Saturday, July 30, 2011

"He is 7.49kg

of muscle and no fat," the vet Dr T said. Thank goodness for that!

I brought Bujang for his FIV/FeLV test this afternoon and he tested negative. But as we live with an FIV+ cat, it makes sense for the kitties to be vaccinated against FIV so he was the first one vaccinated. I brought only Bujang to the vet as I thought he would be rather difficult to deal with as he is always very frightened and becomes angry. But this afternoon he was rather mellow and his growls were not as threatening as before. This was agood thing and so the vet did the test very quickly. He took Bujang's blood gently and with soft words :) Of course there were two other nurses who helped him but it was not very stressful for Bujang.

Then he got his mani/pedi (WOW!!!) without bloodifying the assistants and he was also microchipped. I thought it best to get everything done when he was still so mellow and calm:)

I think if indeed he ever gets lost and someone brings him to the vet to check for FIV, they would also check for the microchip and so it seems to be the best solution for now. The 2 boys would get their shots later next week.


Katnip Lounge said...

He's a big boy! Same size as Sylvester, who's an armful. Thank goodness he was mellow!

Auntie p said...