Friday, November 29, 2013


Because it is not often that I sit here to rest san decided to use these pictures that she took yesterday for today's TGIF. Yesterday I had quite a restful time outside as the orange furball was in his harness. San is trying to train him to bother me less. I do not know if it is going to be successful but at least I am not so worried about him, we'll not too much although he had chased me twice last week.
I spent time looking out of the window. This one is more open (without the protective mat over the grill). I can see better out of this window. 
                          Then san decided to take some pics from the corridor. 
                                I  think I am the same from inside or outside!
                                       san: whatcha lookin at little kitty?
                                Ok. I will leave you to it then. 


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday Thots

                          What am I going to do today? I dunno yet. Let me see....
                 Let me see what the air feels like. Hmmmm... There is only ONE thing to do...


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Whistles

                                      What is that san? I hear birdies!!
An indeed it was true. I don't know what this bird is called but sometimes they come in pairs. They're tiny with curved beaks.  I know for sure it's the nectar that attracts them. 
                                     The birdie is in the middle of the picture. 
 A bigger picture. This one is yellow and green so it's well-disguised. I had planted these plants for the yellow flowers that would attract butterflies and we have ones that are yellow and black that come here. The flowers also attracts these little birds. The main reason I had planted them was I thought the butterflies and birdies would cheer up the kitties as they sit at the window. They used to look out into empty corridors before. Now we have the flowers and some more red ones that do attract hummingbirds as the flowers are tubular. 
Akira went for a closer look but got distracted by her need to groom. By the time she stopped the bird was gone. 
                                 Oh well san. Time for a short nap under this pillow case!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reading for the holidays

I bought a box from MUJI to keep my reading in order. Also it would allow me to see which books I had read already and can give away to the library for a book exchange. Of cos the boys decided to help me with it. 
         Is this box fur me to sit in? It smells good and its sturdy. It also has my coloring. I like it. 
You're serious. You're putting books in my box? Will you be able to read all offur these books before school begins again? Are you shureeee? 
There are too many books and I think you might not have time to walk with me if you read all of them. What? You have read some of them already? Which one is your favorite then?
       A good choice san. It has pictures of dogs and a horse on it. I'm sure you enjoyed it a lot. 

A note from san - the book tells of a journey Louis Hedyt had caring for her dogs who became sick with cancer and also death of two of them. She also detailed her conversations with her dogs and her horse, Genji, with the animal communicator Laura Stinchfield. It was very touching and real for me and I am sure many people thought I was strange to cry as I was reading the book as well. I had also spoken to Laura before and so it was like listening to an old friend. 
Let me help you get rid of the ribbon then maybe you can read to us. 'The Shining' by Stephen King? Maybe not.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

   Yup. Time to rest and just be yourself   

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Really? We got an award or did I get an award? No I have not seen a mouse ..ever.
What do the mouses look like? Are they scary? But I am furry brave and I know I would be able to catch them mouses!

We are furry pleased to get an award from our furry good friends from France The Poupounette. We are city cats and indoors as well and so we haf neffur seen a mouse. But we have mouses like these. san says they belong to her but we know they really belong to us.
The words say "Bad Wolf" as san is a Dr WHO fan.
This is also one offur my favourite games wif san. It is called Cat and Mouse!

There are, as always, certain requirements that come with the award:
° That we thank the blogger who gave it to us - Done
° That we post it on our blog - Done
° That we use the word Mouses - Done
* That we need to translate the word 'mouse' into another language.
That we pass the award to two more bloggers. Errr..we always have trouble wif this one as san is not a furry good blogger but we fink we should give it to the awesome cats from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life as those awesome kitties would sure be furry good mousers although san knows that they are purty busy up there looking for Furrever Homes for the PAWsome bunch, especially fur Patches and Snow White.
Ok san. You did well this time. Next time there must be TWO okay. I will look out fur anuffer one. In the meantime, let me go find us a REAL mouse!
Ok. We missed out some things. We need to tell you how to say 'mouse' in another languge. san told me she will depend on me to do this as Tanaka likes to play and sing but not do anything else. 

In Malay, the word 'mouse' is 'tikus' and in Arabic, it is 'faar'. I think now we have done all that we need to :)

Friday, November 22, 2013


                                                         It's TGIF
                                    Time to rock and roll and rock and roll 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Because

                 It's nearly 8. I know you need some rest but its getting way out if hand san. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 Ok. I see something nice san. Maybe we can bring it up to our house. It looks like a better birthday present and much more entertaining. We can all play on it.
san: WHAT!! No! We can't bring this into our house Bujang. It belongs to the landing. I think its for the people in the houses to rest.
Bujang: Then why don't they bring it home?
san: Maybe its for a big party that they may be having.
Bujang: Ok then. You may be right.
 WOHOO!! Bicycles for sale! They're not? They belong to the people in the houses? Hmmm...
 I'm too tired to go shopping anymore. I need to rest.
 Am I shopping for my own present?
 Can we bring these pots and pans home? No? The people need them? Then why are they outside?
 I don't understand people. See san. This is my ball. I have it in my house so I can play wif it. People are strange to put their stuff outsid eoffur their houses.
Leave me alone. I am grooming!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Thank you for NOT buying me this present for my birthday san. The tuna dinner and walk were quite enough.
I bought this present for Tanaka as he is curious at the best and worst of times. I thought he might like a robot for himself. What could be better than a robot bug?
This was what he got. It would work better on a less smooth surface I think although it should be able to do more than walk around in circles.

This was what he thought about it. Hahaha
I should have known my cat better! 
I much preferred my morning walk THIS morning san then my purresent from yesterday. Fanks anyway. Nano technology you say? Hmmphhhfff! Cat Technology is what they need!
Ok. Maybe I feel a little sorry for him. Maybe....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Because

                            It's Monday. I am here to remind  you to get up and feed us. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday- a tutorial

Today is finally Easy Peasy Sunday. I think the orange furball needs a model of what THAT is like. 
First, you need to rest some place obvious, preferably in front of san so she can take a picture of you. 
            Then you need to appear nonchalant. Desperation makes for a bad picture. 
                   It does not hurt to lift your head a little so she can get your profile..
  Did I make myself clear Rocket Tanaka? San said I have to teach you to be peaceful and calm. 
                                   I have places to go Bujang. Sorry.

Friday, November 15, 2013

TGIF.... Maybe

                                     WHAT?!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT. MORE PRESENTS?
            Are these my presents san? You said I have anuffer bifday ...
I don't believe it! Why does he gets so many? I only got a birthday wish and a plate of bifday salmon and a long walk and hmmmmmm.....
                              Can I open one offur them? No? When then?
          Okay. On Monday after we come home from the osteopath. Okay it's not so long till then..
Do you promise san? Ok I promise.