Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pet Adoption

I actually wanted to post about the amigos on the 15th and participate in this but as usual I am too late. However, I think I should just post them anyway :))

Bujang at 6 weeks

Bujang was from a litter of 4 kittens. I brought him home, saved from the rain, as he seemed to be the one that needed most care. He yelled and scratched. He was my first kitten and I had sleepless nights trying to bottle feed him every 2 hours then every 4. He loved milk and would eat everything I put in his bowl.

Bujang at 14 months- already 6 kg!

Now he is 7 years old and 7 kgs and is the most fearsome cat in the household. No one messes with him although he seemed sometimes to be the one who is the most scared of the vets and strangers. But he takes care of us all very well indeed and loves his grandma most of all.

Ms Akira when she was just 3 years old.

I adopted Ms Akira from the SPCA as Sister S said Bujang needed a companion. So she came to us at about 6 months as Bujang was then about a year old or thereabouts. She came and conquered and slapped him about and they became great friends, running and sitting with each other. Now Bujang is her bestest buddy.
From very young, Toro was such a model of a cat :)

The first time he climbed up the cat gym :)

I adopted Toro from M. M rescues cats and puts them up for adoption. M asked me if I wanted to adopt and as a joke, I said only if he is handsome. So in the dark of night, a week after our conversation, M brought me a thin persian cross. He was naughty and started fights with Ms Akira and even dared to wrestle with Bujang. He was fearless! Now he is THE HANDSOME ONE with all the guests and could melt everyone's heart with just a glance.

Megat adopted me when he realised that I was not out to hurt him. He followed me about when I fed him in the carpark and screamed loudly when he heard the keys as he thought I would not be able to see him in the dark. He ate everything in his bowl and asked for some more. The vet told me he was FIV positive and I would be better off to just leave him in the carpark and take care of him there as I already had 3 other cats.

The first time Megat smiled we had such a shock.
But you can see his good heart and shiny personality even then.

I told grandma that we could not possibly put him back in the carpark after we had taken care of him for some weeks. He was ill and we had to rescue him from being taken by the AVA. So I decided that indeed we have so much more space in our hearts if not our house. He stayed and has made all our lives better. He is loving and could be very jealous of the boys but we try to live much as we can :)

Tanaka, all cleaned up and happy, at about 10 weeks

Tanaka's first lesson in using the leash.
He was very curious and gung-ho so he walked very well indeed.

Tanaka came to us by accident. We thought we could not take in any more cats but some kids just put him on our table (when Cousin R was feeding the Wild Bunch) 3 years ago and ran off. He was just 8 weeks. There was nothing that we could have done so we decided to foster him and we actually did put him up for adoption. A few people showed interest but grandma said that as he was used to the amigos and we have grown to love him, that he should stay with us :). We were glad to have made such a decision as if he had gone off to some other place, we would not have known this very loving and gentle kitty. Of course Megat would tell you otherwise :)

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Wonderful stories all! We are glad to have you in our lives, Amigos, even if we are many thousands of miles away!

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