Thursday, January 31, 2013

Walking in the park

I like this park as I get to do many things. One of my favourite things to do is get into the drain as I know san does not like it BUT it has interesting smells. san says as long as it is relatively dry, I can do that.
Its takes a little manouvering...but I can do it.

 I also like it here under this big tree. There is scrunchy, crunchy grass...
 I leave no branch unturned in my effort to get them...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Bujang and I went for a short walk yesterday - our first this week but it was a short walk along the corridor as there is lift upgrading and noise downstairs and he is easily frightened .

Here he is looking at our roses or rather just our future roses .

Tanaka: dun be fooled by san. The reason she has only 1 pic offur my bruffer Bujang here is she has not figured out how to have several pikshurs wif comments using her iphone . But I fink she is trying to make good on her resolution .

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Trial

San decided to try and post from her iPhone 5. No I dun fink san knows how to do this but she is willing to try. san says she would try to put Akira's pic that she took this afternoon. We both hope san doesn't mess up. san finks she might be able to post much more often...hmmm...
we will have to see about that!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Because

Well, a lap once occupied...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

Akira: Can I have some turkey?
san: No Akira. You had breakfast already don't you remember? How about some carrots?
Akira! ???
 The idea of carrots was too much and she had to rest for a bit ..taking it easy..
Life is easier these days for our kitty Megat. This is his second fav perch to rest in. The first one is on the bed against the cushion with the bright orange flowers.
 I am resting already...Err don't you fink my colours look good against the grey huh?
Sometimes even THE BOSS needs some rest time ...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Akira on Saturday

This Saturday I thought I would just post pics of Ms Akira hanging out in my room and hers. Although she now uses the litter in her night cage, she likes me to carry her to my room so we can hang out for a bit before everyone gets breakfast. I need to carry her, if not she would just sit on my feet and 'talk' to me  about it :) The first one is what she would usually do - roll about in bed. The fuzz is still hardly discernible.
 She likes watching the goings- on out this window. Actually its the only window we have. It overlooks the street and also of course the neighbours in the opp flat. She frequently scrutinizes the birdies in the windows.
 A pretty profile
Hmmm...what are those moving things down there?
 Her room overlooks the corridor. We now have quite a few flowering plants and since the neighbour's grand-child likes looking at flowers, Ms Akira inadvertently has new visitors as well.
 Pretty eyes on a pretty kitty :)
Please do not involve me! I am NOT here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ms Akira

 Nowadays Ms Akira spends more time outside ...
 She likes watching the corridor and sometimes the neighbours pass by. But she sticks to her guns and hardly ever runs away, unlike Bujang.
Yesterday she spent the some time outside. Her fuzz is growing quite nicely now although it would be a long time yet for her limbs to be covered by fur
Her confidence has grown quite alot and she is now able to sit in the middle of the living room unfazed. Of cos Megat and Tanaka are in the bedroom whenever she does this. She is still troubled by them and last week Tanaka flung himself onto the gates and shocked her. Megat on the other hand had tried once or twice to challenge her to a fight when she was in her night cage. Fern said that Megat finds her 'irritating' but she knows that Megat is old and finds many things disorienting. 
Taking a breather in the quiet of the bedroom in the afternoons...

At 16, Megat is the oldest of the amigos. He is now vocalising more often and sleeps most of the day away. Many things irritate him but I am glad he still finds the time to indulge Bujang in a game of 'catch' and would be the first to heed Bujang's calls for play at night. He sometimes goes in and out of rooms yelling loudly and we have to call his name. Fern is still working with him for Reiki and sometimes he tells her that he is more tired these days and sometimes gets 'headaches'. THAT is when he usually vocalises. We think its a sign of old age and he gets a little disoriented sometimes. So the calling of his name is quite helpful as he would hasten to see what was up. 

One of the curious things I have heard him say and this is to Laura Stinchfield whom I had spoken to about the amigos was when he asked her about dying. He asked her when he went to be with Toro (the Bridge) where would his body be? Would it be with him? She told him that only his spirit would be with Toro but is body would be with us. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walking adventures

Bujang got out very gingerly as it has been some time that we went down for a walk because of the constant rain that pelted us these few weeks. He was right to be cautious as we were followed by 2 very curious primary school children who asked me many questions about him. However, I quite admired his composure later when he decided that they were no danger. 
 "He eats grass?"The kids were quite surprised by this and asked me if he was also a rabbit :)
Later however he decided they were too much for him and he walked in the drain. Although it was wet, I decided that he deserved a break.All in all, he walked for about 40 minutes before both of us surrendered and went home to get away from the kids who insisted on giving us quizzes from The Whimpy Kid.
No! I will not wear a harness to walk! It makes me look stupid!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When its shenanigan- time, I always make sure that the coast is clear and I appear to be 'innocently just watching'. This is a must as human beans are furry good at catching a cat who 'just wants to have fun!'. My motto for shenanigan-time is 'if you act innocent, you are!' Then I do what a cat must...
I sit in front offur the little gerl's room. I am doing nuffing! Just sitting. Hahaha...BUT I watch her effury move in case I need to persuade her to 'have fun'. I am a good bruffer who is looking out for his little sisfur. san told me that the gerl is older than I am but I don't fink so. I am BOSS so offur course I am older!
Sometimes san tells me to leave her alone. I usually do as she says when I know I am in trouble but neffur fear. I know san cannot resist my purty face...
Yesterday I was quite successful at getting my own pot of grass. I persuaded my little sisfur to run and so san had to put me in a time-out but I looked at her sadly. Then san gave me my pot of grass. I think this is good training fur san too. This is a universal cat secret - make your person reward you for the naughty fings that you did. I am quite good at this!
san always gives me a pot just for myself as I lurve grass. This is biograss and san buys the seeds from the petshop. I do not like the wheatgrass from the supermarket. san says the reason I like my own pot of grass  might be because I like the smells of the sun and soil on it. It's also much softer than the wheatgrass. She needs to plant a new pot every 2 weeks.
san also broughted out our new cat seat as our red tent has gone to 'the dogs!'. She bought it using the many many papers that she had. san told me they were vouchers she got from buying us the many tins of cat food that we need. My bruffer Bujang sat in it first. I was not pleased as I wanted to sit in it. So when Bujang got up to eat, I activated my shenanigan button and....
For those offur you who are furry observant, yes, that grey cat behind me used to belong to my bruffer Toro who is now at the Bridge. san put him there so he can always be wif us.
Offur course I was furry tired after all that and had a good night's sleep dreaming of tomorrow....
san says sorry fur the blurry pic ...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adventures in Danger

I am the IT :)
(thanks to our friends The Poupounette for giving us the award)

 I scoff in the face of danger. 
(I am too curious for my own good)
 Hmm...I need to protect san from whatever it is that is in the tunnel
(I wonder what is in the drain...can I get into it I wonder)
Oahhhhhh....there is an enemy! A cat of mysterious colours! ROARRRR!!!
(hmmm...maybe this is not such a good idea. I do not like things that I do not know..oh dearrrr..)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Folly

 Yes I am THE BOSS! I have the years of experience and the body for it!
I think we are in agreement about this , no?
 What is THAT?
 I can't believe my eyes!
I am THE BOSS!! I also have the body for it. I am much more handsome! That is ALL that you need and of course san says I am extra BOSSY. I fink she means I mean business. YUP!