Friday, October 28, 2016

TGIF with baby pictures

 Bujang at 4 weeks with his BFF- a sock that he kept dragging around
After food...asleep under the sun on comfy cushions
Bujang at 13 years

Bujang is my first kitty in a flat. I spent many years wondering how I can keep a cat safe and offer him a semblance of freedom before I even got a cat. But during a thunderstorm I had no choice but to take him home. Another friend of mine took 3 of his siblings home with her as she had room for three and a nice garden to offer them. I took Bujang home as he was the one who screamed the loudest and who seemed to be the most fearful. Even now, he is scared of thunder and would hide under the bed until the all clear.
Who you lookin' at human?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday with Rez

Rezki waiting for dinner. 
The black cat decal was for my rainbow cat Megat. the tipped ear was the result of carelessness where I had just torn the envelope and as a result torn off the ear as well. But it worked well as Megat had a tipped ear and now Rezki also has one. The little rooster was just a door stopper.
After dinner
Rez always sits here after dinner. We had wrapped this couch in colour ad placed equally colouful objects around in case we needed to take pictures for FB. its worked out quite well as now he does not disappear into a pool of black.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just Because

I had decided to make a hack out of a supermarket trolley so that I can bring at least 2 cats down for a ride after their dinner. This trolley was created with one bought supermarket trolley, some plastic mesh, cable ties  and Popps' bed. Its lightweight and allows the amigos to see the sights without any difficulty. Yesterday I brought Bujang to the park. It was a quiet morning and we had a nice time. Then I remembered that this was where I had first taught him to walk, when he was about 6 months old, around these exact benches.
Bujang when he was about 6 months. He had a figure 8 harness.
He was unafraid and would explore everywhere. The pics are blurry because it was taken about 13 years ago and I  had a borrowed and battered camera.
Here he is now 13 years later at the exact same spot, napping.

I am thinking of replacing this mesh with a black one as this would 'hide' the kitties from the public eye. Yesterday we had a dog owner who allowed her dog to growl at him eventhough I told her that 'my cat doesn't like dogs growling at him much'. I had to wheel him away from her. Then there was another woman who tried to wheel him away without asking my permission. I think she may just be quite taken with the contraption and wanted to try it out but still, it was a very shocking action that she thought she could just do that. But nothing disastrous happened and Bujang napped the rest of the time away. When he woke up, he meowed loudly and I took it as a signal that he wanted to go home. So we did.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just Because

Popsicle Popps and her bff (actually the soft toy belongs to Tanaka)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ultra Sound and Xray for Bujang

Bujang had ultra sound as well as xrays yesterday. I was and am glad that his organs are all fine except of course for his kidneys. He has stage 2 CRF for about 3 years already. Both his kidney walls had thickened but the critical functions are healthy. I was concerned that the 250 ml of LR may have affected either his lungs or heart but these organs are both healthy. I told the vet that he would cough whenever he hisses (usually at Rez) and that was why I wanted both tests. The vet suggested that it could be allergens in the air as he would have to have a sharp intake of breath when hissing. As to his weight loss, the vet could only offer the explanation that as both of his kidneys are not 100% well, his body needed to use a lot more energy to compensate. I have yet to figure this one out or read more on it but possibly there would be more to this story. I have instructed the vet to only give him 150 ml of SubQ fluids per SubQ day. So that would give him 300 ml of LR per week, not 250 ml per session. I read that the fluids is to rehydrate, not to flush out toxins. I do not want his kidneys to work harder than they should. 

He is no longer vomitting daily so I am not giving him anymore of the TCM for that. Instead Dr Oh had given us TCM for his pancreas as he said that vomitting could also be a symptom of pancreatic issues. His AMYL is high for both his tests this year. I will have to see if he would even eat this in the first place. 

The vet also suggested that he should have quarterly ultra sound checks. That sounds like a workable idea although they would have to sedate him for each session. THAT is not ideal.

Friday, October 14, 2016

It's my blanket as well san

Last night, Bujang decided to sleep on my blanket instead. So before I could do anything, he sat here and groomed himself, getting ready for bed. I waited as I assumed that he would go to his spot (beside my head) to sleep as usual but no. He decided that he was comfortable enough and slept on my blanket for the whole night, not moving away until the morning alarm. So 3/4 of the bed to Bujang and 1/4 to Tanaka and myself. Tonight I have to be much quicker!

My iPhone Blogger App is not working well and now I can't find the old app at all. So it seems for now I have to blog using my laptop and can't do it on-the-go. Maybe ist because I have not been updating my apps the 1001 time.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Time for the vet Bujang

Bujang is going for ultra sound next Tuesday 18 Oct, as part of his annual checkup. He has been feeling nauseous and was given Ranitidine 150mg/10ml  x 2, which made him sick and he threw up several times within two days. After consulting with the very knowledgeable ladies from the FELINE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE FB group for Bujang, it seems even this was too much for him. His Subq of 250 ml may have hurt him a little as well. Fern has been telling me for some weeks that she feels his chest being heavy. 

He had a full blood test and his TP is better at 8.6 and his creat has increased from 2.1 to 2.5. It is one point over the high range. But the rest of his numbers are fine and his phosphorus is only 3.6, which is ok. However he is now 6.2 kg from 7.5 kg. And that is only in 10 months. The vet concurs that the weight loss may be too much for 10 months or it could be that I have succeeded in persuading grandma not to feed him every time he asks for it.

He is ok and jumping about, not dehydrated. The vet although had suggested 2x Sub Q because of his 2.5 creatinine. But since he is bout 13.75 pounds, he should get about 130 ml only and 250 ml, it seems is too much for a kitty's kidneys and heart to take from Tanya CRF site, which is the CRF site to go to for information and help.

Nevertheless, as he is not dehydrated, I will not be giving him the subq for now until all his ultra sound and xray are done. I need to know if there is another reason for his drastic weight loss.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Walkies on Sunday

Finally I brought Ms Akira downstairs for her very first walk. She has never done this in all her 12 years.  She had specifically made a request through Fern that she thinks this may be an activity that she might enjoy.
She did enjoy it much to my surprise. After the initial meow of fear, she very bravely sat and was interested in everything outside. I had bundled her up as I thought she would appreciate the cover and comfort of the towel. She also had her soft toy.

True to form, she only had one eye out when the going was noisy. But she went back to alert mode when we were at the park.

Popps had no such problem. She looked at everything and everyone. She told Fern that she would like to go outside to see the sights in a carrier and when it was not raining. She is a cat who knows her mind although I am amused that she would make the 'not raining' request. It may be from her commcat days when she used to sit in the rain or when she had to huddle in corners for fear of getting cold and wet.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Wednesday Whisperz

Shhh...let me ask you something ....Who was that looking at me  from outside the door? It looked like a black cat!

Rez had been spending some time at night looking and sitting at the door and looking out into the corridor at night. I noticed his head would turn and seemed to follow something. I hope it was just Megat telling him to behave. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

We Remember

          Today we remember Megat
            13 Dec 2006 - 4 Oct 2013
I replanted the lantana for the yellow butterflies. The goat is there just for laughs. The fat cat angel reminds me of what Megat's spirit was like - he was full of joy and quiet. Fly High Megat. Be one with the stars. 

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Just Because

              I am watching you!!
          Morning shenanigans