Sunday, November 21, 2010

Community Cat News

Putih at her usual dinner spot

Last week Putih disappeared for 2 whole days. We were very worried as she has never done that. But after 2 days, she came sautering home but did not want to eat much. I gave her 2 different plates of 2 different types of food. It took a few more days before she could eat her usual dinner. She was not hurt nor did she have fever and so we thought we should just let her relax.
She is now eating well and as is her wont, just turn around and leave once the food is done :)
PD is looking very well. He is still fat but is now very clean and well-mannered. The 3-month sojourn at a cat facility totally transformed him. Here he was just curious about Blackie :)
Blackie at dinner. She eats quite a lot and very slowly.
Jeffrey oy aka Terror Kitty, quite transformed into a very handsome kitty.
Minah of course remains her rotund self :)

More news about The Man! I realised that the reason he was very friendly with me was to get me to be his referee. It seems he was asked to return to the police force as a part-timer (?) and needed someone as referee. I wonder why he chose me as I am a total stranger to him and when I asked him if he would help keep an eye on Minah or even some other cats, he actually gave me the number for the AVA!! and the NEA!! WHAT!

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