Sunday, May 04, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

Our InstMag shows all of us walking outside this week. Only Bujang had longer hours downstairs as he had told Craig ( the Reiki teacher who is also helping him with his back) that he wanted a longer time outside. So he gets 1 hour and sometimes more than that. Yesterday though he had an interrupted walk as the com cat who used to roam the green was there yesterday and insisted on following him. He was uneasy and growled loudly. So we went to the ixora park but the same thing happened. Finally we went to another place altogether but he insisted on going to his usual green ( as he could see it from where he was). So although Bujang had one hour downstairs, it was much interrupted. 
This was the cat that wanted to follow him about. I have not seen this cat for many months and thought that he had been abandoned by his caregiver. This was the cat that had both his ankles broken by feral dogs and he had to be taken to the vet. We had taken him to 2 vets and he had to stay at a shelter to recover. His caregivers now were some people who live in the same building as us but on a different floor. Although they have yet to keep him totally indoors (as he has 2 metal plates in his back ankles and might not be able to run from feral dogs again) at least he knows he has a home to run to. He is our bionic kitty. Although Bujang was upset, I was glad to see him healthy and curious. 
The tuxedo under the darker bushes was upset by Bujang's presence and as it was 'his' garden I thought we should not make it difficult for him. 
Bujang was not pleased to be here and wanted to go to his usual green to his right. So I finally had to take him home. 
   Where he took over the whole couch and slept to recover from his upsetting experience. 
                        Today though we will all have an Easy Peasy Day. 

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