Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan is only for

human beans san, not for cats. No you don't have to tell me about it. I_will_not_be_fasting!!Btw Have a good Ramadan everybuddy, if you are celebrating it that is :)

Goodnight Sunday

We'll say goodnight then y'all

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just Because

"He is 7.49kg

of muscle and no fat," the vet Dr T said. Thank goodness for that!

I brought Bujang for his FIV/FeLV test this afternoon and he tested negative. But as we live with an FIV+ cat, it makes sense for the kitties to be vaccinated against FIV so he was the first one vaccinated. I brought only Bujang to the vet as I thought he would be rather difficult to deal with as he is always very frightened and becomes angry. But this afternoon he was rather mellow and his growls were not as threatening as before. This was agood thing and so the vet did the test very quickly. He took Bujang's blood gently and with soft words :) Of course there were two other nurses who helped him but it was not very stressful for Bujang.

Then he got his mani/pedi (WOW!!!) without bloodifying the assistants and he was also microchipped. I thought it best to get everything done when he was still so mellow and calm:)

I think if indeed he ever gets lost and someone brings him to the vet to check for FIV, they would also check for the microchip and so it seems to be the best solution for now. The 2 boys would get their shots later next week.

Friday, July 29, 2011


When a little cat sleeps

things seem so much better...TGIF...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bujang in action

This evening Bujang went for a walk. He walked here for a little while then he bolted. I idn't quite know what happened but I kept up with him. Then when he was in his old territory, I examined his fur and saw a big red ant. OUCH! Thank goodness there was that one only. he must have had a great shock after this walk!

Tuesday Laze-about

Time to bed I think...but not before our nightly cuddle :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Moods

I am in no mood for Monday! Its still too hot.


Megat: san spent some time worrying about what will happen to my brothers after our fight. This happened a few weeks ago when san found that I had pus at my side. She brought me to the vet and the vet said there were 2 puncture wounds at my side, one healed and the other not. The reason she worried was because I am an FIV + kitty and she knew this when she adopted me 5 years ago when I was 10. She did not think that any one of us would get into a big fight and as I only had 1 canine, I could not possibly inflict a great deal of harm on my brothers. But she of course did not think that one of my brothers would bite me and so the posisbilty of one of them having FIV is very big on the horizon. So she finally decided to test every one of them.
This was what happened. This was the site of the bite. But now I am very well and the bite has healed marvellously too.

Toro had the first test yesterday as he also had to get his blood review done. The vet said that his cretinine level is 2.5 and his BUN is 29. But as we were told the tests would show these indicators as he has renal problems. More to the point his FIV/FeLV test is negative. Since the vet did not have the required vaccination for FIV, I would bring him again this week for his shots. I suspected it could not be Toro as he would rather run than fight although he is known for putting Bujang in a headlock many times:)
Tanaka: san said I would go to the vet's this week wif my bruffer Bujang. san said that it was more likey Bujang was the culprit (that means the one who did it..uhem..) I like my bruffer Megat and we are friends. I told san that I do not need shots but she very seriously told me not to be afraid as all of my bruffers except Megat would need to be tested.

I asked san what if Bujang is difficult? She told me the vet has many assistants and they would help him out. san said we if we are FIV/FeLV negative, we still need the FIV vaccination which needs a booster in a month and then it would be an annual one. san still has to discuss with our vet about the annual vaccination part. san also read about the fact that there might be confusion once we are given our FIV vaccination as we might later test positive. People may think we have the virus and not just vaccinated against getting the virus. If one of us gets lost and we are tested for FIV, dire fings can happen! I do not want this to happen to any offur us. But then we are all micro-chipped except for Bujang and he WILL be microchipped by the end of the week.She says she has to think quite alot about this eventhough she has told the vet that she would vaccinate all offur us.

I went to the Best Friends website and it says
5. The virus can be spread through blood transfusions, badly infected gums, or serious, penetrating bite wounds. (Bite wounds of this kind are extremely rare, except in free-roaming, unneutered tomcats.)

I do not think the wound that Megat had was a 'serious penetrating bite wound,' though but I since I would need to test Bujang, I decided to test all the boys. Ms Akira would not be involved as she was not in the fray and she is separated from the boys (except Bujang) at all times. However, by the end of this week, we would know our test results.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Today I stood guard. I told san that as long as I am around, no one would dare come disturb us...especially noisy and frightening kids coming home from school...
Then I examined some strange things around my neighborhood. san told me this bicycle was going nowhere. I told her that I was more interested in the green string but san didn't allow me to play with it. "DANGEROUS!" she said.
Then we saw this strange wheelbarrow. It has a white shovel in it and a little clay pot. We stayed for a while here but we couldn't think of anything so...
I broughted san to my favourite place...I like sitting here watching the neighbourhood....
By 7 at dark time, we went home and I had some rest. I was very tired but I was glad we went for a walk..! Oh yeah...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Watch

...first we wait quietly and then we pounce on her....and then if we can we will.....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Its too hot!

san: Its 33 degrees out Toro. Are you sure you want to sit by the window?
Toro: Of cos san. I like the breeze and the sun warms me up :)


What's that noise?

who is there?

I finally found a cat tree tall (CATRY) enough for her to look out of the window. She is very curious and would climb up the tall bookshelf to look out when she hears noises. Now she has a choice of climbing up on this. The chair placed next to her cat tree allows her to hide herself if there is a need to. No one can see her from outside as the windows are tinted. So she is prefectly safe. I sometimes open the windows for her so she can breathe the air outside. As she does not like the outside and is rather timid, I am not afraid that she would get out through the grills. She would sometimes just sit on the cat tree looking out. Hardly anyone notices her enough to stop and say hello as she is hardly seen at all (even with the window pane open).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ms Akira's Monday

Yup. She is rather fat. Her fur is soft and luxuriant on the outside but the underside needs work.
Ms Akira is more frisky these days. She is quite vocal about wanting to be out of her princess room and she is eating very well indeed. Her fur is growing again very very slowly. There is a hardly discernible fuzz on her lower limbs but as it is a slow process, she gets to them before they can even make an appearance. I have also put a Felliway diffuser in her room to make her calmer and she has a new cat post that allows her to see the outside. Grandma usually opens a bit of the curtains so she can see the outside and no one from the outside can see her. But she has started licking the underside of her tail :( I would have to ask the vet about the steroids once she starts to bite at her skin though. At present, she has not done that much.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking Back in Wonder or LBW for short

We thought we will also have a post where we look back in wonder at ourselves. san choosed these pikshurs offur me. She kept them in her phone. Then she looked at me and said, "Hmm..where did the cute factor go Tanaka?" I dunno what she means as I am STILL cute!


Time to play...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Because

OH-OH Toroble again...

san: Are you in Toroble? Stuck under the table Toro?

Toro: Nonono...I am fine. Leave me alone please

san : Ok..if you are sure..

Toro: yupyupyupyup

Toroble: do I get out offur this
Toroble: ok..let's pretend...zzzzzzz

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Don't kid me san!
Really? Ok let me settle ONE thing first...

a loooooong drink...


I hope san will be able to keep up with this new arrangement - a walk 5 days for the week and maybe along the corridor one day during the weekend. san says this is because I have been putting on weight as I have done no walking downstairs at all. Although I do play with my bruffers, san thinks I need more time exercising. Hmmm...I am up for that if san is able to keep up with this resolution. We shall see....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Putih and her shenanigans

Putih calmly eating dinner after my frantic search for her.

Last Saturday, I finally found her 2 blocks away from her own and she came out at my ring although she stayed back from Tiger and Jeffry B. So I had to feed the 2 male cats and bring her dinner to her side. She refused to move from where she was. Then she decided she didn't like the open space and sat here instead. Finally!

I found out that there was some upgrading of public utilities where she was and so she had migrated to a quieter side of the estate. So I guess she had a cause to migrate.
After eating just 1/3 of her dinner, she jumped off and with nary a glance, strode purposefully away. I assumed she would be at her usual site...
and she was.

A good Samaritan smsed me at 11.30 pm on Saturday to tell me that she was sleeping on the overhead bridge!! 2 people have now informed me of her whereabouts, which is good. The last time she disappeared, we had not managed to put a new collar on her so her new orange collar is doing its job.

On the mend

Megat is a good patient and will sit quietly when I give him the wipe-down and clean his wound. he would sit through much quietly :)
Yesterday he was looking very well indeed. I have not put him in the collar after that first day. he does'nt lick the spot as he did not like the antiseptic powder. Sister s suggested that I put tea tree oil if he has minor wounds. OUCH! But she said this would work well.

The wound is now clear and clean at the edges. I had to clean it twice a day on Sunday to get rid of the crust that had built up from the antiseptic powder. I then decided not to sprinkle it liberally on the wound itself but just around it to prevent him from licking the spot. This morning , it had closed up quite firmly together. He actually has 4 more days of pills. He has learnt to spit the clavamox and had tried that twice this morning. If not for the treats that he gets, I think he would not agree to sitting quietly also :)

How To #2 Make your human appreciate you...

This aftrenoon's lesson is a simple one: How to make your human love you without doing much work..heheeh...
When they are busy, you always need to be close enough to supervise. It does not matter if you just look at them. Human beings think they are furry interesting but they are actually not so. But YOU know that wif a few quick looks, you will be set fur life.

Always tell them what to look out fur, like dirt in between your cages or that they have missed a spot or so. Make sure they know this by frequently pawing at the cage. Human beings like direction and they will be grateful.

Then when all the dirt have been wiped away, stretch the whole length of whataver furniture you are currently on, preferably the one close enough to the offending furniture in question. This will signal that the job was done furry well indeed and that you have no further directions to give.

Always and I mean always look cute when efurrything is over. The human being will be pleased that you are pleased and they will leave you alone fur the rest offur the day to play. They will also give you a treat or more if you open your eyes wide and look at them. Human beings cannot resist us. You know and I know but let this be a secret between us cats.

Friday, July 08, 2011


Here's to the weekend :)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cats @ cat_aunty

Mera and Kiki...
Barley settling in...
We are glad to see some old friends doing well and relaxing at cat_aunty. I hear Spencer is none too pleased with the new addition to her house although Barley is quite blissfully unconcerned :) She is a very dashing kitty with her bright blue eyes!