Monday, February 28, 2011

SOS Anyone with cat with Type B blood

Please help if you can...

This is an appeal from our visitor - for BCat who needs a blood transfusion of Type B Blood. If you or your cat can help pls give us a call in comment with email or number. Thanks.

May i put up an appeal on yr blog for Type B blood. This morning my BCat pcv was 10%. Out of the 9 cats i brought for testing (broke!!!), only ManCat was B type-rest are A. If anyone has a B blood cat & willing for cat to be a stand-by in case BCat needs more blood later this week, ManCat will donate (if medically fit) in case your cat needs blood in future - ManCat cannot donate in next 3mths. Thank you.

So if anyone can help we would appreciate it.

Surely you DON'T expect the macarena!

Can you see my eyes? I can see YOU san...
Hmmm...6.25 am. There is nothing out there san...

Nuffing! Nuffing to do!

Talk to the tail! I really must protest the morning meds!
I took some pics of the boys before work and they were all just hanging out, each doing his won thing :) I think everyone was waiting for something to happen ...probably the next nap time :)

Finally Fixed

Bujang: I am fixed already!!
san's memory card got corrupted so she could not take any new pikshurs for a long time. We were all happy as we got to r_e_s_t but yesterday she boughted a new one and so she was busy clicking pikshurs but we were just resting on Sunday and she didn't have anything new...hahaha.
san brought this new box for us to rest in but I decided to take charge of decorating the box. I think this is better. It is definitely much easier to rest in. I am BOSS so I know what's what! I am san's great helper :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Community cat in T

She looks very relaxed in the afternoon and only opened one eye when I approached. Then she looked at me lazily and went back to sleep. I can only conclude that she must be well-loved and taken care of well.

Have tail will swipe...

Take that!

Toro is growing more and more confident these days. Yesterday grandma said Megat chased him about but then Megat chaed everyone about it seems. So Megat was feeling fine :) This morning Toro stood firm and did not make way for Megat when Megat wanted to walk back to the living room after breakfast. Since he did not flinch or move away, Megat decided on the wiser choice - walked on~~~~ and ignored him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Megat Update

I am doing well enough...
Megat has not been eating as much as he used to. Cousin R remarked that when we give him his canned food, he seems to eat enthusiastically and then we are left with some leftovers. Of course Megat always makes a point of eating up Toro's leftovers. Toro eats dinner and breakfast away from the rest of the amigos (due to his nervous disposition) and I suppose Megat feels that the food would be so much better there.
Dr L did not give him his usual Rambo meds and I guess that is why he is eating less. He does not eat all of his kibble either but he does eat intermittently during the day. We will be seeing Dr L for his physical in March and I guess we will see then what Dr L says.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It might be working...

Usual suspect #1
Unusual suspect #2

Tonight Toro and Tanaka chased after each other for about 20 minutes non-stop - in and out and in and out of the bedroom to the living room, up the table and from behind walls. Since the only thing that I had given Toro were the meds from petsalive - Kidney Support, UTI Free and Immunity and Liver Support, I have to conclude that they were instrumental in making Toro behave like the kitty he once was.

He has been on the vet meds for about 7 months, been through countless blood tests, one iPTH test and 2 USs and he did not behave like he did tonight. I know I may be jumping the gun and he may not get any better. My hope is that he does not get any worse but I can't help but be glad that he was racing about tonight. Really Glad.

I can only attribute it to the new supplements I had given him.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Because

petsalive for the amigos

The bottles comes bubble wrapped quite tightly but I have to open each one to see what was in it.
UTI for Totoro and PetCalm for Akira.

I put the granules for UTI in Toro's food morning and evening. He eats his food quite willingly even when the granules are quite obvious. I think they are tasteless and odourless. Or maybe his food just smells too strong for the meds. I put the PetCalm in Akira's water bowl and food.
These two bottles are for Totoro and Megat. I decided to give one each to the both of them. I am not giving Megat the Milk Thistle liquid extract as he HATES it and would spit it out every day. He takes the capsules better. I tasted the Kidney Support first as I have to give him 2-3 drops with some water. It doesn't taste bad and I give Toro some papaya or pumpkin immediately after so he does not revolt on me.
This is supposed to be for Akira but I have yet to give her these capsules. I may not be to give them to her at all as she hates eating pills and it would stress her out even more. So I am giving it instead to Megat as his fur is getting thinner and am thinking of giving Toro one too. I would give it to Bujang if I dare but of course I am such a coward when it comes to pilling him :)

I must say that after I gave Toro the Kidney formula I had noticed some change in him. I read from the site that the people who gave their cats the Kidney support were all pleased as their cats had better appetites and appear more lively. This has happened to Toro also. he now eats quite alot of canned food and have been spending the days sprawled across the living room floor. Yesterday I saw him standing his ground when Megat wanted to scare him. Before he would flinch and move away and seeing that Megat would fly at him almost immediately. After he stared calmly at Megat, Megat decided to abandon the idea. So maybe there is some good in these remedies. It is too soon to make a judgement though. I have given him the remedies for about one week only.

As the vets said there was nothing they could do for his oxalate crystals I decided that I should do something about them myself. If I can't help him get rid of it, I can at least make his system much stronger so when he has to fight for his life, he would be able to do so. At least THAT is my hope for the both of them.

A Matter of Habit

Bujang likes drinking from this bowl...
Toro likes it too...

and so do the rest of the boys. I used to have two bowls like this which I use every day. But Megat and Bujang broke one when they were chasing each other and I have this one only. I tried to give them water in other types of bowls but this was not very successful for all. Cousin R has 1 bowl like this and she said she would find it for us.

We were given these bowls as part of a wedding lunch. All the guests had gifts put in these bowls. I don't remember what those gifts were but I am thankful for these. The bowls are shallow and wide so their whiskers do not touch the sides.

I hope Cousin R finds her bowl fast :)

Wild Bunch Sunday

This evening was rather warm. The weather people warned us about heavy showers but we only saw a slight drizzle yesterday. So this evening Her Royal Highness Minah found herself a cool spot among the lilies :)
But her appetite is still good I am glad to say. However, she is looking a little thin.
Putih LOVES the Tuna and Crab meat combo for Aristo Hu (I think of it as Aristo Cat and sometimes I ask for it that way to the confusion of the Pet Store people). So I have decided to give her this as if not she would eat very little. This way, I know she would always appear for dinner.
Aristo Hu Tuna and Crab Meat. Minah and Tiger love this too and so do Bujang and Totoro. Totoro is a surprise as he hates new food. Tanaka likes this but not too much. Tanaka likes a varied diet.
An empty dinner plate is a joy to see :)

A few people have been asking Cousin R why we feed the community cats Aristo Hu and sometimes Fussie Cat canned food and not just buy the cat food from the 7-11. They said that Aristo Hu or even Fussie Cat may be too expensive to buy for community cats. For one thing, I thought if I gave them the same brand, it would be easier for me and so I do not have so many brands in the store room. I think I should give the kitties the same food as I give the amigos as I am confident they won't get sick on it. Of cos Aristo Hu is not a premium brand but the amigos hate those brands and like this. (I also remember the great fiasco with Nutro and I can't help but wonder if that was why Toro has those calcium deposits in his kidneys)

Ms Akira would eat Fussie Cat or Aristo Hu and then she would throw up on them. The only canned food she could eat safely is BURP Salmon and Gravy. Period!

Since the amigos also have kibble to eat for the most part, I do not worry about them. But I think the community cats should eat enough to tide them for the night and if they have something they like and it is not too bad for them (and I can afford to buy it) then I should.

Thanks Nicole for alerting me to the brand. [Pls also see my addition about how my cats Akira fares on the them before you give them to your cats.]

I also buy them Fussie Cat and Putih likes Salmon and Tuna. The amigos only eat Salmon and Tuna also and won't eat anything else. I tried to give them something new, with the pic of a puma on it. But they won't eat it. I tried Fancy Feast. Bujang used to love them but now he doesn't like anything from fancy Feast and none of the other kitties eat Fancy Feast. The amigos eat Natural Balance on occasion and they are all on the Urinary Diet for their kibble.

Our Favourite Tiget

He's confident...
Loves to eat...
Has a good feline profile...
Possesses a regal pose...
Is acrobatic...

He is our favourite Tiger, the new community cat with purrsonality and feline grace. I think FatBoy must be quite like him when he was young. This kitty is about one year old and likes playing with the neighbourhood kids. A few of them have been asking people to adopt Tiger. I myself have been asked several times :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Natural Remedy for UTI

You can hardly see his shaved belly here...

Yes san. As you can see I am drinking from this cat-it...
But here it seems to be the STAR

I am giving him UTI globules from Pet Alive. This is a natural remedy that I got last year from A*** but forgot about with his kidney problems etc. So I am giving it to him again in his water twice a day. The testimonials at the site are quite encouraging and truth be told I am rather desperate not to have him under any kind of surgery if I can help it. I do not know yet how this would help but as it is homeopathy and natural and could be taken with his prescriptions, I thought I should give it a go. I should take my own advice of doing everything the vet says and once having done it, I should do some more. It was very painful to see him having to use the catheter and I am sure it was more painful for him.
On a good note, he was very active today, tyring to beat up Megat (from whom he usually runs) and even Bujang and I saw him lying on his back right smack in the mddle of the living room. he has not done this for a very long time and so maybe there would be good news for my little Totoro too.
I have put it in the bowl of drinking water from which all the boys drink so they have an equal chance of getting a healthy bladder. I think I will try to put some of it in his food and see if he would eat it. Toro has always been very suspicious of anything strange in his food but we will see.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goodnight Sunday

Time for bed...


I am a model of a cat :)

I fink I am naturally thin san. All of them are fatses...
I look like the lion on the savannah...I saw them on the box...

Last Dec I told Dr Loon that Tanaka had me a little worried as he was the thinnest among the amigos. Dr L weighed him and he came to about 4.5 kg. Healthy was the verdict. Maybe I worry too much as the amigos are on the same diet and they are all 5 to 5.4 kg apart from Bujang of course. Tanaka likes to run about and is rather picky at what he eats though. I comfort myself that he is the on the correct weight and he is very active and eats well enough. Maybe he is just thin.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Because

I am waiting for my fur to grow back. Can you see them?

I Just Wanted To Say

Toro: I am going to tell you a secret...
Totoro: I think I look quite fetching in this cape...

Tanaka: No, Toro is not fetching..he is furry funny in that. _I_ am truly the one with the cutie-pie pose!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

One Last Note

Bujang has been up to no good these days. He has been yelling for the last 2 nights. Usually at bedtime, he would just hang out by the window and relax for abit for things to settle but these few nights he has been telling me in no uncertain terms to turn in early:) So instead of reading or even blogging, I think its time to turn in just in case he disturbs the neighbours who has a newborn babe and those babies can really cry!

Just Because

I am looking much wiser this year...

Chinese New Year 2011

The Year of the rabbit came to our house. There were many people going to the neighbours houses and a few even talked to me. I was not afraid cos they were very quiet. Also we have a rabbit in our house too...
We think we will be lucky this year. It seems in Vietnam, they do not have a rabbit year but a cat year :) So in our house we have both rabbits and cats. san was trying to get more good luck but I had to tell her to 'cool' it.
Bujang was the first to watch out for the year of the rabbit.
He didn't see any so I watched with him :) We had a good 3 days of watching the neighbours :)

Let Me Tell You Something...

I do not like taking meds everyday. one listens to me...

I am so bored...

Ok If I look cute will you stop it with the meds?