Monday, December 01, 2008

1st Dec 2008 - The big Catfight

I woke up to black and white fur flying a cat screams and snarling. It was Megat and Ms Akira on Round 2 of the big cat fight! I asked grandma who started it and she said Megat saw Ms akira sitting and decided to go for her! Aiyoh! And Ms Akira has just rediscovered sitting with family.
Tanaka sometimes tries to run after Megat and would at times pats him on the back as he wants to play but Megat has warned him off several times. I don't think Megat would (unless backed to a corner) ever try to pick a fight with Tanaka since he is so much bigger than Megat now. Megat runs away when Bujang so much as look in his direction although he does try to run off Toro several times when Toro gets too near his 'territory'. There has been some grey fur flying about too.Megat has learnt not to be too bold in asking for a brush when Toro is being brushed as Toro would slap him but I guess he thinks other than that, all is fair in staking territory.
Grandma told Megat that since he already has such thin fur and getting old, he should just rest and relax and not try to fight. :)
After the blood-curling screams, there was only black fur on the ground so Ms Akira was unscathed this time. Last time, there was black and white fur and a little blood. I think I will have a Ms Akira who skulks around for a long time yet. She is now safely sitting on top of grandma's cupboard.


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

It's never boring over at your place! Over here, the screams are often worse than the results, but blood is bad...

Anonymous said...

There are disagreements once in a while among our felines too but it is usually more noise than any 'can-see' damage. I think the humans are the most stressed!
Usually trifles trigger an imaginary infringement. The "why r u staring at me" is the most common...just like humans ;)

san said...

Megat hates being straed at . when Toro looks at him longer than he likes, he flies at him. When Bujang stares at him a few seconds longer, he runs :)I suspect he is rather jealous of Ms Akira as she gets to rock the house at night while he is in the cage. I sometimes see him watching her. Truth to say, Megat gets alot of attention from me but it seems its not enough attention or maybe the 'right' kind of attention, not that I know what that is. Or maybe he thinks he can bully her but she is a great fighter herself and prefers to scream first and fight later (only if she can't do anything else)