Monday, December 29, 2008

Cat CD

I got this cat CD as it promised great relaxation for the kitties. The blurb says "Cats respond to all kinds of music, but the tracks on this CD have been specially created to relax and calm your cat. Purring sounds - which are healing sounds for cats - have been included to have an extra calming effect on your pet!"

It has 4 tracks by the Japanese composer Hiroki Sakaguchi who also played Keyboard, Chikara Suda (Cello & Outstring), Shigeru Oikawa (recorder/Traverso), Tohru Sakurada (lute), Hiroshi Fuzukawa (Viola da Gamba) and takeshi Ishikawa (percussion). I was trying to listen to the purring sounds and of course I didn't hear any. This morning I read that "Some of the tracks in this CD contain sounds that are only audible to animals". Ok. THAT is something that I cannot verify :)

However, it seems the composer's pet dog would always listen to the music he composed and his friends pets were all relaxed when they heard the music.

Last night Bujang was being very bossy to me as well as to the boys and he ran up and down the bedroom. So I figured out I should give the CD a try. Of course I had switched off all the lights. This always makes them calmer, even Bujang. However sometimes he would still yell for some time afterwards and would try to bully the other two. I am glad to report that a few minutes after I played the tracks, he became quiet and sat down to relax. I will try the CD again throughout the week of course to see if indeed it is not a fluke.

Btw Trude Mostue, TV vet saiys "It really does work!" :))

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Anonymous said...

Haha, this is it can't be readily verified by the beans. Please test it out during a trying time and let us know the result. :)

Auntie p

Anonymous said...

sounds good! may i know where did u buy the cd from? mite want to buy one for my cat :)

san said...

I actually got it online as I was looking for a really good CD for the amigos when they are frazzled. The 'purring' sounds sold me on this CD.

I also got one from PL some years ago - Music for your cats. That one works well when they are all relaxed in the first place. It just got them to sit still and fall asleep.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

itunes has 150 titles of music tracks for cats - "Feline Meditation", "Tail Swishin'", "Vet Visit Blues", "Outdoor Cat Indoor Behavior", "Small Cat Big Heart" etc etc..US99cts per song & you get to hear 30secs b4 you download. You get to compile your own CD for your cat without leaving your house and ready in minutes ;)

I compiled a CD of whistling songs for AfricanGrey (parrot) and it does a fairly good imitation of its favourite song BridgeOverRiverKwai. CD for cats was not as appreciated.