Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Easy

This is me after my osteopath appointment. It was ok. Adrian massaged my legs and I let him. It was not too bad. He told san that it is good to release the tension that is there even though I am not a climbing cat. I prefer just to sit and stare and nap. 

Bujang was not pleased at tried to bite Adrian once or twice. His back is still stressed but Adrian said the next time he would try a cranial massage that would also lead to a good result. He told san to put a cold compress on his spine and to run a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth on both sides of his back. This would release the tension as well. Huh! I dun think my brother would allow san to do it. She would have to sneak up on him and she is no ninja. 
It's time to nap while san waits for our special taxi. From this time on its Saturday Easy for us. 

Friday, February 27, 2015


      Time to hang out with family
Time to sit back and let chaos run
           Time to look my best
                     Time Out

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Mood

...hmm maybe a blue blanket is better...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

Our post is about thanks and we have much to be thankful  for. This week san thought we should give thanks for things that we have not done for some time as well as things done for the first time. 
We give thanks for our 4-day weekend for Chinese New Year. It was very restful and my brother Bujang got to go downstairs for a walk after a long time. He enjoyed himself a lot and insisted on sitting on the grass to take the air. My brother Tanaka had his second acupuncture appointment and he was much braver and he even had a nap with all the needles on his back. My sister Popps had her first blanket. It used to belong to Bujang when he was little. But a hand me down is better than no blanket I feel. I myself asked to be out on Saturday so I can sit at the window. I have not asked for this for some time. So there we have it. We give thanks for all to all this and more. 

We hope your Sunday will be a super one as well. 

On another note, we received a totally marvelous surprise in the post and want to thank #1 and the Chans for our Chinese New Year surprise. The present came in last week. It took just 2 weeks to reach us. We had all inspected the goods and san will post the pictures as soon as she can. Thanks all at The Poupounette. We simply loved the toys. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Easy

                       When you have your own blanket you can sleep easy. 

Friday, February 20, 2015


It's my turn to speak today but I only have one thing to say:  Have a good weekend everyone. 
Bujang sitting on the grass after a long time of not walking downstairs. 
These bikes are not so interesting san. 
I like grandma's blankets. They smell comforting. 

Today all of us are planning an easy day. San brought Bujang and Tanaka downstairs for a bit. They had a good half an hour before visitors started to arrive for Chinese New Year. We didn't get any surprises of fireworks last night and we hope tonight would be the same. 

Popps has a new place in the kitchen to sit in as san has cleared one of the cabinets above our new fridge but she has not noticed it yet. San is planning to get Popps her own special blanket to put on grandma's bed so it would make it better for Popps to have her own blanket in case she needs to go to the vet. We all have our own blankets and toys but we hope never to have stay at the vet though.

 We are glad that Popps is with us especially on dangerous and uncertain times like now. San said maybe if she can relocate Jeffrey Boy, all of the kitties might get a chance. It is slim but still a chance. San will ask Fern to persuade Jeffrey to not go to the carpark. It is worth a try. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wednesday Bounty and a wish

We are lucky the first gift that the goat brought us was rain yearly this morning. The haze was very bad last night into the morning and san was coughing but early this morning the rain came to wash away the smoke and dust. We feel that this year will bring us more good luck. 

I am also a cat with the colour of 'gold'. San tells me I am just a red cat but the needle doctor said I am a very unusual colour. He said he has seen very few cats like me. My colour reminds him of gold which is a colour of prosperity. So that is why I am the cover kitty for this post. 

We need the God of Good Fortune to also smile on our community cat family. Negotiations with a resident regarding the cats have not gone well and the mediators told us the Town council may remove all four cats if the resident requests this. Since there is no way we can humanly prevent the cats from sitting on cars in the carpark, we fear for their lives. We are asking for people to adopt just our one cat whom we suspect likes cars and sitting on them. If we can find him a home, we feel that the other three may be spared their lives. So We hope the Goat of 2015 paves the way for us in this one thing. 
This is Jeffrey Boy. He is 10 years old and loves people. He is looking for a home where he would be much safer. (If you are able to, we hope you can spread this plea for him)
This is Sunny, 5 who also needs a home. He is a little afraid of people. 
This is a female kitty Baby , 5 years old who is friendly but a little wary of strangers. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Tomorrow is the Year of the Goat. We do not know any goats though but wherever they are, we hope they would get a lot of good greens and good homes as well. We also wish every person on earth and beyond (as I think there must be some elsewhere) a very good year as well. Tonight a lot of people will have reunion dinners with their family. So I wish them a lot of good tuna and chicken. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Mood

       Where did the weekend go?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

Good morning everyone. San said I should post the entry for this morning as it's Easy Peasy Sunday. I am glad to report san cleans my ears once a week now instead of every day so my life is much more settled in the evenings. Usually I would try to sleep or at least pretend to sleep on top of the fridge after my sister Akira has her meds as I know it would be my turn. I don't have much gunk in my ears anymore and my eyes are cleaner as well. I told san to show my 2nd favourite sleeping place in the afternoon. 
                                          It's on grandma's bed and blanket!
Cousin R came back yesterday from helping san feed the community cats (I used to be one before I came to live here) and she came back to tell san that someone else was looking for me downstairs. It seemed that the woman was looking for me for many days as she was thinking of adopting me as well. She was trying to be my friend first before trying to adopt me. San and Cousin R were very surprised as It has been more than 5 months already and this was the first time they had heard of it. But Cousin R told her that I already have a home and was not going anywhere else. The woman already had a Siamese kitty as well and she has tried to allow her Siamese kitty to roam outside. It was a good thing that her kitty was too timid and did not want to walk about outside. Cousin R told the woman that it was a very bad idea to allow her inside kitty outside as many bad things can happen. I should know!
Our picture for the week showed all of us resting in our favourite places. We had managed to keep out of each other's way and still rest easy. Except for the haze being here again we are all very well. San even commented that I don't take a picture as though I was a gangster kitty or a 'big sister'. In Singapore  'big sister' is the local slang for  a girl gangster. 
                                 Who you calling a nice kitty huh?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love on Saturday

We thought our own love bug Akira would be the perfect poster kitty for today. She loves peace and calm and being with family. This is our wish for everyone today and everyday. 

Friday, February 13, 2015


I am now doing so much better with the TCM.I do not salivate so much. san thinks the reason I salivated so much is because the needle doctor put catnip in my formula. san gave me Bujang's formula as his was also for kidneys and calmness. Eversince I ate the TCM, I am eating my wet food much more often and san finks that is good. 

Eventhough today is TGIF day, we are not having it so good as the haze is back. This morning there was a nasty smell of smoke in the air. Maybe I should eat my own TCM formula as the needle doctor, who is also a vet, said catnip can also help with respiratory problems. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tanaka on Thursday

I did not want to go to see the needle doctor on Tuesday and tried to look furry sad. But as you can see later it did not work furry well this time. 
This was me at the needle doc. I had many needles for my spleen, gall bladder and kidney. The special kidney needles were nearer my left hind foot but I managed to dislodge it. Hurrah fur me!
I was furry nervous and upset at first. I didn't like the smell offur the office nor the feel offur the needles. I told the doctor that I would only have 2 needles on my head. He tried twice to poke 3 needles in but I shook my head and told him NO!
After about 10 minutes I felt much better and wanted to see what else was going on in the office. It was not too bad as san was with me and I had my own woofie all the time. This woofie used to belong to my rainbow bruffer Megat but now its mine.
Later that night san gave me the TCM to eat for my kidneys. It was so horrible that I tried to spit out most of it and I salivated a lot. I tried to sneeze it out as well. San had to give me a warm salt bath afterwards and she also has to take a bath herself. REVENGE is sweet. But I was too tired by then and fell asleep on my favorite blanket. 

Monday, February 09, 2015

Just Because

This is me on san's blanket last night.I loooove this blanket as its silk and cotton and light under my body. 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

This morning it's my turn to post the entry. This is the picture that san took this morning for the entry. I was just minding my own business. It may not be a glamorous picture but san said it is one of the best pictures she has taken. It showed my bald  and also some of my fur that is growing but what was more important was that it also showed that I had no new bite marks on my skin. I had only bitten through one tiny bit for the whole week and my skin was not red and raw like before. 
This is our special edition of 'cats taking naps'. Popps does not yet want to sit in the basket that we all love but notice that she sleeps in the same position as us. San thought it was a cute thing that we all slept in the same direction in the afternoons when we sleep here. 

We are doing a shout out to our good friend Hat  to wish him a good recovery from his wound last night. Thank goodness it was not so serious and he was able to rest at cat_auntie's house. We wish all sometimes indoor kitties and their people a very safe day today.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Saturday Easy

My work is never done. Here I was supervising the cleaning of our litter boxes. So I was watching everything closely. 
She is our new supervisor. It's a good thing she is good at her job so a cat like me can have Saturday Easy. 

Friday, February 06, 2015


            ...the weekend is here...

I need all my energy as I heard that san may send me to the needle doctor for my kidneys. She thinks that it had worked pretty well for my sisfur Akira's stress problem  and for my bruffer Bujang's back pain. I told her that Bujang's back pain is not cured yet but she said it has not become worse. She thinks its worth a try to get my energy up again as well. All I know is if I look as though I'm asleep she won't disturb me...or maybe she will run out of the green stuff and has to stop. Whichever comes first, san told me. Sheesh!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday with Popps

I have been a very busy cat. I decided to supervise san when she was doing chores. Here I was giving her tips on laundry. I can't imagine how much laundry the beans have every week. san says most of it belong to us kitties but I'm not so sure.
I had also sat to look at her cleaning skills. I must say she was thorough as I could sit comfortably on the kitchen floor to rest. Of course I was also waiting for a treat of beef. That was why I was near the fridge.
This was clean linen day. I had a nap in moonlight.
This is my vantage point. I sit here when the beans are busy with chores in the kicthen or when they're cooking. I remind myself  that it is probably better to be a kitty (in a good home)
san took this picture of me last week as she was preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year. I had to remind her that the first day of Spring was only yesterday and so Chinese New Year would be in two weeks. Sheesh! Even_I_ know that.

All in all I must say that everything is satisfactory and I am glad to be here where everyone loves me and I have a home. Now the only other thing is for me to convince san to stop cleaning my ears. She said I had gunk in there and it was unhealthy. I reminded her that I am 10 years old and had never been sick in all that time (except for a few fights with other cats). Secretly though I am glad to have someone wo would do all this for me (she told Craig that) but I have to keep up appearances!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wednesday Whispers more meds please...
Akira trying to hide from me at meds time.

Akira is doing so much better after her acupuncture treatments. She is very relaxed at the treatments and now eats her TCM easily as I decided to add a little honey to it. She does not bite through her skin as much, maybe once in two or three weeks. So I tell her every morning that she is a very clever girl for leaving her skin alone and she should think about how she can enjoy herself more. Adrian, her osteopath was also pleased with her progress as he can feel that her muscles are not so taut. He said he can feel that she is much more free as well.

Akira at the acupuncturist with Tiger, her friend of 10 years.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday Thots

Fern: "He said its ok. He can handle the *treatments and meds. I praised him for accepting  help and being so brave. He said he knew that all these are for his own good."

*his weekly acupuncture and his TCM meds for his kidneys and his anxiety. He continues to growl and threaten Dr O when he goes for acupuncture although now Dr O is able to put in all his needles at one go. We went to see Adrian, his osteopath who is helping him with back pain last week. Adrian said that his back is still hurting him but it has not grown worse. So that is good enough for us. 

Monday, February 02, 2015

Monday Mood

san always asks me to be quiet so I can fink about my actions. Sometimes I dont want to fink but just do. Then I always get into trouble wif mysisfur and bruffer and sometimes wif Popps. So today I fink "Quiet" is a good word fur me.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

I must say there is nothing thing very much to do here. I sit and sleep and look out of windows. I was bored but thank goodness for the mice. I like them. 
I have 3 - my favourite purple one, the new brown one with the feathers in the tail and of course the black one that squeaks. You can see from the picture that I reigned supreme in this mouse and cat fight! It can be exhausting as I had put on a little weight but it was not beyond my catness. 
I don't know what Popps is missing as I have never been an outdoor kitty. But she is getting used to the indoor life and I think she happy being here as she has a safe place and a family. The only thing that can be improved here is for san NOT to bring me to the needle doctor. He is a nice man but I can do without the needles. 
I like the quiet that is my family. They don't touch me too much and allow me to hang out wherever I want. I like resting here near my people to take care of gramma and still see what goes on outside. 
I decided to take charge of the remote in a family offur couch potatoes. I realized that they do too much sitting and san is at the puter often. When someone reaches for the remote I put my paw on it! It's my new shananigan game. At least all,offur us get some exercise. 
But I am glad my family does not disturb my naps. Even a kitty needs a rest. 
I am glad Popps is here as she is very firerce with the boys. But of course I know she would chase me if I make the wrong move. 
Yesterday I was outside from the morning as I told san that I wanted to sit near the window. Popps was outside and she sat at her favourite place. You can see my brother Tanaka sitting by the door as he was afraid of Popps. So I had a restful time yesterday. 
     We had a quiet week. It was uneventful but we are grateful for it.