Friday, February 28, 2014

Tanaka's Tips for Kombatting the haze

Instead offur our usual TGIF instalment, we thought we should give some useful tips for kitties because of the haze. The hot season is here already and san thought we should have an SOP for ourselves. I helped her to find the right piksures fur us.

SOP 1: Take a nap
Naps are important as they help us to save energy for later (we can use our saved energy to persuade san to play in the middle offur the night)

SOP 2: Drink lots of water. We have 2 bowls of water that gets changed twice a day (for guaranteed freshness) and 2 water fountains. The more the merrier.

SOP 3: Play wif your bruffers indoors as outside is too dangerous fur us and fur our humans as well.

SOP 4: Get a cool space where even the sunpuddle is cool enough to lie on.

SOP 5: Offur course if you like computer games, you can play cat games on the iPad. My bruffer Bujang has his own as the iPad as well. I prefur games like flying and flips. My sisfur just likes sitting on san.

We hope these are useful for effuryone who is affected by the haze.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Haze Alert

 Akira taking a break in the living room
Bujang will also have to spend more time indoors. Fern said Bujang has a little trouble with his breathing but its not so serious. This week he spent most of his time indoors or with his cat games on iPad. He loves these games and will spend at least 15 minutes on the Fishing Game or the Art Game before he decides to go do something else. He is very proprietory about the games and will not allow me to participate. Its a good thing the other kitties take no interest in the cat games at all.
Tanaka on his snoopervising tour of duty along our corridor where he usually walks. The red bin is where the neighbour burns 'hell-money' for their ancestors. The box that says AKIRA was empty and AKIRA is actually the name of a popular electronic brand here.

We are having a very dry spell and it looks like it will last for a few more weeks. It seems it's the driest we have ever had. With the dry spell comes forest fires, natural or man-made. Indeed this morning we could smell the smoke and realised that the haze is here. So from today, we cannot open any windows nor our door. Bujang has been coughing intermittently but I think its more hairball than asthma. All kitties and people will have to stay indoors. I think if I am to take the kitties for a walk, it would have to be only along the corridors and not downstairs at all. Bujang would not be pleased but at least we could protect ourselves more this way.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just Because

My new toy thrills me. I love it. It's a fat goldfish that looks much like me except I am a furry slim kitty and much more handsome. San took these series of pikshurs offur me in action just now. Woah!! This fat fish is good to eat!
Some of the the pikshurs are furry blurry but san thought its good to have the pikshurs here anyway. She said I look good no matter what. I fink she has a good point. I must say The Chans picked out my toy beautifully good!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Choice

 I had gone through the the whole offur box after my sisfur Akira had gone through it. It was alot offur fun especially the wrappers.
 Hmmm I know these belong to my sisfur. I can can by her smell on the feathers.
 This is mine. I have not played wif it yet but I chose this one from the furry beginning.

This is mine too. san places it on my side offur the bed. It feels good to sleep on fleece all the way from France. Fanks you Chans and #1.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week san was very busy with guests  and her student who was in hospital. So we didn't get to walk out much. Also many pawrents came to school for the annual parent-teacher meeting. I know my brothers did not get much time outside but when they did go out, they had a fine time. I myself went out into the living room later each day as well but next week would be better. Yes, although my legs are much better, san tells me my stomach is a bare as a baby's bottom. 
Nevertheless we had a good time this week and these are our pictures. The pigeons were not afraid of my brother Bujang and came close to him last week. But Bujang knows he could never catcha bird so he left the alone. He sometimes stalks them but he never tries to catch them. Tanaka just walked about along the corridor and met a sunpuddle. My pictures were taken yesterday when I came out to sniff at MY birthday presents from France but san told me I needed to share a few after I have chosen my favourite ones. She said the Chans gave us a Valentine's day present so it's for everyone of us. I guess it's fine. I am not a greedy cat as long as I get first dips. 
            I had the first sniff. It smells of faraway places. I sniffed all round the edges carefully. 
WOAH! When san opened it, I was very excited to see what was inside. It is full of colorful packages and a note. 
See our stash errr...,presents!! There was even a picture is Sei-Chan in the box. She is a very beautiful kitty and I am pleased to have a note from #1 and a girl cat. I am the only girl cat here and so it is not all that much fun. San says we will open the presents after breakfast. I can't wait for that. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Easy

            Sitting on san on Saturday morning is rather pleasant. I should do this more.  
                                                Did you say something Bujang?
Will the both of you get up already? It's Saturday and san has to be at the dentist and we want breakfast! It's SATURDAY! 
                                NO! My teeth are fine. I don't need the dentist. I need breakfast.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Yes I have decided to sit at our place
 Its rather restful here when its one will ask me to get off 
TGIF - Time for a break

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 9th Gotcha Day Ms Akira

         I wonder what is in the mystery box that we got yesterday. Can it be my present?
        This is our surprise present from our good friends the Chans all the way in France. 
San told me that I can be the one to open the present this Saturday. San says we have a busy  week with guests and san having to go to the hospital to see one of her students tomorrow as well. 
              Ok then san. In that case I will be patient. Happy Gotcha Day to me :))

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Walking the parameters!

We went down for a walk yesterday as Bujang has been asking to go out for several days already. He is not fussy about where we walk but he totally adores walking downstairs on the grass. We are having a  dry spell and so the grass is dry and bard to chew. But he tries to find a good blade anyway. He has been exploring the area and has widened his walking spaces.
 This is our ixora parameter that separates the residential area from the street. The last time he walked here was a whole year ago.
 It was very hot and I was glad he found some shade. I of course did not have any such luck.
 Under the shadow of a palm tree
 He did not walk along the whole parameter as he was distracted by a little woofie who was also taking an evening walk.
Finally he found a place to rest that allowed me some shade as well. Hurrah!
We were downstairs for an hour almost. I had to hurry him as it was already dinner time and the rest of the kitties would be hungry. The evening sun was as terrible as the afternoon sun these days.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An artist in the making

 He loves the mouse as it squeaks when his paw hits it
 Bujang is quite fascinated by the game and nowadays he would sit on the bed immediately when it comes to bedtime and waits patiently for his games.
Of course you can also save this piece for posterity if you want (and I did as it was his first picture)
This is a short video of how Bujang reacts to his fishing game. He loves sleeping close to the swimming fish and listen to sounds of the water and sometimes he would strike a fish with his lightning paws :). I wonder if he is becoming addicted to computer games like people do.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Meditations

 upon a sunlit

...Just Breathe...