Saturday, December 06, 2008

Annual checkups on Easy Saturday

After the vet, time to nap...

"Is Bujang in a good mood?" the vet asked. I told her that Bujang seemed relaxed this morning and he should be ok. It took some persuasion from me to get him on the vet's table and once on it, he kept still. The vet gingerly checked his ears and teeth and then we put him on the weighing scale. Oh dear. To mu surprise he got on it quietly. 7.75 kg!!! I expected Dr s to tell me about the neccessity of putting him on a diet but she didn't. In 2 years, he had put 1.75 kg from 6 kg 2 years ago.

Then it was time to trim the nails. All of us took a deep breath and the assistant held him gently. Dr S very gently told him he was a handsome boy and it would not hurt him to trim his nails. Then very quickly she did 3 nails before he growled a warning. Oh-oh! But with great dexterity, she cut the other two and then she let him take a breather. After a few seconds, she went to his other side and did the same. He growled once or twice but he did not struggle (unlike the time when Dr l had tried to trim his nails).

We all breathed a sigh of relief when all his front paws were done. i told the doc there was no need to trim his back paws. So we bundled him up and he relaxed in his carrier. :))

Ooo..I am so tired...

Dr S wanted to check Toro first as he always behaves himself at the vet and this time was no different. He was 5.63 kg. I guess that was quite ok for him although of course he should be 4 kg. She checked his ears and there was no mites. I was worrried that his ear mites problem was not solved as his left ear sometimes gets rather dirty. The doc saw that he had a little eczema on the left side of his head and gave me something for him.

Then the boys, Cousin R and I spent some time outside so they could see the streets of S but Bujang kept meowing. The people who came to see him all said ' big..". But Toro managed to win them over with his pretty blue eyes and good looks :)

I am glad it was not such a bad visit for the boys.


meemsnyc said...

We hate getting our nails trimmed too. We do the bitey!

Sen, Tama and Tom said...

We're glad the visits went well and the vet did not say the dreaded "D" word!

auntie p said...

Heheh...Bujang is of a muscular size. He is a special bigger cat. :)