Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ms Akira

I don't feel well san...

Ms Akira was not her usual self- as expected. Last night, when it was time to run about, she came out and sat in the kitchen, by herself. This morning she was feeling much better but didn't want to have her wet food dinner in the kitchen. So I brought it to her...on top of the cupboard. Tonight (or this morning) she came out of her cage for her night romp and after sitting by herself for an hour, decided she would rather sit in her cage with her little tiger. She feels a little hot but not much hotter than last night. I hope she feels better tomorrow (or later this morning).

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Anonymous said...

Yrs ago, i vaccinated cats & dogs yearly. Most cats are normal aft vacc though a few would be quiet for 1-2dys. One cat in particular wld have a lump at vaccination site for mths-vaccine-associated sarcoma?

For several yrs now, i do not vaccinate elderly cats, cats with health problems and do not vaccinate pets yearly. They are all indoors & have no contact with other pets.
My pets that passed away since then had succumbed mostly to heart, kidney, cancer diseases.

Controversy over pet vaccinations
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And yes, i have discussed this with our vet.