Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Because

the breeze makes me sleepy

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Tanaka Report

I would like to say that eversince san came home from Hanoi, she appreciates me more. She said she did not see many cats in Hanoi. Actually she saw only 2 in the 6 days that she was there. So I get to walk almost every afternoon along the corridor. Here I showed san what a good kitty  was.
I smelled the flowers and especially this little curry tree. san says when it grows bigger, we would have birds as birds like eating the curry pods for the seeds! Hmmm...bird pie! But I wanted to taste some of the yummy plants so I had to pretend that I was only melling them first. I had my eye on grandma's jasmine! So after the curry plant, I walked towards the jasmine...lalalalalala....
san was pleased to see me so appreciative offur our small garden. I continued to smell the jasmine. They do smell good though but I fink they will taste better.
 san decided to take my pikshur from the top. Oh!Oh!




Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Megat's Vet Visit

Here Megat is sitting pretty and he has every reason to :)

His check up went well and the lump in his inner right leg has not grown any bigger. Dr Ly said we should not worry unduly as it might just be his lymph nodes. There was a visiting vet as well and Dr Ly told him about our miracle cat Megat :) who has been free of lymphoma for 3 years this May.

However, I told Dr Ly that he had been coughing once a week. "Once a week?" Dr Ly looked at me askance! I guess he did not think that for Megat, once a week was a serious thing. "It is_always prolonged and intense. I can see that he needs to strain very hard," I murmured quickly. He then stethescoped Megat's chest's and said " more murmurs. His chest sounds clear" Then he told me it was probably hairballs and told me to give him Laxatone. I also told Dr Ly that Megat has refused to take his asthma pills. He keeps vomitting it out and generally creates a fuss. (He did not use to do this before)I would like to think that Megat knows he does not need to take it anymore. Dr Ly recommended Peh Pa Kao!! "Really?" Anyway he really hated it. So at present I am not giving him anything at all.

Before we left Dr Ly said "He is getting old and cranky eh?" and we all laughed at this idea. I don't think Megat was pleased though. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Run Free BH2..a new note

 A picture of Bh2 from cat_aunty

Today cat_aunty told us that Bh2 had gone to the bridge. He was a good man kitty and deserved a good man-cave there for sure. I know he now has one. Run Free Bh2. san will be back tomorrow and then we will all say our purrayers together.

We thought a long while about the fate of community cats here and think that sometimes they have a better life than many pet cats. Bh2 was one such loved cat who used to hang out at  coffeeshop in Y. He had many admirers but succumbed to kidney disease as many community cats will as they grow older. He was in cat_aunty's brood and we wish cat-aunty many head butts. Bh2 was buried in a garden which we think was one of the nicest things that could happen as there are not many gardens here in Singapore at all. We also wish to thank all who had given us comfort.
Totoro: *slapping* san for getting the pikshurs wrong in the very hot city of Hanoi!Also san had a typo error and called him BHG. san said she was feeling sad. I fink that is okay but still..hmmm....

Double slaps!!

Friday, June 08, 2012


Friday is always a good day- its for resting and what-not. san is going away for 6 days tomorrow and so we are a little anxious. Cousin R is coming but she is a little under the weather. However, san's sister N may come to take care of us for a day or two. I heard san telling her to just give us biscuits. BISCUITS only with no stinky goodness? I think we will plan a nice surprise for san when she gets back!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I am going away wif san

Yes! I decided that since san has very kindly re-arranged our play space, she would also very kindly take me wif her when she goes on short break. I already know that I can fit in her sutcase.
I also tried to show san that if she needs the space for her clothes, I can fit in the cover as well. I am a cat and can fit into anyfing!
 No, san. I am not slipping off at all. I am trying to see if my paws would be comfortable as well.
 and they are....zzzz
Tanaka: What is this? Does san wear fur?

I am going for a short break to Hanoi, Vietnam this Saturday and so I had to put out the bag for the amigos. I realised that this is the easiest way as if they just see it on the day that I am leaving, they would look very puzzled and Bujang would make a lot of noise and fuss. This way, he would be more relaxed as well.

Monday, June 04, 2012

What We Did Last Weekend

I tried to bring some play time to the amigos and re-arranged their area. As we have narrow corridors and no space to work with, I decided that I should at least try to give them a more climbing spaces that they could play around in and sit in private as well. Cousin R and I bought them 6 colourful boxes and we fixed thm to look like steps and I could use as bookshelves as well. It took us about 2 hours to fix and arrange and rearrange the amigos play area. I was afraid that grandma may disagree as she likes her space neat and tidy, like an army camp but she was quite okay with the new arrangement. PHEW! Now we just needed to see if the amigos approve.
I was glad to see that later that evening, the boys actually hung around quite comfortably. I had dismantled the hexagonal seat to make it lower and removed one of the poles so they would have an easier time to move from one seat to the next.
Tanaka modelled how a cat should sit on the boxes...
 Totoro liked the private space...
 and bless his adventurous heart, he tried climbing up the steps...
 Bujang took two whole days before he even climbed up here and for the first time that I had placed the 2 cages there, he was able to peer at the outside from the top.
 They even relaxed and Toro tried his hand at other spaces...
 Of cos we had a lot of help from Tanaka who kept a keen eye on us when we were rearranging the space.
 Toro reminded us that we needed rest but we kept on :)
 I also got some flowering plants and hung them along our corridor and we waited for birds or butterflies (maybe) so the amigos would have something to look at when they're resting...
We are glad to report that we have had two or three small bird visitors here, about 2 inches long with white ringed-eyes these last few days. We were all very pleased.

We agree. The birds were furry exciting. Can we eat them san?