Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tanaka Tuesday

 Tanaka sitting pretty on new bed sheets
Figuring out sunpuddle patterns 

san says this week she would post some offur our thots here and we would get one entry each or maybe she may do this fur a whole week as we talk a lot. I can't help it if we have many fings to say. However, most of what we have to say will be about our own learning about ourselves. 

san wants me to say that if you are a new reader to our blog (err...we know we do not have many but its polite to explain), we have 2 Reiki healers who help us and we have 3 people who talk to us as well. Furst, we have Laura Stinchfield who was the furst one to talk to us 2 years ago and san had blogged about her already. She was the furst one who discovered that my sisfur Akira may have some trouble with her spine. Then we have our friend Fern, who speaks with us every week and who gives us Reiki. We had also spoken to Craig MacLennon and he had helped my sisfur, myself and san to work out our troubles. san says because of Craig, she was able to work out that it could be her own fear that may contribute to our problems as well and she is also learning to let go of hur fear that we would fight. Now offur cos we are better together although san still allows us separate times outside.

What you are going to read about now is my conversation wif Craig about why I do not allow my sisfur Akira to be outside. But now I am better at this and I fink I need to learn many fings about how to be a family.

"I connected quickly and the communication flowed easily. He was a joy to speak to and has such a beautiful vitality to him. I started by asking what he thought of Akira and his response was clear that he did not like her and that the space that they share is his. He explained that it was not that he hated her, but rather that he felt that if he gave up some of his space and allowed her access to it that Akira would get more love than he does. He acknowledged that they are both loved but Akira is 'pretty' and because of this she may get more love if he lets her have more freedom. He was worried that he was not as playful/sweet as she was in her own way and that he could not compete with this and would get less love.

All animals have their own spiritual paths and Tanaka is the protector cat. He loves this role and not only protects your house from pests, but also spiritually. I reminded Tanaka that being a protector requires courage and strength and that you were very appreciative of this and loved him very much. I showed him that he has just as important skills/path as Akira and that it was not possible that one could be loved more than the other and there was no need to feel threatened and compete with each other. He was very responsive to this (especially as he now understands how important his role is) which was great. I told him that I thought it would be beneficial for him if I did a clearing of his energy bodies (to removed any negative energy) and then to attune him to Reiki as this would help him when feeling threatened and help him when he is being the protector. Without any hesitation he said I could."

san and I hope that you are much entertained by my conversations with Craig. Nowadays I have less jealousy and I told Fern that I am now just curious about my sisfur and how I think she is cute. I still call her 'little girl' cos that is how I see hur. I also tell Fern about ordinary fings that happen in our house. Last week someone in the house had stomachache and had put some smelly stinky stuff on it. san told Fern later that it was grandma. So we talk about impawtant stuff like my food and some not so impawtant stuff like ...well if its not food, its not so impawtant.

Offur cos some people (including san's bean family) tell san that she may be wasting her money and time on animal communicators and reiki fur animals and she should donate to other things that are less 'exotic'. But we think or rather san thinks that all investments in healing are good investments. 


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

First of all, Tanaka-Chan, we want you to know that, even though we are far away from you, we all love you very much!

#1 says she wishes she could afford to ask a communicator to find out why Tama-Chan feels so angry at Bibi, even though he is her son. But with so many of us, especially the very big Vs who eat up a lot of funds, that is not possible for now. So, we enjoy reading about your experiences. We don't think t's a waste of money.

The Chans

Eileen said...

Tanaka, we think consulting with your animal communicator is a great idea. It can be so difficult to communicate our thoughts and feelings to our humans. You do look lovely on your red bedding. Meow, Jessica