Monday, July 11, 2011

How To #2 Make your human appreciate you...

This aftrenoon's lesson is a simple one: How to make your human love you without doing much work..heheeh...
When they are busy, you always need to be close enough to supervise. It does not matter if you just look at them. Human beings think they are furry interesting but they are actually not so. But YOU know that wif a few quick looks, you will be set fur life.

Always tell them what to look out fur, like dirt in between your cages or that they have missed a spot or so. Make sure they know this by frequently pawing at the cage. Human beings like direction and they will be grateful.

Then when all the dirt have been wiped away, stretch the whole length of whataver furniture you are currently on, preferably the one close enough to the offending furniture in question. This will signal that the job was done furry well indeed and that you have no further directions to give.

Always and I mean always look cute when efurrything is over. The human being will be pleased that you are pleased and they will leave you alone fur the rest offur the day to play. They will also give you a treat or more if you open your eyes wide and look at them. Human beings cannot resist us. You know and I know but let this be a secret between us cats.

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Katnip Lounge said...

Tanaka, these are excellent instuctions! And we will keep your we have to go look cute. We need a treat!