shock because of PD.

PD resting the evening away. I spoke to his previous owner's daughter about the possibility of taking him back some time ago but we have no answer. I fear his owners would just ignore him and he would remain a stray and the neighbour would be very upset. But for now, he is safe where he is.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Just Because

Yes I am a furry BIG cat...

Just Because

Toro likes sitting here as it is the most comfortable seat in the house, near enough to the window for the breeze and quiet enough for his sensitive side. He is the kitty who needs alone-time everyday and would stay here for the afternoon. He is shaven quite close when he came back from the hospital and I needed to get rid of all the hospital smells so they do not spook the rest of the amigos, although truth be told, they all took it in their stride.

This Hari Raya he would still be quite bald as it is taking his fur quite some time to grow this time. I wonder why this is though as usually it would grow quite fast. The good thing is I do not have to send him to the groomer this time and could just wipe him out with one of the kitty tissues or he could get a dry bath.

I bought him his own teddy bear and put it at this cat seat so he would have it to comfort him the next time he needs to go to the clinic for his review some time this month and ultra sound in 2 months.

Our Award

Thanks cat_aunty for the award :) Giving them the meds is no joke for sure as Megat, Toro and Tanaka would attest. Tanaka, like the picture, is always by their side, more to get the treats than in sympathy :) I dedicate this award to all catmoms who have had to give and are still giving meds to their own furry kids :)

The raspberry is fur san fur making us take all the medicines everyday. We have no rest! We need to be on the lookout fur her all the time! Thank goodness I now have the grey furry thing Toro. If he disappears, I know its time for medicine and I have to make a dash to scramble under the bed myself. Hrummphhh!