Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Furries

Bujang and Tanaka spent midnight listening to firecrackers. We had all our windows closed as sometimes people throw firecrackers out their windows as well! Increasingly we are hearing more and more firecrackers unlike 5 years ago when we would hear only one or two feeble bangs. 
                             Possibly the horse is bringing with it a lot of changes. 
Bujang was too tired of constantly being shocked by loud crackers and is spending the time in bed. 
        It's wasn't so bad san. I was not so afraid of the noise as I know I am safe at home. 
Although it was furry exciting last night, I am glad that today is quiet. I know later that there would be many people walking along our corridors as we have 5 Chinese families on our floor celebrating the new year.
One piece of good news is that our comcat may be leaving for a new forever home. He is now 2 years old and very cheery and active. Someone had asked us for a cat that they may want to adopt and we had recommended him highly. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the family takes him in. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

 Its the year of the horse and we are sure our fortune is bright and prosperity will come swiftly to our door.
 Its time? Why wasn't I given enough warning? 
 I need time to groom myself to purrfection!
 I am going to take more naps now as I know later today, there will be much noise from outside when people go for their reunion dinner.
I am just napping in bed because I like it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Whispers


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The art of eating grass

The kitties simple love grass and would eat wheatgrass happily. Everyone gets wheatgrass before I go to work every morning. Tanaka does not like to be fed grass by hand as he has yet to learn how to move his long whiskers away. I did not get them grass for the whole of last month and he has been showing Fern, our animal communicator and reiki friend, images of grass. So I called Kin Yan and they brought the amigos the wheatgrass trays last week. I had tried to grow my own catgrass but I have yet to be successful at it.

 1 tray will last him about 1 week. The other tray is for Bujang and Akira, who would eat grass by hand. Akira would also eat the tops of the grass in their trays but not Bujang.
He is not interested in the grass although he would deign to sniff at it. He prefers his cut grass. But he likes eating from downstairs though. This grass is hardier but he chooses his grass carefully.

Bujang taking a slow walk last week.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Because

Last Sunday, she spent almost 2 hours on my lap napping and kneading! I had pins and needles and she had a restful sleep :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

These are some of our favorite photos for this week. We thought we should put them all together using the free InstaMag app. 
We finally had a very clear picture of our sunbird last Saturday and thought the birdie should get pride of place as it gave us a lot of joy. Here Tanaka was the first one to roll about on our fresh bed sheets and Akira enjoyed sitting on the Kilim that my sister brought us from kabul when she came back for her short break. It is made from lambs wool and of course the amigos rolled about on it for some time. The last picture is of Bujang smelling the grass. He really loves walking on it and I am glad he could do so again. 
Here, I had just told Tanana he should just lie on the bed and not scratch at the sheets but of cos he pretends he did not hear me and ignored my request.

Tanaka: I should think so. It will be furry sad if no one sees me scratching san's bed sheet. People may think we behave too well for kitties. THAT is not true. I like the cool cotton sheets and make sure all are scented appropriately. I like sleeping on them furry much in the quiet afternoons and sometimes san joins me fur a short nap as well. So it's my job to make sure all sheets feel well-used. It makes them more comfortable. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Week of Surprises

Last week has been full of me coughing and just resting. The amigos have been behaving very well indeed and the spirit essences seem to be working their magic;). The amigos were more restful and calm. However, for Tanaka, rest is not to be as he had walked out of my bedroom for 3 consecutive mornings and sat on top of Akira's cage trying to say hello with his paw through it. But truth be told, he was a little less obsessed  and she was very relaxed and took it in her stride. In my effort to instil peace in the house, I had asked Craig, a reiki practioner, to give them all an attunement. The results were surprising indeed but not in any obvious change in behaviour. I now know that in our household I have 3 powers to love :)
                                                Rocket Tanaka, the Protector
                                 Ms Akira, the Healer (this is an old pic and one of my fav)
                                             and Big Boss Bujang, the Mediator

But all this makes for a long story which I will tell in later posts when I have sorted them all out in my head. 

So we will end this short post with 2 pictures of Bujang walking on grass and negotiating his favorite green space last Thursday. It took him 2 days to get comfortable with walking in the park again after a whole year of walking along corridors. 
                             On Wed he spent most of his time in his carrier
On Thursday he spent most of his time outside walking on his old spots. The days have been quiet as the lift upgrading works have slowed down. This means he could get more time downstairs although I think it was walking up and down stairs that had allowed him to lose some of his weight. I plan to have him lose at least 1 kg for this year. I hope we could make it. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rest Well Meep


We are sad to know that a good kitty Meep went to the bridge to be with our bridge brothers last Sunday. He was 18 years old and had played a good last trick on his friend Dell by tricking her into thinking that he had abdominal edema. It turned out that he was only putting on weight!! Rest Well Meep and say hello to our bridge brothers. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This Sunday san thought we should not just have pics of sleeping cats or even a cat under a pillowcase as we usually do. Since Chinese New Year is in two weeks, san decided we should wear our crystals in our collars. San boughted us 2 different ones.          
The green crystal is Adventurine. The ones in the pikshur are for my broffur Bujang and my sisfur Akira. They boost resistance to stressful situations, helps with confidence and will soothe fears. They are also very gentle emotional healers. San thought they could use some help. The other one is rose quartz for yours truly. San says she hopes it will open my heart chakra to include my sisfur as well and I will not be so territorial. Hmmmm we shall see.                
               I was furry suspicious of the stones and investigated them thoroughly. 
This is me modeling my new orange collar that says CHAT. I also have a new brown and orange bell that is a little less noisy. As I am the only kitty with a bell san thought we do not have to be clanging through the house. I agree wif her as I think I look furry handsome here with my rose quartz crystal for my heart. 
This is Bujang's new watermelon collar. It's pink and green which are good colors for the heart chakra as well. San says there is no harm trying and if we all try hard enough the universe will help us as well, like the power of the paw. 
Bujang is modeling his collar. He looks furry handsome here. He looks all of his 10 years. But here he...
       looks like my bruffer- the one that I chase and play wif. He looks much younger here.                  
This is my sisfur's collar with green and pink and the Adventurine. But she did not model it as she was
                  napping under here. 
We are all ready for Chinese New Year. It's the year of the horse. I wonder what is in store for us kitties. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Easy

Finally san was able to post somefing this morning. She has not been well the whole week. I fink it's the shock of work in her system. But I told her to at least put somefing up and so she decided to put this one pic today. She made a good choice I fink. 
This is me sitting wif her yesterday when she was koff, koff, koffing. She wanted to rest so there was only myself and san. The door was locked so we would be safe from noise of banging hammers  and drills. I Thots I did furry well indeed. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good For You Tanaka!

Leash training yesterday went quite well. He was very relaxed, relaxed enough to do this in his favourite pink tent. Sorry for the blurry pic.
What was more encouraging was when it was time for bed. Usually I would switch off the main lights in the house. This would signal to everyone that it was Rest&Relax time before bed and Tanaka would be in the bedroom by then. Last night I had switched off the lights and Akira, who was already outside sitting on top of the fridge, decided to go into the living room, blissfully unaware that Tanaka was still seated here. This is actually a blind spot and if you go from the kitchen to the living room and vice-versa, you would not be able to see around the corner.

Tanaka was seated here, in his harness and was actually quite relaxed and was just looking at her. He did not start up nor did he look hard at her at all. He just sat here. I was quite horrified and after a few seconds had the presence of mind to scoop him up and put him in the bedroom. The miracle was Tanaka just sat there.

I do not know if this was the result of the homeopathic Spirit Essence from Jackson Galaxy of My Cat from Hell fame. I had rubbed 4 drops onto his ears and fur. I had used the Bach Remedy before and although it did calm him down, it did not stop him from running at her at every chance.
The site says this-  In multi-animal situations, it seems there is always one bully who wants to be the boss and tell everyone else what to do. Bully Remedy reminds the "big cheese" that things are fine without needing to patrol everyone else, and that it is not necessary to dominate in order to live harmoniously.

Some guidelines
We recommend starting with 3 or 4 times a day, for 2 weeks. Once improvement is established, usually within 2-4 weeks, you can wean the animal off by gradually decreasing the frequency of administration. Adding a few drops to the drinking water as well as once-a-day administration will probably be adequate. Some animals may need to remain on essence treatment long term, and some may see resolution very quickly. We have also found that most animals will also benefit from long-term administration of a maintenance formula.

This morning, when he got out from the bedroom, he immediately went to the kitchen and did not climb onto the shelves to to put his paws into Akira's cage. Then he sat by the cat tent and did not look at her.

I am much encouraged as I had tried the Bully Remedy from other brands but this one seems to walk the talk. Of course it may be a coincidence and Tanaka may be too tired to run after her. I need to try it for the month first.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Memories of Sunday

Yesterday san brought us out for our walk in the afternoon. We have not been out any time last week as it was the first week in san's schedule that she went back to work and she was tired. We were very tolerant of this oversight but we were glad we began walking again. 
This was upstairs. I like walking up here as there was much stuff to look at like shoes and rows upon rows of clothes on the line. This was a very artistically pruned plant. 
San cleared the corridor and removed some stuff from here. This was because she noticed the both of us being furry interested in this space. Now it's just nuffing! I don't know why she has to spoil our fun like this. 
I went downstairs and looked at some bicycles. They were not in the best shape  though. I wonder why humans have so much junk outside. 
                               And I went upstairs. It was furry good exercise. 
Then afterwards, Bujang and I rested wif san on the bed and all of us had a good Sunday nap. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

san thought that this was a good picture to start with. I was just hanging out at the window this morning and she took out her clicky box aka camera phone. She said you can just see my tag that says 'Peace' and my strawberry bell. I didn't have a peaceful start this morning though as my sisfur Akira was not pleased that I was so curious. From inside the room, she launched at me like a horrid banshee and screamed in my face. Ok, I did stare at her some but there was no reason to act like that! San did not scold her and told her she was a'good girl' to stand her ground so. I don't think san should encourage her like that! I would like a new model for a mom!!
                                       I am no pushover and it's time he knows that!
I don't know why Tanaka just doesn't realize we are family and we should respect each other's space. I told him to leave her alone many times already but he does not seem to remember nor hear the advice. Ok, so he is only six years old but when I was six years old I had to look after Akira and my bridge brother Totoro. Maybe he forgets easily san. 
This is a compilation of a few of my fav pictures of the amigos. It's done on an iPhone App which I downloaded last night called instagmag. So we leave you with this pic of us all. We hope your Sunday is a joyful one. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Easy

We had a very quiet time on Saturday. I didn't get to go out in the morning as san had to go to the dentist _I_ didn't have to go to the dentist so I had a nice long nap. san said when I wake up she would take me for a walk outside. We'll see!!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday Thots

There are many fings that I think about. Offur course today I waited for Akira to come to the living room to play. We were having leash training and I was in the pink cat tent. She didn't see me as she was too busy trying to come close to san but she stopped short when she saw the leash!!! THAT was a tragedy. If not for the leash and san seated next to me and telling me to lick and yawn to calm myself, I would have got her. Sheesh!!
San comes home late from work every day this week. But today I got to sit close to her on the couch. I was pretty glad as I have a nice home and a person who loves me. If only Tanaka would behave himself!
                                     Tsk!!! These kids are just trying my patience!!