Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ms Akira and I

Ms Akira and I almost always spend the last hours before we sleep together. She would make long singing demands and follow me everywhere until I finally sit with her at the computer and we would spend a quiet hour or two here. Once here, she would settle herself quietly and purr and sometimes groom me, as though reminding me that my standards of hygiene could be better :). Then I would give her some treats and then everyone would get some sleep :)) It is our nightly routine. It also reminds me that she needs more than this as she likes people and interacting with people and Bujang of course.

So I have tried to give her some morning time, usually one hour out from her room. After the boys are sequestered in my bedroom, Ms Akira gets the run of the house and once she has decided she has had enough, she would settle in her own room quietly. Then its the boys' turn. Sometimes when we open the door in the afternoon, she doesn't go outside at all, eventhough she knows the boys would not be troubling her.

She is a quiet kitty who likes a quiet life, not one that includes a cranky 14 year old, a busybody ginger cat and a naughty but clueless persian-cross.

Before and After

Toro: Don't think I didn't see the flashing box san. And by the way, I prefur FUR!

I finally got him to the groomer as in Dec the groomer would be way to busy with Christmas and dogs!I was rather relieved to be discussing how short I wanted his coat to be , whether 3/4 of an inch or less. It was a welcome relief from pth and ionised calcium, not to mention effects of Frontline!

Good News for Mera

from cat_aunty

Cat Aunty says Mera is looking much happier these days as the picture attests to. He is getting older and has had some troubles lately but we are glad he is feeling better at last. :)

Tuesday Morning Inspection

Don't fink I am lazing about. I did a lot of work this morning and am resting for a bit. Anyway I also fink this is a good pikshur offur me for you this morning. The rest? They did some work but not as much as me.
Bujang just decided to look out offur the window. He said he was on lookout duty. I don't fink he was serious about it, unlike me.
san said Ms Akira also did her job. She showed me this pikshur but I do not think so. She was just looking out of the gate. I fink she was dreaming...not doing her duty to protect us!
Now I did more fings like looking for bugs behind san's computer. There may be many bugs there. san says I will not be able to see or smell the bug in the computer but I don't think so. A bug is a bug!
I also tried to see if there are bugs under the table. san has many books under it and I know there would be bugs! See, I was the only one doing any real work and deserve to rest :)))

Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodnight Monday

I hope everything will come out well for Little Totoro

A Garderner at Heart

Bujang spent his whole time along the corridor visiting plants. Ok he did run after a fat lizard but he preferred plants better :) or maybe these green things are the only interesting things along our corridor. We did not get to the park as it rained the whole day. But Bujang seems quite happy as long as he gets outside :)

Vet Visit

zzz...what is the fuss san?

It happened to us AGAIN. We went to the hospital and we still can't get the ionised calcium reading as the hospital ran out of the cartridge that they would need to do the reading- 2 weeks ago! Did no one check when they made the appointment for us? But the blood for the pth was done - all 6 cm of it from his jugular and Dr Lee said we could use his calcium reading from before to make some conclusions as to why the blood calcium reading is high. They are sending the blood sample to QUEST, the organisation that would do the test and they only do this test once a week. The results will come back in 3 days.
The bald patch on Toro's back

Dr Lee said the patch could be because of the Frontline I had used on him and this seems to be something that happens quite often to pets. I usually use Revolution but decided to change to Frontline this year. Bujang and Tanaka did not have such changes in their fur though so I guess it would affect only some cats. Cousin R reminded me that Putih had this same effect last year but her fur grew quite well after a week or so. So no more Frontline I guess for the amigos. I have yet to put any on Ms Akira or Megat so would buy Revolution for the both of them instead. Ms Akira has been scratching her head for a few weeks. I wonder if any other kitty had this type of reaction with Frontline.

The vet gave us Silva Aloe Panalog - a cream that I have to use on this spot as well as on the part where he has a rash on his underside. She also gave us Auraclens to clean the irritated area. I must say they both work well as this morning, the rash on his underside was not so red.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goodnight Sunday

Huh? You wanted some offur pikshur? A sleepy one?
Goodnight Sunday



One thing we all know about Megat is that when its 5.30, he gets very cranky and does NOT like being touched or even spoken to. He wants his FOOD! NOW!

Just Because

Sleepy Sunday

Toro on Sunday

NO to the V_E_T!

Tomorrow he would get his blood test for pth and his ionised calcium test too. His skin has somewhat healed with regular cleansing and medicated antiseptic. Now the area is smaller and not so red. yesterday I found a bald round circle under his ruff. I think its caused by a fight with megat but it was as large as a 10-cent coin! So that is itself worrying. I hope he is not losing his fur or getting eczema or anything like that! I had put Frontline on him last week so it could not be a mite problem. This Toro is a mystery!

Walking in the Park

Bujang got very curious last Wednesday morning. Then I saw who it was then he was looking at...
It was femme fatale Minah...
She flirted with him ...
She showed him her impressive girth :)
They circled each other warily...
Bujang gave me a stern reminder that I should never get in between 2 cats...

It was my fault. I had to persuade him to go home early as I had to get to work but Bujang was still interested in looking at Minah. So when I tried to lift him up, he jumped and held onto my arms, digging all 20 claws into it1 OUCH! I did not try to jerk my hand away but rather tried to unhook his claws from my arm. The pain was unimaginable! Once I got him onto the ground I had to get him into the carrier. he was very angry and hissed.

I think its time I got the vet to cut his nails, even if this meant he has to be sedated as THAT is the only way to cut them. His nails have not been cut for 2 years as no one is brave enough to take him on. I had tried the treats training but it did not work at all. He ate his treats but growled everytime we tried to touch his paws.

So in Dec maybe with his sedation, I could get him micro-chipped, get a blood test done (after 6 years) and cut the nails as short as possible. I think its about time as he could seriously hurt grandma or anyone else who is a little careless with him. I will discuss this with the vet if there is any other way to do it.

Community Cat News

Minah still refuses to drink water with dinner so I had to put some water in her wet food. The food is 80% water so that should help her. We are no longer putting water bowls because of the Aedes mosquitoes and the cleaners have to get rid of all water bowls they see. It has been raining every day so I think the kitties would not be thirsty.
I am always glad to see Putih at dinner. She is the only one that makes me anxious as I afraid that one day she would not appear again.
This is Tiger, our new community cat that comes down to the playground to play with the children.
He lives outside M's flat and she has decided to adopt him as her outside cat. He gets some protection as he stays outside her flat at night. At least I know someone would be responsible for him.
His amber eyes are very beautiful!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Manic Megat

Megat on a good relaxing day of rest...
Toro minding his own business...
Tanaka: I am NOT involved. I am concerned wif offur fings...

These last few weeks Megat had been on the rampage and had beaten up Toro several times. I don't know what has happened between them apart from the fact that these 2 cats have never seen eye to eye on anything. Toro is always on Megat's tail (literally) and Megat has finally decided to give him a beating. At least I think this is what had happened but I don't know for sure.

Megat would really go out of his way to confront Toro and fur has been flying all around (mostly Toro's) I had to put him on time-outs several times and had sternly told him "NO Megat," but it has not worked as well as I had hoped. Now Toro has a litte rash on his underside and I think it might be the result of over-grooming or stress but I would need to investigate this rash further. I just saw it this morning when I had to give Toro his meds. I would probably put some cream that the vet had given me for him some time ago when he had rash near his ears.

The other thing could be that I think Megat knows Toro is not well as he caould see Toro being medicated everyday and cats are smart. I think that is also why Toro gets beaten up because a weaker cat is an easier cat to bully. Tanaka of course has been on Megat's case but the both of them are easy with each other.

Bujang on Tuesday

Tuesday - Time for my walk!
If at first you don't succeed, sleep on it...

Bujang tried to make me go for a morning walk with him but I had to go to work and so told him so. After several tries, he decided the next best course was to get a nap- so that he could try again in the evening no doubt! His motto is - try and try again and then yell!

He has to get his vaccination on the 12 of Dec. I wonder what he would do to the vet although as long as the vet does not touch his paws, he could be quite well-behaved. His last vaccination was 2 years ago. he is the only kitty who goes downstairs or walks and so I think he would need this vaccination more than most. I would need to bring Tanaka and Ms Akira for their annual check-up but not at the same time :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Megat on a catnip high


More tests for Toro

Our appointment with Dr Lee will be for 29th November.
His creatinine is now 2.4 from 2.6. Not a good indicator but at least it is lower than last month! His BUN is 29 which is the same as last month though. at least that is not higer but his blood calcium level is higher at 13.9 from 13.2. Dr T suspects parathyroids as if its his kidneys, the potassium levels would also be correspondingly higher!

So he would be getting his ionised calcium levels tested as well as his blood test to test for his pth. Poor guy! Dr T suggested that I could give Toro another pillto tryt o stabilise the calcium but I am not doing that yet as he is already on too many pills! I am surprised he is still so good humoured about it.

Hot Sleepy Sunday

I can't sleep. There are fings to do!
Ok..maybe I'm a little sleepy...
Although its hot, the breeze through the window lulls Megat to sleep...
Bujang has no trouble sleeping...
But Toro has things to do...lalala

The heat today was unbearable. You can feel it getting into the hose through the cracks in the walls. Bujang made a lot of noise in the morning as he wanted to get out but we didn't because it was too hot to be out even at 10 am. Nov is supposed to be cool and rainy but I think the way the weather is lately, it would just be too hot.

Bath Time

We all had a bath in the washing machine- round and round and round. All the amigos except Bujang has a toy. The littke tiger belongs to Tanka, the doggie to Megat, the grey cat to Toro and the big tiger to Ms Akira. She likes her stuff toy and would sleep against it at night :)

Catnip Sunday

The boys had a good time with catnip. They danced and drooled and turned pirouettes . It was quite a sight. I thought we should celebrate the first Sunday that marks vacation although I do have some unfinished work to complete. Even so the boys and Ms akira all had a fine time.:)

Evening Walk

Finally after the rain yesterday I got to go down or a walk. But I had to tell san very firmly. I gave her one of my irresistible hypnotic stares. as you can see, I was very good at it.
The ground was wet but I decided to sit anyway. I heard some strange noises but I knew san would take care of me.
THEN...I saw them...
The BIRDS! They are everywhere!
I tried to ask one of them to get down from the tree. san said they were scared of me and that was why none of them wanted to come down. i told san I would behave myself but I guess the birds were nervous. I wonder why. It must be san!