Saturday, May 17, 2014

Outside Inside

Yesterday san came home early and we immediately went for a walk. There were birdies but I was more interested in grass. The birdies know this about me and they minded their own business.
 But I spent some time in my carrier as I also like just looking around but in a safe place.
 Yes. I tried to tell san that she should help me clean my face but she was too busy reading her book. I felt sleepy and took a short nap.

Note: It is not often that Bujang sleeps when he can walk on the grass. But he has been sleeping quite a lot these past week. He is undergoing-treatment healing with Craig who helps him with his traumas. It has been quite effective as he no longer has a stressed spine and he allows me to touch his back without trying to bite me. The osteopath Adrian said that his stressed out spine could be the result of emotional traumas or stresses like how people may get a heart attack from being angry all the time. So since the osteopath said that he no longer has a stressed spine during our second consultation, I think the Reiki may be working for him. 

He is more affectionate, less grumpy and does not bite when we touch his spine or his back. He allows us to pet him more than one minute and would gently touch our hands if he wants us to stop. Before he would claw first and talk later. He has 3 more treatments to go. 

 I took a walk outside as well and made a trip to see my Bridge Bruffer Megat.
 Hmm....the little kitty memorial stone needs sprucing up san.
I stayed inside as I prefer sitting here for the breeze.

Our weekend began yesterday. We hope you are dong something nice this weekend as well.

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We're very glad to hear that the Reiki is working on you, Bujang.

Good job making sure Megat's memorial is all spruced up, Tanaka-Chan!

You look very comfy, Ms. Akira.

The Chans