Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh I am so tired...

watching san feed Megat his nasty fings....zzzzz

Bujang used to watch me feeding Megat his supplements. He would sit really close to us and watch our every move until he found out the rhythm of all our movements. He also scrutinized all the syringes and sniffed at the various cocktails. Now he does not sit so close but he has uncannily estimated the amount of time I would take ,and when I give Megat his 10 ml of water in a blue feeding syringe, he would paddle close to us and sit to wait for the reward - salmon :)

Quiet Time

In search of...

she was here before...
I can smell her...
maybe she is in the cupboard..hmmm
"Where are you Kira Kira? I just want to play..."
Hmmm...I need another plan....

Of course Akira was not in the computer room. I had put her in grandma's room as she is very nervous and does not like Megat. I am using the computer room to give megat the suppository and I close the door so that he can get peace and quiet and not worry about cats jumping on him .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodnight ...


After grooming

Toro showing off his well-brushed fur...
Did you take my pikshur yet? I have to go get some sleep....

I fink I have trained san furry well. Whenever I go to her and stretch my paws, she knows to take out the brush so I can get a good brushing. I love being brushed all over especially under my neck. But the only terrible fing is that black cat always tries to spoil fings. He would sit close to san and then san would have to brush him too. I get furrry furry angry and I sometimes hit him wif my big paws "POW!" "POW!" but it makes no difference. He has no fur being old so why does he do it. I fink he does it to agg-gravate me. Hrumphhh!

Sleepy Saturday

Good morning sleepy head. Time to wake up.

Huh...morning already? I fink you shud leave me alone and go do human bean fings. Thanks....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodnight Friday

Ms Akira in the middle of a nap under the lights...
Close up of the little Ms...

After a screaming match with Tanaka, in which she appeared the victor, ms akira decided to get some very safe shut eye on my lap :)

Medal of Valour

Its about time!

My furry own Medal of Valour - fur extraordinary courage...
Can you see the B at the top?

san says this is the best she can do fur my medal. Its a nice pikshur of a heart fur me. It shows my simple yet BIG heart fur my family. san says I remind her of a jester so she gave me the jester hat. I dunno what a jester is and I fink san is making fun of me.But I appreciate her hard work cos she is no artist I can tell you that much!

Anyway I fink she deserves many head butts fur making the effort. Btw did I tell you that the lamp fell on the TV console, my most favouritest place to sit.?It could have fallen on me {{SHIVER}}. I have forgiven all the beans in the house cos I know they all lurve me furry much and I lurve them :)

san, can I give away my medal to offur kitties with brave hearts?

You can do anything you want silly! Its yours :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Close Shave Part 2

I am furry glad that soemone was interested enough in my close shave with a lamp to ask me about it. I was wonderin when some one would ask me to tell the tale as it was furry bad fur my nerves. You can see my shocked expression as I had to remove myself from ground zero to rest fur a bit. We cats are furry delicate creatures.

I was sittin on the TV console, mindin my own business and dreamin offur food and such when I heard Sister N screamin. Tsk..these beans scream way too much. Then I heard poor grandma screamin too. By this time I had jumped from the console and had taken refuge under the couch so I could direct the beans as to the standard operations procedure in times of crisis. If not fur me, they would not know that they had to pick up after themselves and to see if all the small pieces were cleared away.

Grandma and Sister N asked fur me to come out from under the couch so that I could direct the operations more clearly but I told them that my nerves were a trifle rattled and I had to rest. I then rested on san's bed. Thank goodness san had new sheets. I would be more upset if I did not have fresh laundry. I tried to tell san that I deserved a medal of valour for my courage but she told me that she trusted my good sense and is now more confident to leave grandma in my capable paws. She said that is enough. Tsk...these beans can be ungrateful I tell you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday adventures

Sister N came to see grandma today and she decided to help grandma with some housework. Then CRASH!! grandma's lamp fell from the ceiling. I then helped grandma and Sister N to clear things up. I am now soooo tired. Time to rest....

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday appointments

Both grandma and Megat are going to hospital today and get blood tests. Megat will have Dr L and get injeksions and grandma will have a doctor who will also give her injeksions. Grandma said a blood test as she needs to get her cataracts out. Hmmm I will hold on to this and no one will be able to bring me to any hospital fur anything. No way!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jimmy Choo July Calendars

Thanks cat_aunty for sending me these pictures. I love Jimmy Choo although I can't read the Chinese. If ever I regret not knowing the Chinese script, its only because I can't read Jimmy Choo'se books. I know an angel is looking after you and Megat both :) Good health!.

Monday thoughts and some advice

Nuffing has been happening in our house. We slept all offur the days and san played wif us...but only sometimes. I fink she is getting purty lazy fur a human bean but I have to say this fur her...she feeds us well. Eversince Megat has to take water in his food she has been giving all offur us some wet food in the morning on the weekends. We also get some treats - 3 small salmon ones after Megat takes his ikky stuff. san lets me smell the injeksions but I didn't like any offur them.

grandma has been telling me not to try to play with the small white kitty. san calls her Kira-Kira. She is so princess as she yells at me, even when I just sit and mind my own business. Ok I do sit furry near her but its just because I am a curious kitty. Nuffing else. I am nice you know...

ok its time to sit near Megat and get the salmon treats ...bye bye...

btw...we are furry glad cat_aunty is fine. Yes she needs to keep up her strength - she can try sleeping and eating. I do THAT all the time and san tells me I am a big kitty :)

Conversations with my cats

I asked san why she has not blogged.

I have been busy trying to get some order eversince I have got back to work. Times are hard and work runs after me.
I fink san is trying to pull a fast one on me. I am a cat san, not ignorant! Tsk. Anyway why is the black cat running after me all the time? I find it furry strange that he wants to play with me...hmm..hmm
No reason bujang. I think he is trying to get to know you better. I think the ling zhi has given him all that energy. Don't you like playing with him?
NO! NO! He runs to you when I chase him..grrrr...Its not fair!

I have been running after bujang and toro but they all run away from me. Why san?
Because they are not used to you suddenly running silly. You used to sleep all the time. Give them some time to get used to it.
Anyway, I dun fink I want to see Dr L tomorrow. I dun like the hospital and the injeksions. I want to stay home..please... You have to see the doc and get the injections..if you can. I hope you can get the chemo Megat. You had had two weeks of rest. :)
It is NOT fair!

I don't like the black cat san. He is always beating me up. Who does he think he is? This is MY home you know. Its NOT fair!
Yes I know Toro. But give him a break. You don't have to let him do it. You can try to beat him up too you know...
Hee...hee I beat him up just now when he tried to go to the bins...:)

and now I am putting my scent all over his bag...he has to go tomorrow cos THIS is his bag. Mine is the blue and hard one. Hmm...I hope he gets well even though he beats me up all the time. He is our bruffer...
You are a nice kitty Toro. Lets hope so :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Be Well Cat_Aunty

We would like to wish our good friend and Spencer's mom a good rest and we are glad she got through her op successfully. We are sure Spencer, Max, Mera, Hat and even Kiki are delirious with joy. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let me get this story straight...

Fings have been happening in my house. san has been feeding Megat some stuff effurynight, sometimes with Cousin R and sometimes with grandma. I fink somefing is up cos she puts him in a towel and wrap him up. I know he doesn't like it cos he turns his head about. If I was megat I would try to bite san or use my terrible claws (they are afraid of that..hee..hee). san let me smell the black fings. They don't smell good to eat. But I know that san would give us all treats after that and so I always wait furry close to Megat and look at him closely.

I do not like the fact that Megat keeps chasing me these days. he used to be quiet but now he runs about. Somefing is up..I wonder what it is...hmmm

Hello are you?.

I want to see what Sunday is about san...I fink I need some help...
Silly Tanaka, nuffing is going on ... dun ask silly questions...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes I fink it is good here..

My name is Spencer and I am quite well. I do not live wif the amigos but I visit often. I much prefur living with cat_aunty although she is a little too busy now to blog about me. I'm shure when she gets a chance we will see all offur you guys again...from my own home..thank you.

And when it rained on saturday night

we are very much the same...
except the sleep is cooler...
and the dreams better...goodnight effuryone...Posted by Picasa

Megat on Saturday

Megat seems heavier these days...I hope its not just my illusions that he has put on some more weight...
Megat in his favourite spot where no one disturbs his sleep...
Megat looing very adult - like a cat not to be trifled with..ohoh...

Megat is alert and more energetic these days. We think its the supplements that did it and are glad that he seems to be coping with his chemo well. He sometimes has sleepy days but more often than not, he would be up and about guarding his territory and trying to muscle in on the territory of others, especially Toro as he is the most blur one of the boys.

He has been playing catch with Bujang (of all cats) and even Toro. Since there were no loud screaming and hissing and more importantly no claws unsheathed, I take it to mean he is more playful with the boys these days. Tanaka has yet to stop jumping on him at every opportunity but then tanaka would try to jump on any cat if he can get away with it :)

He gave us all the run around yesterday as it was his sub-q day. I do not know how he figured it out as it is always on Friday that he tries to give us a harder time than most. When we have to give him his supplements, he does not play too hard to get but Fridays takes the cake on hide and seek with Megat. But we managed to corner him anyway and he gave up quite gracefully to his sub q. :))

On Saturday Morning..

We three bruffers sat together to look at the birdies...
until san decided to go to the kitchen. FOOD!!!