Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I am collared!

If I look sad enough will you take it off san?

Sister N came to help grandma this afternoon and saw that Megat was trying to lick the lanced site and so she collared him. He was pretty unhappy and of course could not walk about properly. So Sister N decided to put Megat in this basket where he stayed put. I think he was nervous about walking and jumping about in his collar.

The good thing was he could not lick his wound but the bad thing was he didn't get to drink water either and he did not go to the bins. Therefore as I was giving him his meds and suppository, he decided to go right there in the towel. AOHHH! But I knew he was quite desperate and so just cleaned him up. He immediately went to pee right after his meds too. Poor Thing!

The good news was right after dinner, I didn't have to put the collar on him again as he behaved well and didn't lick his wounds. He tried once but he got a mouthful of antiseptic powder! So he stopped.

I decided to clean his wound again before he went to bed. The wound had dried up already and I think he would not worry it anymore this night. I hope...If not, he would have to be in the collar again tomorrow.

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Admiral Hestorb said...

oh the poor baby and poor you, too. i pray hec will recover quickly. kissies and love.