Monday, July 11, 2011

On the mend

Megat is a good patient and will sit quietly when I give him the wipe-down and clean his wound. he would sit through much quietly :)
Yesterday he was looking very well indeed. I have not put him in the collar after that first day. he does'nt lick the spot as he did not like the antiseptic powder. Sister s suggested that I put tea tree oil if he has minor wounds. OUCH! But she said this would work well.

The wound is now clear and clean at the edges. I had to clean it twice a day on Sunday to get rid of the crust that had built up from the antiseptic powder. I then decided not to sprinkle it liberally on the wound itself but just around it to prevent him from licking the spot. This morning , it had closed up quite firmly together. He actually has 4 more days of pills. He has learnt to spit the clavamox and had tried that twice this morning. If not for the treats that he gets, I think he would not agree to sitting quietly also :)

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mylittlebuddies said...

Hi Megat, be a good boy and finish your meds! :)