Monday, November 08, 2010

A parathyroid malfunction?

Guess who is off to the vet once again?
Totoro was off to do a blood test to see if the excess blood calcium was due to his parathyroids. Both Drs L and T had discussed this abnormality in his indicators. It seems a high indicator for calcium always goes hand in hand with high potassium but his potassium levels are normal and his calcium abnormally high. It seems sometimes the parathyroids bleach calcium from bones and this would result in fragile and porous bones which would be detrimental to any cat! So we were off to do our first blood test as his blood would be sent off for the test tomorrow.
Totoro sitting pretty in his cage...
Totoro waiting for the vet to open after lunch. Many people were curious to see us and a woman actually stopped for a bit to discuss him. He is 'very big' she finally said after we had discussed his kidneys and tests. One person actually thought he was a dog! But everyone thought he was handsome :)
Toro getting his sub-q done by Dr L
Finally it was decided not to do the blood test this afternoon as it had to be done in conjunction with some calcium test and the machine is at the hospital. Dr T would bring it with him thus Saturday and I would be able to discuss the tests more then.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Toro. Do keep us readers informed how Toro is doing. I have learned much from your blog & hope to learn more about parathyroid. Of course the best news is that Toro gets well very soon.