Thursday, March 31, 2011

The answer in a box is...

Tanaka: Someone asked us how long our new box will last. I fink if I guard it carefully, maybe about 3 weeks. As you can see I am already planning how to do it.

san: Really Tanaka? You are a good kitty.

Tanaka: Yes I is a good kitty- the bestest one :))

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new box for the amigos...Hurrah

Our old box, sadly decapitated, chewed and ripped apart by Bujang...
I got them a new box. I didn't realise there was a pic of a kitty on it :))
Bujang the BOSS inspecting the hardiness of the new box...

Wednesday in the park

First let me see to my wheels...just in case I need to make a getaway... Finally ...
The grass tastes nice (he then proceeded to throw up)
Bujang always likes sniffing around these corners. I guess they're full of info for him...
Open open space...I like...

Bujang finally got to get out for an evening walk after a long time. The days had always been too hot, too wet or I got held up at work. He was not pleased to be put in the carrier as the last time he was harnessed and in the carrier, I brought him to the vet for his annual checkup. Bujang has one of the longest memories of all my cats for things like this.

He took a slow walk in his usual places and was spooked only once. I didn't expect him to even get out as usually he would choose to stay in his carrier if I bring him down after some time has passed. He was very mellow this evening and didn't prtest too much when I bundled him in again to go home. All in all, it was a good if short evening out for the both of us :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time to sleep


Sunday Blessing

Gotcha! Hmmm...the boys ...where are my pics?

I've been trying to get Ms Akira to be more active and give her more space to play and get out of her room. So these past few weeks, the boys have been spending time in the room after dinner, except Bujang and we have allowed Ms Akira out to hang out and play. She has really come out and enjoyed herself running about, playing with the dragonfly and ribbons and rolled about some. She has also played tag with Bujang! So I am really pleased and hope this good run will continue.

Box Day Sunday

Hmmm... I wonder if I can go in the box...
Oooffff...yup..I can do this...a little more....
Concatulations to me..hehehe

Easy Peasy sunday

Are these my toys san? Yup I fink so... Sunday laze-in
Bruffers together...
Time to run. I know what you're up to san. NO meds!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wellness PetFood Recall

What again?
Dr T suspected that Toro's calcium deposits could be because I fed the amigos on Nutro before the Nutro recall because of melamine poisoning.
I read Wildrun's blog today with horror as there has been many deaths of cats from neurological problems from this. Pls go and read it if you have been feeding your cats on Wellness canned food.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ms Akira reports

All is okay on the homefront. I decided to sit with san in the living room as she was too busy at work on her laptop and I wanted someplace warm to sit on. The cotton pjs were a good idea. I recommend them to effuryone :)

I was soooooo

sleepy san....zzzz

It rained tonight and so the boys were all cocooned in their favourite places - Bujang was with grandma as usual (and taking up all of her bed), Tanaka was sleeping in Ms Akira's night cage (he truly loves her) and Megat is in his cat basket near the window (where the cool breeze was). Toro on the other hand, preferred sitting on the couch, right smack in the living room on the new blanket. It just came from the laundry so it was fresh-smelling and warm. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodnight Sunday


Sunday with Ms Akira

Ms Akira taking time off this Sunday...
Ms Akira overgrooming.
She has barely any fur on her limbs, no to mention her tummy.


Ms Akira has been overgrooming for a few years. It began when she decided to sequester herself in the computer room, away from Megat and Toro and of course Tanaka. She spends most of her time there and she gets out for a few hours at night, usually after the boys are resting. But she is used to her routine of sleeping at 10 and so would scold me endlessly if I so much as extend her time outside.
I tried Omega 3 - saLmon oil and also flax but she is a very difficult cat to give anything to. She would get more stressed up with this tha anything else. She would scratch and yell and generally kick up a fuss. I think she was scared more than anything else. So I give her either Bach Flowers and now Pet Calm.

Sunday Quiet

I don't like this haircut san...

This haircut makes Toro look and I think feel small. He has been running and turning away fro Megat every time Megat looks at him. Of course this makes Megat look at him more. On the upside, he has been romping about quite a lot and climbing the cat gym regularly. :O)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vet Visit for Megat

We finally got into the examination room - one hour after our appt.
Megat was very curious about where he was...
Nothing to it san...

The vet was very busy this morning, just like it was on Monday. Dr L was running late and so there dogs inside and out. We came on time but of course we had to wait for a bit. Megat was very quiet and had a nap. I guess he was used to the commotion of a vet hospital. When I got him into the cab to go to the vet, he was uncharacteristically noisy, protesting all the way though.

I told Dr L about his coughs and Dr L said it could be hairball! Hairball? But I have never seen him expelling one! Dr L said it goes with the fact that he was thinning from both sides of his body- due to some over-grooming from stress. That was why he was coughing. So we got some laxatone although Dr L said I could get a hairball remedy from the pet store.

It was very funny as I was speaking to a cat owner and she was telling me about a hairball remedy and I told her that my cats had never had hairballs. Little did I know!

Anyway the verdict was his lymph nodes are okay (YAY!!) and his coat is beautiful. He is well-hydrated and still in remission. (YAY!YAY!) The only downside was that his eyes are getting a little cloudy and Dr L said he would have some trouble seeing things clearly. But there was nothing to worry about at present.

All in all, it was a good day at the vet's!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


This kitty is the splitting image of our community cat who died of renal failure last August. Many residents had told us that they had seen FatBoy again, even Sister S. It was only last Sunday that I chanced on him sitting at FatBoy's void deck, eating some kibble left by another caregiver. It shocked me and then it struck me how similar the cats were to each other, down to the colour of his eyes and his tail. The only difference was the white patch on his toes of his feet.

He was fat, healthy and very confident. Just like FatBoy before he fell ill.

This is one of the last pictures I had of our FatBoy before I had to sequester him with R as he was very weak.

Pet Adoption

I actually wanted to post about the amigos on the 15th and participate in this but as usual I am too late. However, I think I should just post them anyway :))

Bujang at 6 weeks

Bujang was from a litter of 4 kittens. I brought him home, saved from the rain, as he seemed to be the one that needed most care. He yelled and scratched. He was my first kitten and I had sleepless nights trying to bottle feed him every 2 hours then every 4. He loved milk and would eat everything I put in his bowl.

Bujang at 14 months- already 6 kg!

Now he is 7 years old and 7 kgs and is the most fearsome cat in the household. No one messes with him although he seemed sometimes to be the one who is the most scared of the vets and strangers. But he takes care of us all very well indeed and loves his grandma most of all.

Ms Akira when she was just 3 years old.

I adopted Ms Akira from the SPCA as Sister S said Bujang needed a companion. So she came to us at about 6 months as Bujang was then about a year old or thereabouts. She came and conquered and slapped him about and they became great friends, running and sitting with each other. Now Bujang is her bestest buddy.
From very young, Toro was such a model of a cat :)

The first time he climbed up the cat gym :)

I adopted Toro from M. M rescues cats and puts them up for adoption. M asked me if I wanted to adopt and as a joke, I said only if he is handsome. So in the dark of night, a week after our conversation, M brought me a thin persian cross. He was naughty and started fights with Ms Akira and even dared to wrestle with Bujang. He was fearless! Now he is THE HANDSOME ONE with all the guests and could melt everyone's heart with just a glance.

Megat adopted me when he realised that I was not out to hurt him. He followed me about when I fed him in the carpark and screamed loudly when he heard the keys as he thought I would not be able to see him in the dark. He ate everything in his bowl and asked for some more. The vet told me he was FIV positive and I would be better off to just leave him in the carpark and take care of him there as I already had 3 other cats.

The first time Megat smiled we had such a shock.
But you can see his good heart and shiny personality even then.

I told grandma that we could not possibly put him back in the carpark after we had taken care of him for some weeks. He was ill and we had to rescue him from being taken by the AVA. So I decided that indeed we have so much more space in our hearts if not our house. He stayed and has made all our lives better. He is loving and could be very jealous of the boys but we try to live much as we can :)

Tanaka, all cleaned up and happy, at about 10 weeks

Tanaka's first lesson in using the leash.
He was very curious and gung-ho so he walked very well indeed.

Tanaka came to us by accident. We thought we could not take in any more cats but some kids just put him on our table (when Cousin R was feeding the Wild Bunch) 3 years ago and ran off. He was just 8 weeks. There was nothing that we could have done so we decided to foster him and we actually did put him up for adoption. A few people showed interest but grandma said that as he was used to the amigos and we have grown to love him, that he should stay with us :). We were glad to have made such a decision as if he had gone off to some other place, we would not have known this very loving and gentle kitty. Of course Megat would tell you otherwise :)