Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Good night....

Sunday walks

When can we go OUTSIDE? Its only a liitle hot..only a little...

Tanaka and Bujang hanging out....

I'm sitting wif my bruffur san..shhhh...

Tanaka and Bujang on their separate usual interpid Tanaka walked further while friendly Bujang spent some time with our new neighbours...

Maybe san..let me try it ...

No san..its a little scary...I think this is much safer...

Toro finally plucked some courage and joined Bujang, just barely out of the door...

Toro telling me he is has not gotten over his little escapade...

I was a little sorry for Toro who was still a little afraid of the outside. I think he has yet to get over the fact of his escapade where he decided to take a walk and scared the both of us. He had hurt his eye then a little and spent almost 2 days blinking. He sat inside the gate for some time and then after we spoke alittle, he decided he would try to go where Bujang was. He sat there for less than 5 minutes and then he went back into the house and showed me his back. ENOUGH he said.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What can I get you Ms Akira?

No I do not like any of these cans...I do not want to eat any...

The staple in the amigo house...

So many cans and for five kitties....

PL called to say that they do not have any Snappy Tom chicken and tuna 80g in stock. Indeed they might not be able to get it any time soon! I had visions of Ms Akira on a hunger strike. She is one of the most fussy eaters in the house. She also has a very delicate stomach and would throw up at the slightest change!
I had tried to give her almost all the types of cat food on the shelf and she has ignored almost everything but YI tuna and chicken and so that is what I give Her Royal Highness with the Delicate palate!
Tanaka eats almost everything in his plate and on everyone's plate (if no one is looking). I give Megat Natural Balance Tuna and shrimp and that makes him happy. Megat has kidney issues and his usual diet is Waltham Renal RF 32. Everyone in the house likes Waltham Renal too and his food sometimes gets hijacked by the rest.
I give the amigos some wet food every night because it makes them happy and I read it might not be the best thing to feed the kitties on dry food exclusively but for dry food they get Nutro LIGHT. Everyone likes Nutro LIGHT. I give Tanaka Nutro Chicken for kittens although he is bigger than Ms Akira and Megat already. Ms Akira can eat Nutro Chicken without throwing up so that I what I give her.
This may seem like an odd entry and I guess I should have started with the PL assistant who had to key in my cat food order - 20 of these cans X 6 for next week etc. He said "WOW! How many cats do you have?" I do not know if it is strange to buy such quantities of cat food but I should think other people buy cat food in bulk too. I said to him that "I have 5 cats in the hosue and 5 other cats own me." He just blinked and decided it best not to talk to someone who seems to feed an army of cats. :))

Where is Tanaka?

Here I am worries...

Grandma spent some time last night looking for Tanaka. She asked me if I had seen him.

In the sink? NO

On top of the fridge? NO

On the bed? NO

We would sometimes count the kitties, just to see that there are five of them in various states of sleep.

Then grandma said he would turn up sometime and she went to bed. Of course it was then that I saw Tanaka - looking at us from the comfort of his little house! Aiyoh!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mancat Monday

Thank you for all the mancat compliments :) I fink it is becuz san sent me to the V_E_T when I was small ...she said I wuz 6 months. The V_E_T said I should get the operation that wud make me a BIG mancat. I didn't want to but san said it wud be gud fur me. I also got the microchip thing in case I have to travel. I think travel meanz I am going to Saigon like san did some time ago, disappear fur a while. I wuz watchin sum teevee and thot I shud try to write the way the teevee people speak.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I prefer a book thank you

I bought Bujang a soft toy that he could use to sleep on last week but he sniffed at it in disdain and did not sleep on it at all. As a result he decided to sleep on my modem! I figured that if he wanted a book to rest his head, he should get it :)

Family on Sunday

Well, 3 of the family anyway. Here the boys were waiting for Bujang to get off the cat tree so they could also view the world through the window...

Bujang and Tanaka waiting to jump on Toro...

Don't try it!
Bujang tried to look nonchalant while Tanaka had done the disappearing act.

I love Sundays....

These are a few of my favourite things

What I like to do all day you mean?

I like just hanging out on the floor. It's good for my fur. It makes it glossy.

I like looking at the world from behind closed gates. Its safer that way. Toro told me he had a great shock when he went out by himself.

And my most favourite? Sleeping in the coolness of the conch-shaped sink. There is nothing to beat that...well...almost nothing. I like eating tuna and chicken but this is good too.

Thinking of Xin Xin

We are purraying for you Xin Xin

I also have some problems wif my kidneys and san sends me to the V_E_T every 6 months. I am furry sad that XinXin is very sick. I will purray that she lives to be as old as I am and even older.

6 faces of Totoro

Bad-tempered me...I have plans to RULE the world...

The cute me .....

Rub My Tummy me....

Sleepy me...

Contemplative me...

Nothing disturbs me...

Ms Akira's new routine

Ms Akira trying for the perfect fit...

This whole week, Ms Akira showed me that she was very eager to get back into the swim of things, to get back her mojo as they say. She figured out that as Megat was out of the room almost the whole day (he has taken to roosting in the cat basket in the living room), the coast was practically clear for her. She came in confidently almost daily and sat on the cat tree so she could see the outside. She spent a few minutes talking with Bujang about the old days and tried the seat for old times sake.

She has also taken to hiding under the blanket on the bed - her old hiding place before the Great Quarrel. I am glad she is getting her confidence back. I think the Rescue Remedy helped a bit and of course we gave her a lot of encouragement and allowed her to just be herself.

Let me get comfortable here... this is the right spot... and my shadow....

She likes sitting infront of the front door when we open it in the mornings. Its cool and quiet then.

Homework groanwork

But thanks to the boys, it was not so bad...As usual I had to finish homework before school and I had had a hard time figuring out the work. Finally I decided to just do it with whatever resources I had. We migrated from the living room to the bedroom. The guys decided to comfort me for the next 30 minutes.

Tanaka toldme that as soon as I finished the work, I can do this also...I was greatly motivated to complete homework.

Toro told me that he would always be my best friend and slept close to my work and sometimes on it :)

Bujang told me that homework was exhausting and I deserved that rest that I would be getting later :)

However, into the second 30 minutes, the boys decided to each his own and I don't blame them :)


The light hurts my eyes san...sorry...

Okok...I just thought I should try out the new blanket..that's all

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saigon notes

Motorbike city!

Helmets galore!

Saigon is truly a city of motorbikes. Tony our guide told us that there are two bikes for every household in saigon, a city of 8 million people!! A motorbike from China would cost US$400.00 these days so this means almost everyone can afford one. A helmet from Japan would cost US$800.00. So China is making a roaring trade. I must say that the helmets were very attractive as Vietnamese women are very fashionable and you would get all kinds of designs from flowers, to insects to helmet and hat combinations :)
Our guide also said that the cost of living is very high. A simple breakfast of one cup of coffee and toast would cost 10, 000 dong which is roughly S$1.00! A city job on average earns someone US$200 (when I was there US$1.00= to 15.000 dong). So many Vietnamese want to be movie stars or singers :)

Sleepy Monday


Ok..time to rest...

Cousin R said that this was the first time in 6 days that Bujang was finally sleeping so peacefully after dinner. She told me that when I was in saigon, Bujang spent the time yelling and insisted on walking around the house. He did not rest at all until its time to sleep. Poor Bujang! I am glad that he is resting and all is as usual :)
I did call Cousin R last Thursday from Saigon as I dreamt that he got lost and could not find his way home. In my dream, I had tried to look for him but found FatBoy instead!! Grandma told me that if I dream someone was lost, this meant the opposite. I think I was just worried that one of the amigos might decide to take a walk and neither grandma nor Cousin R could find them!

Excuse me. I want THIS space.

Bujang scared Megat into giving up the table. He stared and postured and frightend Megat to bits. You can see Megat's two glowing eyes behind the cushions on the sofa.

Megat decided to throw caution to the winds and sat near Bujang. Who knows? Bujang might give in and go away from the table.

Bujang: What do you think you're doing? This is MY table. If you don't watch it, I'm going to blaze you with my fiery eyes...1...2...

Bujang the victor :)

I noticed that Bujang was very short with almost everyone these days. I have never seen him going out of his way to wrest a space from any of the kitties. This time, he actually went up this table and showed Megat who was BOSS! I do not know what has gotten into him as confrontaion was never his strong suit. Bujang would rather give in than fight it out ...but not now.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jin Jeow Singapore...

san said jin jeow means hello :) I don't think so. Hello means hello but she is too tired so I will not ask her again. san is just back from that far away place - saigon. I was furry sad when she went wifout me and complained to grandma and our cat sitter - Cousin R. They tells me that san will be home on saturday.

Today is saturday. san came home and boughted me one dragonfly!!! I do not like the dragonfly. I can't eat it! She is a crazy one but I am glad she is back. san spent time wif us the whole day. Then she went out again. I was worried she is going to that faraway place and spent the time cslling her in case she didn't know how to come back home. But she came back. san is tired and I told her I will write some stuff fur her. I will tell her to write some more tomorrow but now I think we will be goin to bed. :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Tanaka downstairs

"I do not trust anyone here...its dangerous.."

"This thing does not feel good san..."

"I do NOT like this stuff on my feet..let me go.."

"This feels better on my feet...let me walk a while"

"This is much safer..."

Tanaka and I went downstairs after I brought Bujang home. He was quiet and stayed in his carrier for 10 minutes almost. Then I put his carrier on the floor and that made him more confident and he walked out almost immediately. He walked across concrete quite happily but not on grass. He hated it as I think there were no places to hide. We went out for 45 minutes almost and I think that was quite enough for the little guy.