Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Walkies

Bujang stalked about this morning when he went for a morning walk. He didn't like morning walks much, probbaly because the smells and sounds were different from what he was used to.

Bujang the Super Stalker...
of pigeons...

But he doesn't ever try to catch them. He just likes running at them and stops just a few feet away just so he can watch them fly :) We try to go for morning walks as the rains come in the afternoons and evenings. But he spends more time in his carrier watching and listening than than outside though but I think its worth it just taking him downstairs :) In december, which is just tomorrow, we may not even have this luxury as sometimes it would rain for a whole day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vet Verdict for Totoro

Totoro's vet visit was a mixture of good and not so good. The blood test was good apart from the 2.5 indiactor for creatinine. He is well-hydrated and his PCV is 35.5 5. The US was good and bad. His left kidney is stable but his right kidney has more stones although it is less dilated than before (4.6 compared to the previous 5.6). Dr S said that the dilation was the more major thing to look out for and as his kidney is less dilated now, that is a cause for celebration. The really good news is that all his other organs are fine and his bladder is clear of sand and his urethra is also clear. However, 2 of his kidney stones have increased from 5 mm to 6 mm! Dr S was very positive and she said he is ok and if nothing else happens (like blood in his urine) he should be back for a review in 6 months.
Dr Ly was pleased that he is stable and gave him an additional pill - a Urinary Acidifier to try to dissolve his crystals as we do not know for sure if his crystals are struvite or oxalate. He said it would not impact his kidneys in any way but it may allow us some conclusions. We have to come back in 2 months for an US to see if the crystals have dissolved. If not, then at least we know they're not struvite crystals and take it from there. I am willing to try this as the pill is very small and we could go forward from here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Peasy Sunday

Toro would be on his way to the vet tomorrow for his ultra sound and blood test at 10.00 am. We are seeing a new vet for his ultra sound, Dr Sabine and of course he would see Dr Ly for the blood test and review of his meds. He would have to fast at 10.00 pm - no food and also no water. I think he would protest very loudly and so would the rest of the boys!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Self-Portrait in Sunlight

Yup, its about me :)

Happy weekend effuryone...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here but today I had much to be thankful for as for the first time in many days, I went down to the park. san broughted me to a different park full of ixora and butterflies. It was very bright and hot but san decided that we should make a try for it before it rains again.
This is what the park looked like at about 11 am. No one was about as it was getting hot and the runners have gone into hiding.

san attached the clamp to a little tree. She was afraid someone might take our transport and she could not run after them soon enough. But nothing like that happened. Thank Goodness!

I walked about under the ixora shrubs. I did not walk very far as it was a strange park but it was quite and peaceful and I liked that very much.

I saw some stuff...

A cobweb but no spider.

An orange butterfly...

also in the midst of collecting nectar :)

Then it got really hot and san broughted me home. We took the long way and crossed the road at the traffic light :) THEN, in the aftrenoon it RAINED! I was glad we went out early.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Everything is wonderful with a little sun in the window...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tanaka Tuesday Outdoors

This was grandma's plants. They were neat and tidy...
I decided to supervise the plants and sniffed at them to tell them I was furry serious about my supervising job. The plants just stood there!
So I decided to go downstairs. It was at first furry scary but I decided to do it anyway!
I was surprised to find all the plants very well-behaved...even downstairs...

Then I thought I should see what the secret was. I am sorry to say there was nuffing. the plants were not talking at all.

This afternoon san came home furry early from work and decided to take me out fur a walk. We had not gone walking fur a furry long time but when san called me, I went to her immediately and then I wore my harness. I know when this happens, we would go out and we did. I had a short time outside but I truly enjoyed supervising the plants!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Megat's Review

I think I won't be going again in 2 months san. I do not feel like it. OK?
His blood test for kidneys- all OK!

The reason we did the blood test was Megat has lost some weight these few weeks. He is just 3.91 kg from 4 kg. DrLy said we should see what his blood test can tell us. Megat was very good and allowed Dr Ly to take his after 3 tries! As Dr Ly looking for a good-sized vein from his right thigh, he saw a small lump. My heart skipped many beats but after he saw the lump carefully Dr Ly said it could just be his lymph and it could mean nothing. Hi heart is strong, his lungs clear and his kidneys are ok. His PCV is 38% which is a cause for joy also. Dr Ly said I had nothing to worry about and I should come back in 2 months so he could see how the lump progresses and we will take it from there. So with a cheery shout of "You're well sweetheart and merry Christmas," we were off.

So I will just take Dr Ly's advice and keep cool about it and of course keep watch on his legs as well for lumps. I did not think of doing that all this time! However, I think maybe he lost some weight as he has been playing tag with Bujang almost every day this month. He is the only one who dares to play with Bujang when invited :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Gotcha pikshur!

I told san she should put up my GOTCHED pikshur eventhough it is past midnight and technically I am more than 4 years old! I had a whole can of tuna and crab all for myself! Yummy! I am sorry san forgotted to invite you but I had given her some big reminders (by walking all over her when she gotted into bed). Happy GOTCHA DAY to me and I am furry happy to be here wif san and my bruffers...ok..and my sisfur (although she disappears much offur the time).

Friday, November 18, 2011


This is a pic of the last time Bujang got out to the park...some 2 weeks ago. Now he gets some wheat grass instead. he enjoys the grass but I think he likes the wild grass better :)

Tanaka: Although we wish for sun, we always get rain. It had been raining the whole week and my bruffer Bujang was upset. He kept looking at san and so san decided to play hide-and-seek with him every evening. BUT I on the other hand...

quite like rain. I like sitting under san's umbrella :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Tanaka is good at the magic trick of finding the right time to nap on san's bed...when the linen is fresh...hahaha.

PS. This entry should be with the one after. san forgot to include the Rocket in the post.

Monday Magic

san went to the vet to get catfood and saw some bonsai in the sun. A tree in a small pot- just right for us but san didn't buy any cos she said....

she already has magic in our house...hehehe
There is me - Totoro

and Bujang...

and even megat.

She didn't get any pikshurs of Ms Akira who is good at the magic trick of disappearing from sight :). It was also very hot this afternoon (as can be seen from our pikshurs) but san did'nt go out as she said "Too hot! Too Hot!". She had a nap wif us and then it thundered and rained. Too bad for my bruffer Bujang. san felt very bad about it but she said "Too hot to be outside even so." I fink san should do better!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Easy Peasy Sunday and a bowl of noodles

Yup. We have not seen the light of day for ages. The rains came and drowned all my hopes for evening walkies. Hrumphhh! Even today! san said that since we are in the Equator, November and December are the rainy seasons. I told san I was not interested in a geography lesson - only walkies!
The only good thing was that the sun shone for a short time in the morning and Tanaka had a chance to sit under it. Since he took the best seat, I did not get any of the sun then!

But we thought we should leave you with a Sleepy Sunday pikshur that san took this evening of me sleeping :) and san did have a nice time in the early afternoon as she had Thai glass noodles for lunch.

But I didn't get any walkies for the whole week and san was a little busy with work. But she said she would try to see if we could go out next week. I am furry...errr...very hopeful about that :)

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Friday, November 04, 2011



whichever way it is, the boys have the right idea.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wednesday Woe!

No! I _do_not_want_the_pills! NO!

This morning Toro showed me his stamp of disapproval at my audacity at asking him to take his meds. NO! His whole body says! NO! After his meds, he was still not talking to me :)

He has to take his 1/4 alutab (phospate binder), his fortekor and his azodyl with some water. He usualy takes them all very easily. We just go through the usual routine and after he has some kibble, I am usually forgiven until the next morning:)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tanaka How to #6 _How to ambush your bruffer

One offur fings I like doing is ambushing my bruffers_any one offur them will do. But nuffing is better than ambushing Bujang The BOSS.

First- You must have a good hiding place. It is important that your ambushee does not suspect anyfing! Look out for them as if you miss the chance, then all is lost. Once you see him coming, then make sure you hide yourself well...

See how I do it? Make sure he sees only a little bit of your tail so he would be curious. If you have a shorter tail, I suggest a paw.
Once he is curious, get into the cube (if you have one) and show your cute face. If possible, tease him a little wif your eyes and head posture. Say lalalalala wif your eyes! Act super cute! My bruffer Bujang does not like this at all.

Then pretend to ignore him. He likes this even worse!

Once your bruffer is fed up, try hiding yourself so he would have to beat you up to save 'face'! He would not to be embarrased by a liitle tyke like you.

One more fing. Make sure you can hide in the cube. Use the cube as protection fur your body. He would be quite puzzled by this and would not be able to figure it out.

See what I mean? Bujang was confused by the fact that he could not see all of me. He only saw my paw and he was not able to beat me up at all. Hahahaha. I had such a fun time wif him. I know he did not like me at that minute because he could not figure a way to get at me at all. Laalalalalalala. Job DONE!

Hrumph! One of these days I will get him!