Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Tanaka Report

Today I went out fur a walk wif san. She would usually walk wif Bujang but as I was at the door, she decided to take me out also. But she knows I do NOT like walking on grass, so we went out walking just outside my house. I know that when san puts me in the purple harness we would go so I was furry quiet and allowed her to carry me out. It is impawtant for your person to think they are doing this by themselves and that you have little to do wif it. hehe... So I had a chance to inspect the outside to see if it was clean and green.
and it was! Grandma's plants were all okay and they were all green and hearty. I was furry glad.
 I walked the whole length of our house. That is me walking under some sun. san says she likes this pikshur most because it shows me walking furry confidently and the shadows were beautiful too. However I decided to inspect the neighbours corridor as well and saw this... smells furry suspicious. I wondered what it was. san says it was a bicycle and not a plant but I dunno. san could just be joking wif me. I will have to see more offur it next time!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Charms

Toro is such an enigma. He is the scaredy cat in the bunch but he is quite a curious cat and likes new things. I bought the amigos a new cat seat, the one that he is sitting on in the picture, as it has a big space for the kitties to lie in. It would even accomodate Bujang very comfortably. I didn't think Toro would be the first one to sit in it but he is :) He is a brave kitty!
A close-up picture. Bujang has yet to even put a paw in and Tanaka needs to be cajoled to be in it with a lure during play time. But Toro! He just lays in it and hangs out for the breeze.
 I am an enigma!
 Does that mean I am  surprise san? surprise here. He would fall asleep wherever he is- even on the water bowl :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Because

What's that noise?

Some time later this year, there would be a competition for domestic house cats. Everyone immediately thought of Bujang and said that he was quite handsome and would win. I just smiled but thought "WOAH, if he does not bite the hands of the judges first!". So no competitions for Bujang. I am sure he would not enjoy the noise and crowd. He is not a social cat unlike Tanaka :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

I must say that san has done furry well indeed - a whole week of posts and all of me except one. Today I was feeling a little lazey and thot I would do my duty but in an easy peasy way.
 This is the way to take care offur laundry - no sweat!
 Offur course Megat does nuffing but lazeabout. Maybe its because he is going to be 16! THAT must be furry old. I am just 4 myself. I fink Megat needs lotsa rest time. SO no sweat fur him!
 My bruffer Toro told san that he was trying to keep from falling offur the table. So offur course he can't move to help wif laundry. I am thinking offur striking him off my helper list!
 Bujang is trying out fresh linen on grandma's bed. Bujang can see the whole of the living room from here. He told me he was keeping an eye on fings. I guess he must be right cos he is BOSS.
As usual my sisfur is just lazing about wif san. She is furry lazey to do work and san allows her to lazeabout. What is the world coming to?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Snooze

This morning san said I can be the one who tells everyone what's what. (Notice I said 'everyone' like a real cat and not 'effuryone' like that silly orange fluff!).
The boys as usual are just lazing about outside. On Saturday or Sunday we have our door open in the morning as san is home. Usually when san goes to work grandma closes the door as sometimes there would be salesmen trying to get her to buy stuff. We don't like stuff unless it's cat stuff :)
Tanaka aka orange fluff wanted me to show him in a good light. He likes books to scratch at, not read. Only san reads books and sometimes she reads them aloud to us. This book case has books about other cats so Tanaka likes it a lot. (Actually he really just like sitting on this seat as it belongs to me as san has taken it out from my room).
san: Actually the seat belonged to Bujang when he was smaller. I bought the whole thing for him when he was six months old. Now Bujang is 7!
This morning Toro decided to sit at this window away from Saturday chaos. san has sent him to the groomer for his shave as the days are very hot.
Megat as usual is in his hammock. You can see the little tear at the right side. One of these days, it will be hammock no more. I wonder what Megat will do then? But today is not the day to think of such things. The weekend is here and I hope everyone will have a good one.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Finally Friday is here and I am waiting to see what happens. In our house, it is always quiet and calm except when Bujang is playing wif Megat or my bruffer Toro wants san to brush him :) But outside there are birds in little houses. I wonder if they would come to visit or if their mom would allow them out.
 My favourite place - up in the sky. I see effuryone but no one sees me :)
 I am looking quite nice here. The sun rays come into the house through a crack in our wndow.
Hrumph...that little kitty is too much!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Thots

One thing though before I tell you my thots, I need to say that san has been furry good in keeping up wif her job of blogging this week. But we shall see. She is also a furry good bean since I have been in almost all the posts for this week :) If I do a good job, she may have me all week in the posts which is more than excellent.

I have been thinking about the state of my cat gym, especially the little basket hammock thingee. I told san that the edges are tearing and one day, my bruffer Megat would fall off, like the lullaby that she keep singing about the baby falling off the bough. But san keeps saying that that would not happen. Hrumph! Wait till it happens then!
 I tried to show her that I had investigated this matter from the top!
 Indeed it is a dangerous thing. I fink I have done my job. It is up to the bean to do hers! She said the kitties (!!) can sit elsewhere like ...
 Toro in his big box near the window
 Megat has anoffur place on the couch that he sits wif san
 and Bujang sits wif grandma and sometimes here BUT I still say that we need anoffur hammock. san says she could not find another hammock anywhere. Oh dearrrrr...what can we do about that?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wily Wednesday

I like being under the covers.  Here, I want to surprise Megat, who always sits here in the afternoon :) Megat needs some excitement in his life and I plan to be the one who gives it to him!

san: He really loves going under the covers, especially when there is a cat already sitting or sleeping  on it:) He got slapped by Toro and Bujang several times for doing just that. But he does it anyway.:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tickles

 I am furry good at getting tickles from san. It is furry easy as san is a pushover.
 First, I get onto her knees on all fours. This prevents her from escaping. This is an impawtant step.
 Then I lean into her gently. It would be good to look into her eyes if possible. If not, just leaning will do the trick.
 Then I tell her how much I enjoy the tickles :) hmmmmmmm... 
 After all this, I look at san and lean my head against her arm :)
DONE! A good Tuesday afternoon for favourite kind of afternoon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Lazeabouts

 Our only white flower has been blooming for a whole week. It cheers up our hearts whenever we see it. We also want to tell Pasirina, our school cat to run free and to be happy always at the bridge. We are sure all our cats who had gone to the bridge will be there to meet her. We dedicate our pretty white blossom to our school kitty who ran free last Saturday morning in the school grounds where she was safe.
 I am just laze-ing about :) today. Its a quiet day at home.
My bruffers Bujang and Toro like sitting in grandma's room as it is always neat and tidy and quiet in the mornings. We are neat cats! Grandma likes her sheets to be like in the army - at attention all the time but she doesn't mind my bruffers and I messing with it. It is going to be a Lazeabout Day today.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

No san. I am not a lazeabout. I am just supervising from my seat here. After all, I am also contemplating on my reading. I have fings to think about!
 OH NO! Housework!
I much prefer watching the world san. Can I take a break? Ok a short one. After all, it_IS_ Easy Peasy Sunday.
I am washing up. san, can I have 5 minutes?
 I am undercover! No one will look for me here...hee.. 
I am guarding grandma. She needs her rest san. I can't do chores. Multi-tasking are for humans. Cats know what is important - FAMILY!
With that we wish effury mother a Happy Mother's Day :)) We don't know where we'll be if not fur our mothers!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Notes

Saturday morning whiffles..hmmmm.....
 Just sitting wif san...

I decided to spend some time with Ms Akira in the morning. We usually don't get to spend time at this hour as I have to get to work. She is so much better now that she is on clomicalm and her fur is growing slowly but steadily. She of course is no better with Tanaka, growling threats at every turn but warnings are better than fights. She hardly sees anyone (cat or human alike) in her room and stays in here all afternoon. At the beginning of this year, I bought her a higher seat so she can sit by the window and see the goings-on and will later get her some flowering plants outside her window so some butterflies and birds can visit. We some times have very small birds outside chirping at the plants so if I put a feeder of some kind, I think they will visit for a longer time.