Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Easy

                                  Another quiet day at home. 
Akira is doing some work with Craig to make her more confident in her self. Bujang has come a long way and he is now more able to sit by himself in open spaces. 

Like in this picture that we posted before. This was a first for Bujang as too open to everything. 
Craig asked Akira why she kept biting her fur and her reply was that she 'was not confident enough to take part in life' but at the same time she really wanted to do so and so she took it out on herself. But we will see how she progresses in confidence. 
                             Akira on Saturday morning looking out the window. 

Friday, May 30, 2014


Take a deep breath...and...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tanaka Thursday

 I am always interested in effurything 
 This is a new fing here. I wonder what this is. It smells furry exciting...
No insects? How am I going to do my job san?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Quiet

A quiet walk in the afternoon
a quiet sleep after...

I helped my furmily last night. I chased a nasty (san finks) black cockroach outta our house. I chased him all around the living room and then he ran out. san was furry happy and gave me two friskies treats. Then I saw him again enter our house. THAT was not good. I am the protector of my house and so I chased him but san put him under a glass. It was like watching a movie. I watched him fur many minutes , then cousin r brought him outside. Hmmm...I could do with some more entertainment though. So today I am a little tired.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Because

First we downstairs
then we nap upstairs on the couch...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Mood


Akira had a new adventure yesterday, one that she wants to pursue further. I had a note from Fern last night after her reiki session.

Fern: I sensed that she felt optimistic and very pleased. She said she did something different today and she wanted to do it again. I asked her what it is, she didn't say.
I brought her for a walk in the early evening when no one was about. I was surprised that she actually began walking purposefully instead of doing the 1 minute turn-a-round walk. 
 She reached the end of this section and almost always she would pause and then turn around to go home.
 Instead she decided to climb up 2 flights of stairs and 
 made a beeline for this upturned sofa. I think the owners had given the sofa a wash or a good airing.
 Its quite massive and Akira was very curious as to what it was. We used to have such a sofa, in yellow,  when she was a little kitty and where she used to sit with Bujang.
 She spent a short time sniffing but was frightened by some loud noises. She immediately made for home.
Akira: I am looking forward to doing new things.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


We are lucky that the rain is here again and the grass is green for Bujang. We always go out in the morning if it's the weekend or early evening if it's a weekday. We are also lucky to be living further away from the shopping areas so it is always quiet where we are. The boys got to go out only once or twice this week as I had papers to grade but I think next week we should be able to go out more often. 
This is me watching my favourite You Tube video of the red cardinal. San tried to show me some orange orioles and a couple of birds of paradise yesterday but I didn't trike them much. The hands do not belong to san. She is using the PIP Camera software and found this one. She thought it was funny to have me posed like this. I do NOT think so but I think it's important to let the beans have their way some of the time. 
This is me in my new green harness. San bought my brother Bujang this green harness but she chose the wrong size. It is SMALL. Anyone who has seen my bruffer would know that SMALL does not begin to describe him. Since san was too lazy to send it back, I now have a green harness. This is quite nice as I like looking at plants and offur course I like gardening. Btw san, there is a beetle in this orchid!
I prefer more laid back things. I especially like looking out of san's window as there are many pigeons resting outside. I also like watching the neighbours. Being here always makes me wonder what goes on in the other people's houses and whether cats live there too. 
        It's time for breakfast san. It's 7.46 am already. I am hungry can't you see?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Easy

I told san that I have not been in the blog pictures for many many days and today should be my turn. So here I am sitting by san's window this morning before breakfast. The teddy bear behind me belonged to my rainbow brother Totoro but we like him there as it was his favourite place and we feel his spirit close to us everyday. 
san: Since Bujang is doing well with Craig, the Reiki teacher who is helping him with his emotional traumas, I thought Akira might be able to get the same help from Craig to help her with her overgrooming.  The little fuzz that was growing over her limbs is now no more. 
But at least the skin is not red nor were scabs evident so she has not bitten through it. It surprises me as she is more confident than before and is so much calmer and happier. So it may be the case that it is a habitual action. 
                  No worries san. We will soon get all this sorted out as well. 

Friday, May 23, 2014


This is us at 6.20 am. san was ready for work and saw us waiting for our sisfur. Ok I was waiting for Akira. My bruffer Bujang was just relaxing in the middle of the living room. san said she has never seen Bujang sit in the middle of the living room in 10 years of his life wif us. san says its a mirakle! Bujang would always sit at corners and on top offur fings where he can watch in safety and also watch over us. san is furry glad that Bujang has learnt gradually how to relax. san says it must be due to him being able to work out his anxieties as well. Notice that all offur our fings are here. We have half the living room, closet to the corridor so we can see outside when we want but offur course we also like sitting on the bean's side offur the house.
Here I was telling my sisfur Akira that I would like to be friends. after all its TGIF day and we should all relax. I don't know why she doesn't trust me still.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tanaka Tuesday

I am quite glad that I have this day to myself. Maybe I should ask san to have me effury Tuesday. Here I was on my corridor walk. I only like concrete under my feet, not grass. Grass is only fur eating in pots. I usually visit my rainbow bruffers when I am outside. 
I also like walking to our neighbour's house at the end of the corridor. They have bigger plants and the house is also cooler. I like watching fings from this opening in the wall.
 Usually somefing interesting would be happening here.
I also like napping after walks. Its so I can get more energy fur later, when I try to be nice to my sisfur :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mood


Fern told me last night that the 2 kitties had a conversation Akira said Tanaka had asked her a question.

T: Why are you now so brave Akira?
A: Hmmmmmm........(she didn't say anything)
 If she doesn't tell me san, how can I be a better friend? I don't know the secret.
Bujang: Really! I told him he needs to be patient, move slowly and give her time to think. She is a thinker. I think Tanaka doesn't listen very well san.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


                               We hope you enjoy today's picture post for the week. 

We wish everybody a good Sunday.  Today our day will be mostly indoors as san has to grade her papers. But we know the papers will keep us in food and lodging for many years to come so its okie :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Outside Inside

Yesterday san came home early and we immediately went for a walk. There were birdies but I was more interested in grass. The birdies know this about me and they minded their own business.
 But I spent some time in my carrier as I also like just looking around but in a safe place.
 Yes. I tried to tell san that she should help me clean my face but she was too busy reading her book. I felt sleepy and took a short nap.

Note: It is not often that Bujang sleeps when he can walk on the grass. But he has been sleeping quite a lot these past week. He is undergoing-treatment healing with Craig who helps him with his traumas. It has been quite effective as he no longer has a stressed spine and he allows me to touch his back without trying to bite me. The osteopath Adrian said that his stressed out spine could be the result of emotional traumas or stresses like how people may get a heart attack from being angry all the time. So since the osteopath said that he no longer has a stressed spine during our second consultation, I think the Reiki may be working for him. 

He is more affectionate, less grumpy and does not bite when we touch his spine or his back. He allows us to pet him more than one minute and would gently touch our hands if he wants us to stop. Before he would claw first and talk later. He has 3 more treatments to go. 

 I took a walk outside as well and made a trip to see my Bridge Bruffer Megat.
 Hmm....the little kitty memorial stone needs sprucing up san.
I stayed inside as I prefer sitting here for the breeze.

Our weekend began yesterday. We hope you are dong something nice this weekend as well.

Friday, May 16, 2014


                             Yup. Today I will just be hanging out in style in bed!
My guard duties will be considerably less. I plan to catch up on my forty-seven missed. naps errrr make that a gazillion
                                                      Huh? Is it TGIF already?