Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone

We wish you a Happy New Year...

I already have my New Year Resolution. Actually san made mine :)

Have you made yours yet?

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Last Waltz of 2008

Bujang striding purposefully forward on this last day of 2008...

"Did you say something san?" "Did you say i look slimmer?"


"What is that cat doing walking near my house? How dare he!

Our last walk of 2008 went very well indeed. Bujang enjoyed it a lot and did not want to get back into his carrier to go home. I had to persuade him (rather forcefully) to get back inside so we could get home before dark. I know from previous experience that Bujang would not walk in the dark and I didn't want to get bitten by mosquitoes. He actually walked all the way to the perimeter of the grass area but I was glad he did not want to walk on the pavement as it was too near the road. However, he got a little side-tracked when he smelled the ixora and spent a few minutes investigating the flowers and actually sat to contemplate Nature for a bit :) We reached home without incident where he also had to be persuaded to clean his paws and belly :) I does seem to enjoy the walks in this section of our neighbourhood.

I saw a third cat from the same flat. This cat did not look as disgusted as the fat white one. It was just curious and did not have half its body out of the grills. I used to have this type of grills but decided to change it to our present one that is diagonal and smaller too. But I know I have never seen any of these cats downstairs so I think these are strictly indoor cats. I hope so anyway. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 29, 2008

More Sleepy Heads




On Monday morning when everyone..almost everyone is at work, we cats have a good time napping. Its good to be a cat. Posted by Picasa

Cat CD

I got this cat CD as it promised great relaxation for the kitties. The blurb says "Cats respond to all kinds of music, but the tracks on this CD have been specially created to relax and calm your cat. Purring sounds - which are healing sounds for cats - have been included to have an extra calming effect on your pet!"

It has 4 tracks by the Japanese composer Hiroki Sakaguchi who also played Keyboard, Chikara Suda (Cello & Outstring), Shigeru Oikawa (recorder/Traverso), Tohru Sakurada (lute), Hiroshi Fuzukawa (Viola da Gamba) and takeshi Ishikawa (percussion). I was trying to listen to the purring sounds and of course I didn't hear any. This morning I read that "Some of the tracks in this CD contain sounds that are only audible to animals". Ok. THAT is something that I cannot verify :)

However, it seems the composer's pet dog would always listen to the music he composed and his friends pets were all relaxed when they heard the music.

Last night Bujang was being very bossy to me as well as to the boys and he ran up and down the bedroom. So I figured out I should give the CD a try. Of course I had switched off all the lights. This always makes them calmer, even Bujang. However sometimes he would still yell for some time afterwards and would try to bully the other two. I am glad to report that a few minutes after I played the tracks, he became quiet and sat down to relax. I will try the CD again throughout the week of course to see if indeed it is not a fluke.

Btw Trude Mostue, TV vet saiys "It really does work!" :))

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Monday Moods



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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goodnight Sunday

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Ooh is that true?

Toro was very interested to see what happens next...

He was quite transfixed...

Nothing could distract him from looking at...


Toro is now very good about his daily brushing. he often comes and asks for me to brush him but he has yet to learn to sit in one place. I notce that if I brush his tail, he would sit down immediately and so everytime he shows any sign of moving, I would do that :) Cousin R has yet to do this successfully eventhough she knows the trick :) I think he knows he can bully her as she is always the one who asks him to sit down to be brushed.

This evening, after his session, he was quite mesmerised by the sight of the Seringeti fox and family and sat there transfixed watching until the fox was off screen :)) Posted by Picasa

Yes its my turn

This morning I had my turn with my toy. san put the orange fuzzball in the room. Whahaha...

I had a good time this morning....
This morning I had a good time catching Da Bird becuz the orange fuzzball is NOT in the room wif me. He does not know how to take turns at all. He will jump all the time, always. Hrumph! But this morning san played wif all of us separately, even megat had a turn (although I fink he is too old and she should play wif me longer)Posted by Picasa

Under Cover

Bujang decided that today was a good day to be under cover as Toro was doing his own thing with Da Bird. He waited his turn like the good kitty that he is. Actually he is very good at taking turns as he knows when he gets Da Bird, no one else would challenge him for it :) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What we did for Christmas

I hope san brings us out today...its Christmas after all...

Bujang and Tanaka going to the neighboyrs house to seek Christmas joy...

Tanaka leaves nothing unturned in his search...

Buajng was not out for long as the neighbours came home and he got scared by the noise. Merry Christmas anyways neighbors :)

Since Christmas clouds loomed in the sky, I brought Bujang and Tanaka out seperately to walk along the corridors. tanaka was out first so he very jauntily went in search of the Christmas spirit. All the doors were closed however :) He went downstairs just to see if there was the Christmas spirit along that level but he didn't find any. We finally got home and as Bujang was wiating for his turn, I brought him out immediately. He walked along the same corridors looking about as was his wont but the neighbours came home from shopping and he got spooked. He then decided to walk home and waited for me to open the grills for him :)

Neither of them found any Christmas spirit until Cousin R came by with hot noodles and curry puffs :) She played with them for abit. There is nothing like family to spend Christmas with :))

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Da Bird joy at Christmas I

okok..I got it..I got it...

Now where do I hide it from the boys?

Let me think about it...

Here seems like a good place - in the middle of the living room. No one would think of it.

Tanaka likes to fly at the lure and then once having caught it, he would try to hide it from everyone else, even if there is no one esle who wants it from him :) In case someone actually does make a move on the lure, he would let out a deep-throated growl and look at the kitty indignantly from under his brows! Maybe he has learnt to guard what is his since he is the youngest and has to fight for many things :)Posted by Picasa

Da Bird joy at Christmas II

Toro wrestling with Da Bird. He likes to lie in wait for the lure and then pounces on it...
I'll catch you no matter where you are!
I can wait. I have a lot of patience...

What did I tell you?

Toro would only play with Da Bird when he is the ONLY player. If anyone else takes part in the game, he would sit apart and then take a nap or stare at the usurper with deadly eyes. So I would usually have to take the opportunity to play with him when everyone else is pre-occupied with other things. I would wave to him quietly and he nows this is our signal for play. Then we would go to the room and I would have to close the door against everyone else. Only then would he play to his heart's content. He prefers to ambush the lure secretly from behind cupboards and tables and cat seats so it can take some time for him to get into the game :). Tanaka just likes to fly at the lure. Bujang would slap the lure about before biting it to death. Megat would slide for the lure and Ms Akira likes the slippery slide and mad ambush ploy :) Whatever their strategy, everyone likes Da bird :)

Thoughts on Christmas morning

I thoughted I would write a christmas entry this morning. It would save san some time. It is my purresent fur her this year.

On Christmas Morning I sat and waited fur my purresents...just like on TV. san gave me a cup of cold water (blehh!!) and some salmon treats and then she let me sleep late fur Christmas on her bed. I usually sleep on the bed every morning after grandma opens my cage but this morning, she did not ask me to get down when she made the bed :)) We also got new Christmas collars that san boughted from fur fur away. They all have snowflake pikshurs on them except Ms Akira who has some designs. san tells me its paisley (whatever that is). Merry Christmas everyone who celebrates it and also who shares in it :)Posted by Picasa

My Christmas present :)

Ms Akira decided to sit with me this quiet Christmas night. I am grateful for this as she has been quiet all day in the kitchen, sleeping. I think she was silent because it rained all day and indeed the boys also slept quite bit.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

May everyone get many christmas treats :)
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