Monday, December 31, 2012

Giving Thanks

In our last post for 2012, we give thanks for all the good times we had with each other and with the kindness of all the bloggers who came to see us. We also want to thank the bloggers who comforted us when our little kitty Totoro went to the bridge on 16th September. It was a dark day for all of us here and the kindness that everyone showed us made us feel loved and cared for.We still remember goofy Totoro and his love for soft breezes and cuddles and we know we were very lucky to have him for a time. 

We hope 2013 beings for everyone happiness and joy.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

A water-lily sees us all peaceful this morning. This was taken in Cambodia at the Silver Pagoda but I thought it says all that want and wish for kitties and their beans everywhere.
 san will not be going anywhere soon, which is good. Taking care of the house is very tiring when I have to do it alone. Its time for some easy living now.

 Easy Living? No way. I am still hopeful of surprising the little gurl!
We have stopped wiping her down with the warm salt water. She gets nervous and would not come out of her cubby hole when she sees Cousin R and me. So I have started her on some other homeopathy meds and  she has since slowed down her over-grooming and stress levels. She is more laid-back and confident and would ask to go out of the room as much as she can. She does not even mind walking along the corridor in the late afternoon when it is quiet. This picture was taken last Thursday when she came out in the late morning and she fell asleep here in the breeze.
This is what Ms Akira has in her food (1.5ml) and her water (1/2 a capful) every day. It seems to work very well for her. Although the vet says that she is over-grooming because of stress, she may have allergies that we do not know about. of course with her leg not bothering her so much (thanks to the osteopath AD) she is also feeling much better. But of course she is still not mixing with Tanaka and Megat as she is still fearful of them. I think we have a long way to go with that problem.

Friday, December 21, 2012


We are seriously not pleased that san is going away T_O_D_A_Y! and leaving us alone. Well..ok not alone. Cousin R will be staying over some nights to take care offur us and so will san's sister N. Ok, maybe we will be ok wifout hur for 5 whole days. She told us she would be in Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and generally take a break.

Also san read that today 21 Dec 2012 is thought to be endoftheworld . that case san should be wif us and not traipsing around. I do not know what these beans are up to. But one fing I do know is that we would get many treats from our sitters, esp Cousin R, as they all think we are soooo cute...and we are :))

Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's time for SHE-NA-NI-GANS again! Mine and err...san says Ms Akira's also.I fink she is learning from me, her bruffer about shenanigans. san put this purty box out. I know she meant it fur me as I am the resident cat-in-the-box. So my brain said -Its TIME. I fink if I sit in here, the little gurl will not see me.
 Hmmm...lets see if she comes close to the door!
I wonder where she is?
 (Ms Akira is sitting at the far left just watching him)
Tanaka would sometimes sit on the green boxes and wait for her. I think he thinks if he does this, she may come close to the gate and he can ambush her right there. Before, she had come quite close but she realised in time that he was hiding behind the wall close to the gate or on top of  the green boxes! So now she has taken to doing this;
Taking a nap away from the gate. She spends quite some time in this cubby hole as it  is hidden from view. Maybe the experiment is not working out so well as the purpose of me putting the gates was for them to look at each other and m_a_y_b_e be a little more friendly. 

For 2 days in a row, she has taken to hiding in here when its time for her warm salt bath so she has not had any. She is a clever kitty I must say. But as she is in here and not under her blanket, I think she may be a little cooler which is a good thing as well.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Thots

Ms Akira finished her 3rd consult with Dr AL, the osteopath. He said that her spine is straightened (hurrah) and her hind leg is much more relaxed. He also taught me how to massage her neck muscles and her leg muscles. It was a very empowering session for both Ms Akira and I. Since I forgot to bring the pictures of her overgroomed areas, we persuaded Ms Akira to walk using her harness. She was very brave and walked a little bit.

Dr AL asked me if she always crouched low on the ground and I said that was true. This was how she walked about. It was only at night that she walked tall as she knew the boys would be in the room or cage. DR AL said that this could also contribute to her muscles in her leg and neck getting so stiff and if so, this would lead to her mouth being stiff and unrelaxed and all this would have caused her alot of pain.

Dr AL said that it he felt she would always be afraid of the boys as it is alreday wired into her brain and all that we could do is to try to persuade her slowly to let go of the past.

Our next appointment is next year Feb where he would check her again and re-adjust her limbs if needed. So basically in terms of alignment, she is as aligned as she can be :)) So now there is not as much pain as before. I  have to massage her twice a week to help her to relax her limbs though. Practice makes perfect!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Just Because

 I wanted a snuggle in the blanket the morning and san wanted a picture...
I was furry good and we got both fings :)

If you guys were wondering why I have 2 bells - one big one and one smaller one, its because I am fast as lightning and san needs to know where I am most offur the time. What san? So that Ms Akira and Megat know also? Why is that? They love me and need to know too? Hmmm...I fink you are not telling me the whole truf!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

Ms Akira asked to be let out of her room this morning. Once the boys were in my bedroom, she got out and proceeded to inspect the house. She is much more relaxed and confident. She now screams at Tanaka less and would sometimes stand infront of the baby gate. Of course she is still a little afraid that Tanaka would jump out from some hidden corner and she is very vigilant about these things :) Here she was sitting with grandma- easy peasy. She is looking much better. The sea salt and dusting powder worked rather well and her hind legs are no longer blue -black but has a little fuzz.
 Luscious veg and 
 in  a local provision shop at Serangoon Road.

I also went to Serangoon to shop for spices and went into this shop with a friend. The greens were so beautiful and looked very juicy and luscious. We bought some egg plant, okra, gram flour and onions to cook some vegetarian food. Then we went to lunch and had naan and paneer with spinach and some delicious mutton curry. It was a good lunch!
 Ms Akira needs the collar after her sea salt and warm water bath. After the bath, I would dust her hind legs generously and put the collar on for her for about 10 minutes. If not she would actually try to lick the powder off!
As usual, her devoted guard watches intently...everyday. He still hisses and growls at her whenever she is near him. He now tries to secretly wait for her at corners but he has yet to pounce at her. I do not know eyet what goes on with him :) It is still a waiting game for the both of them.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Megat :)

Yup. I am all of 16 and going strong...

I had a very quiet Gotcha Day. Cousin R and san sang me a Gotcha Day song and gave me treats with my dinner. I didn't have the horrible suppository and only had to eat the Kidney Activator pill. Nothing else. It is a good day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just Because and some words...

 My purrfect profile...
 What do you mean its NOT about me? Who is it about? Oh the little gurrl! Ok just this once.
 A close-up of Ms Akira's face  in the afternoon light.

She is 8 years old already (Feb) and so many of those years were spent in her room. But nowadays, after the osteopath had adjusted her hind legs and spine, she is more vocal and tells me that she wants to get out more often. So I try to make sure that she gets more time outside  These pictures were taken last Friday and she spent about 4 hours in the afternoon outside in the living room when the 2 boys were sequestered in the bedroom. She had a fine time.
 Hmmm....I want to do that as well...
 What's aoutside this window? Hmmmm....birds
 Another picture? Again?
 There is nothing like a good scratch on the boy's cat tree!!
I like the peace and quiet. 

I bought a cream for the eczema and it worked quite well. Its just that she has to use the cone for 5 minutes so she would not lick her legs straightaway. That is the only difficult thing as she could not see where she was going. I had used the soft KONG cone and its opaque. So I have to be with her for 5 minutes as she negotiates the cone! Last night, I had wiped her legs and belly with warm water and sea salt. After 1 minute, she visibly relaxed and Cousin R and I were able to wipe her down quite easily. Then I had powdered her with dusting powder made up of chamomile extract and linden flowers. It is supposed to relieve skin irritations and also for sensitive skin. Then I put the cone on her but as she was quite scared of it, I had flattened the cone so it covers her shoulders instead. It was as surprise to me that she sat quietly and didn't attempt to lick the powder off. So maybe this evening I would do that as well to see if it is not  a once off thing. She seemed fine with the whole thing and later at night, we went for our usual 3 minute walk. :) I am glad that she is gradually growing more confident of herself. Thanks to our friends The Poupounette for giving us the idea of using 'hot spot' creams for dogs. We got the one for dogs and cats and it was very useful.

Friday, December 07, 2012


Ms Akira was not happy on the way to the osteopath today as I forgot to put her soft toy in the carrier with her. She made alot of noise for the 40 minute journey but there was nothing that I could have done about that. But she was happier when Dr AL saw her and he said her leg was not as bad as before and there were no more spasms in her left leg. We spoke about her usual behaviours and the improvements in her behaviour. I told Dr AL about her night walks and showed him the video of her walking. He was pleased that she was beginning to be curious about the outside world as this would make her less 'inward-looking' and OCD. He advised that I try to wipe her down every day with warm water and sea salt as this would calm her down and wipe away the sweat on her legs. This may help her to overgroom less. He also recommended that she has the air-con on as this would make her more comfortable but that would mean I have to remove the child gates. I realised when I came home that she had a thick blanket. I had forgotten all about this and so I removed that and gave her a lighter one in cotton. This would make her less hot I hope and she would not have to lick her legs to make herself feel more comfortable. Dr AL said that she seemed to have eczema and advised that I get a cream that would not encourage her to lick her hind leg. When we came home, I managed to take a picture of her as she jumped onto the table and indeed there was a 3 inch patch that looked redder than the rest. There are many things for us to think about.

On a lighter note, I thought I would show off the hardworking cats at the vet's :) 
This one is very beautiful and would greet clients :)
This one is much more shy and likes sitting on the counter :) She greets only some clients and I was glad that I was one of the privileged ones :)
She works pretty hard looking after the dog food ;)

The vet also looks after a little dog whose owner was not able to look after. They are nice people here :)

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thursday Thots

errr...none at present :0)

However Ms Akira had gone for her blood test but the vet said it was not so accurate and so she has to go for  a re-test later today! Ms akira is 7 years old and she has not gotten a blood test ever since she came to live wif san, which was 6.5 years ago. Ms Akira would not like getting poked wif a needle again. She cannot eat anyfing from now until 5.15 pm when her test is. She is a little dehydrated but vet said san did not have to give her any SubQ fluids. Thank goodness for that! On the good side, she is FIV/Felv free and she is 4.7 kg. Hooray fur that!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Ms Akira's Adventures

 Ms Akira wondering if she could pounce on a bug but she was too late :)
 Where did the bug go to san?
Our night walks. It has been 3 nights now that we have gone out for a short time along the corridor. She is wearing Toro's harness as I could not find her old one with the psychedelic  pattern. She was very brave and curious. So she got much praise about her courage and bravery. She told Laura that she is not such a brave kitty but i thought after 4 years  and then going outside for 3 nights is such a great feat. 

This morning she heard me walking outside with Bujang and decided to join is by going out through her opened window. She has never done this before as she would be too afraid but NOT this morning and so I had to put the mesh. It is a pity as she now doesn't have a full view of the small garden I had planted for her to look at but I am afraid she would really try get out. The boys do not do this at their window though so I guess she is really getting her courage back again.

This is Ms akira walking down the steps. Dr AL wanted me to video her walking :)